Are Binoculars Allowed  at NHL Arenas?

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Ice hockey is one of those sports which is getting famous very quickly. From kids to the elderly, everyone seems to be addicted to this sport. Fans love watching the games by sitting in the arenas where the game is being played. 

Are binoculars allowed at NHL arenas? As a fan of hockey, this question can come to your mind especially if you’ve bought a ticket to watch a live hockey game. After all, having a good view of the action on the ice can be an important part of the game experience. Before going into the details, I would rather like to answer briefly for those who are in hurry.

In NHL games, you can bring binoculars along with you and can get a closer view of the action happening on the ice. However, make sure not to use your optics as a weapon and carry them in a transparent vinyl bag to ensure that security can see them easily.

While some arenas do allow binoculars, others have stricter rules that prohibit their use. In this article, I will explore the policies on binoculars at NHL arenas and give you in-depth knowledge so that you don’t remain confused. Keep reading!

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Is it permitted to bring binoculars to an NHL arena?

Many people, especially those who are new to ice hockey sports, seem to be confused about carrying binoculars to NHL arenas. Let’s dive deeper and know the reality.

Almost all the NHL arenas allow the usage of binoculars and you won’t be stopped at all if you have one in your hands. In fact, the usage of binoculars is supported by the administration. Without binos, the passionate fans try to see the action closely and leave their seats and try to remain close to the rink which is not good practice.

To minimize this, the officials have started supporting the use of binoculars. When a fan uses binoculars, he sits on his seat and doesn’t keep moving close to the rink to see a glimpse of his favorite player. There are very few which may stop the usage of binoculars due to security issues. However, most NHL arenas allow the usage of binoculars.

Do All the Arenas allow the carrying of binoculars?

It may sound bad but not all NHL arenas allow binoculars to be brought into the stadium. If you are a passionate hockey fan then it will be bad news; but to protect the people and make sure that all the fans remain safe, a few NHL arenas have banned the carrying of binoculars. A few potential reasons are as follows;

  • Cause injury if they are used improperly
  • Fans use binoculars to spy on other fans or players

If you are planning on attending an NHL game and want to bring binoculars, it is important to check the arena’s policies beforehand. It will help you to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that the policy about binoculars can vary from one arena to another.

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NHL arena rules regarding binoculars

As said earlier, the NHL (National Hockey League) has no such rules that could stop you from carrying or using binoculars while sitting in the NHL arenas. There are no strict rules that you have to follow in watching the NHL. However, the general guides will be written on the board when you enter the NHL arenas. Below are some basic guidelines that should not be ignored while watching the hockey game with bins;

  • Don’t use binos as a weapon against other fans
  • Don’t disturb the viewing experience of other fans
  • Make sure not to stare at any specific fan which could be considered a violation of the privacy of an individual.

How to bring binoculars into an NHL arena?

As said earlier, there is no strict NHL policy about carrying and using binoculars in the arenas but how you carry binoculars matters a lot. In order to ensure the security of the stadium, the guards make sure to check every single fan person having anything like a weapon can be arrested and stopped from entering the arena.

You should bring your binoculars by packing them in a  transparent vinyl bag so that the security guards can see your binoculars easily. It is an indication that you follow the rules and declare that you have binoculars for viewing the games. If you bring binoculars in the usual carrying case, then the guards will ask you to buy a transparent bag and don’t use a carrying case.

Point to remember: Make sure to bring binoculars in a transparent bag so that you don’t face any security complications.

Can I get binoculars at an NHL arena if I don’t bring my own?

Yes, It is certainly possible that you may be able to purchase or rent binoculars at an NHL arena. I have seen many NHL arenas where small vendors sell their products. You can simply purchase binoculars from them. However, this will depend on the specific policies and amenities of the arena you are attending.

There is another option for you if you feel it is useless to purchase binoculars for a few hours of watching the game. I know the binoculars are costly. So, what do you think about renting the binos for a few hours? There are a few arenas where small stores offer rental options and you can get one from those rental shops and return them after watching an NHL game. 

In short: Yes, you can get binoculars if you don’t bring your own. There are two options: either make a purchase from the small store or rent them for a few hours.

I personally recommend you go to the arena early and ask a staff member on the day of the game to find out what options are available. The choice is yours, but bringing your own binoculars will always be an ideal option as renting and purchasing will cost you extra bucks.

Why are binoculars useful at NHL arenas?

This question can be childish but I have to answer what people are searching for. Binoculars are tools that give you a closer view of the action happening on the ice rink. Below are some advantages that you get while using binoculars in the NHL arenas;

  • With binos in hand, you can sit far away from the rink and hear less noise
  • You can sit on the seat whose tickets are cheaper. Sitting on the rear seats and using binoculars to get a closer view is perfect.
  • You can keep an eye on the puck and players moving fastly.
  • You can be aware of the player’s technique and strategies
  • While playing hockey, players do fight and you can see their fight and know who has done wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all NHL arenas allow the carrying of binoculars?

Most NHL arenas allow the usage of binoculars, but there are a few exceptions that may stop you from carrying and using the binoculars. However, I recommend you get all the information about the arena where you’re going to watch the game.

How can I bring binoculars into an NHL arena?

To bring binoculars into an NHL arena, it is recommended to carry them in a transparent vinyl bag for easy inspection by security. You should never use a carrying case when going to the NHL arenas.

Can I use my binoculars to spy on other fans or players at an NHL game?

Not at all, Using binoculars to spy on other fans or players at an NHL game is not allowed and is a violation of privacy. If you do so, you may have to face legal consequences.

Is it a good idea to bring binoculars to an NHL game?

It is ideal if you bring your own binoculars to NHL games as they will enhance your viewing experience and get a closer look at the action on the ice.


It is generally allowed to bring binoculars to NHL arenas, and you won’t be facing strict security checks. If you are going to watch a game in an NHL arena where the use of binoculars is not allowed, then you should stick to the rules and break the rules to use binos.

When you are at the NHL arenas to watch the ice hockey game, then make sure to follow general guidelines such as not using them as a weapon, not disturbing the viewing experience of other fans, and respecting the privacy of others. I hope this guide will add value to your life.

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