Are Binoculars Allowed at Truist Park for Watching MLB Game?

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Are you a baseball lover and visiting Truist Park to watch the game? I’d recommend you carry compact-sized binoculars with you as well to get a closer view of your favorite players. 

But the question is: Are binoculars allowed at Truist Park? Yes, the binoculars are allowed at this baseball venue, and you won’t be asked not to use them during the match. However, make sure that your usage of binos does not block the view of others.

Keep in mind that Truist Park is the home field of the Atlanta Braves and many games happen there. If you are a Braves fan, read the whole guide as you are going to know all the information about Truist Park.

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Introduction to Truist Park

Truist Park is located in Georgia which is a suburb of Atlanta. It is popular due to the baseball games (MLB) that are played as this is the home field of the Atlanta Braves team. Many games are played here each year.

Keep in mind that this part was first opened on April 14, 2017, which indicates that it is not very old. However, from an MLB point of view, this field has many memories that fans love to cherish. This part is famous due to its amenities and engaging seating structure.

The Atlanta Brave team fans usually seem to be excited about this part as it is home for that team. Players of Braves play a lot of games here which allows the fans to get a closer view of their favorite players. By using the binoculars, you’ll be able to zoom in and see detailed visuals of players playing the game.

Are Binoculars Allowed at Truist Park?

As I said earlier, the usage of binoculars at Truist Park is allowed and considered ethical and legal. In fact, the administration encourages the usage of binoculars so that the fans stay at a distance from the players and get a closer view.

Remember that using the binoculars means you won’t have to sit in the first rows to get a view of the players and the game. Instead, you will be able to sit in the back rows and use the binos to view everything perfectly.

It saves you from spending more on the front seat tickets as they are more expensive. Another thing is that by using the binoculars, you will see more zoomed visuals of the players which is not possible when you don’t use the binoculars.

However, there are some ethical regulations that you must follow to ensure that each and every fan of the game gets to see the players. Use your binoculars in a way that they don’t block your view. In the section below, I will talk about some major rules that you’ll have to follow.

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Truist Park Policy about Carrying Binoculars

Truist Park has a clear bag policy to enhance safety. Spectators must use a transparent bag no larger than 12” by 6” by 12”. This includes keeping binoculars in a clear bag for visibility during security checks.

As you know security is something that every country is strict to. So, to protect the fans, the administration ensures that everyone enjoys a safe viewing experience. Therefore, the administration has made it mandatory that you keep your stuff like binoculars in bags less than 12” by 6” by 12 “.

The bag must be transparent to ensure that the security guards can see everything which is inside the bag. It will help you in being transparent as well. In fact, I personally suggest you keep the binoculars in your hands when entering the park so that it remains visible to everyone. 

If possible, ask the security guards if you can use the binoculars as it would be even more ethical. If you go inside by carrying a normal bag and carrying binos inside the bag, you’ll be stopped by the guards and asked to leave the bag. It is a strict policy that they don’t allow the regular bag which is not transparent and bigger in size.

There are many other things that you cannot take inside, however, binoculars are excluded from that stuff and you can carry, and use the binoculars. However, make sure that you remain transparent while using the binoculars. 

Stuff that you cannot take inside Truist Park is as follows:  

ItemReason Not Allowed
Aerosol cansFire hazard and potential misuse
Alcohol, drugs, illegal substances or paraphernaliaSafety concerns and compliance with the law
AnimalsHealth and safety, potential disruption
Audio/Video recordersPrivacy concerns and unauthorized recording
BackpacksSecurity and safety considerations
Bags larger than 12”x6”x12” (Clear Bag Policy)Security and crowd control measures
BalloonsPotential obstruction, distraction, and cleanup
Camera casesSecurity and safety considerations
Cameras with removable lenses or flashUnauthorized professional photography and privacy
Cans, bottles, coolers, or similar containersSafety concerns and control over consumables
FireworksSafety hazard and potential for disruption
Flags, signs, or bannersPotential obstruction and distraction
Flowers or GiftsPotential obstruction, distraction, and cleanup
HoverboardsSafety concerns and potential accidents
Laser pens/pointersPotential disruption and safety concerns
Noisemakers (air horns, whistles)Disturbance and potential nuisance
Outside food or drinks, personal containersRevenue control, cleanliness, and safety
Tripods, monopods, professional photo equipmentSafety concerns and potential obstruction
Pepper spray/maceSafety concerns and potential misuse
Weapons of any typeSecurity and safety considerations
No Smoking or VapingHealth considerations and venue policy
Source: The Trust Arena

Ethical use of binoculars at Truist Park

One thing that I want you to keep in mind is that you should always use binoculars ethically. In Truist Park, there are many people who come to enjoy the matches of their favorite teams. So, if you become careless, your binos can be an issue for others.

While using the binoculars, make sure that you don’t use it in a way that it blocks the view of the other spectator which is literally an awful thing. Instead, you should be nice, and ensure that your usage of binoculars does not cause any trouble for any other spectator sitting next to you.

Another thing is privacy which you should be serious about. Don’t use the binoculars to view any other spectator as it can cause discomfort for him. If any spectator finds you spying on him, he will complain to the police officers, and your binoculars can be taken so be careful. Every country respects the privacy of citizens. 

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Contacting Truist Park for Confirmation

As I said earlier, the policies of the different stadiums usually change from time to time. So it is ideal to ask the security guards about the usage of the binoculars. They will give you the most up-to-date information and you’ll feel confident while using binoculars.

I have seen that almost all the stadiums and parts display a banner where all that stuff is written which is not allowed in that specific park. You should also read that. If the binoculars are not mentioned there, you can use them without any issue.

It would be ideal if you call the administration before leaving home and ask if you can bring binoculars. In this way, you’ll be able to know if you should carry binoculars along or not. Generally, binoculars are considered safe and are allowed in most cases.

Should You Bring Binoculars at Truist Park?

Yes, I always recommend utilizing binoculars in a positive way as they are super helpful tools that can give you very detailed visuals of the events which are happening away from you.

By using binos, you’ll be able to sit anywhere in Truist Park and see the game comfortably. The race of sitting in the front row would go away. You will be able to enjoy your peace of mind by sitting where you want to sit instead of sitting in the first row.

Binoculars will also help you watch the game, and the moves of the players on the field which will surely make you feel happy. If you are a passionate MLB fan, usage of binoculars will help you see the game closely, and learn the skills that professionals execute in the field as well.


In conclusion, I would say that the usage of binoculars in Truist Park is allowed and you won’t face any issues while being there and using binoculars to get a closer view of the players. However, make sure that your usage does not affect the privacy and comfort of the spectator. I hope that this guide will prove to be helpful for you.

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