Do Binoculars Scare Birds? Know this before Birding!

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If you’re an avid birdwatcher or nature enthusiast, you’ve likely spent hours peering through your binoculars to get a closer look at your feathered friends. But have you ever stopped to wonder: do binoculars scare birds? 

Many of my friends complain that during viewing the birds, they just fly away. This is a common problem for almost all birders. However, no one really thinks about the reason and seems to be happy with the view of flying birds.

There is also some misunderstanding among birdwatchers. Some argue that the use of binoculars can disrupt the behavior of birds and cause them to flee. On the other hand, others claim that birds are not affected by the presence of binoculars. Who is right? In this guide, we will be telling you the facts 

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Do binoculars scare birds?

Yes, binoculars do scare the birds and I have personally noticed the binoculars flying away when I point binoculars toward them. It is a fact that birds are the most innocent creatures of God and are more often hurt or attacked by humans. 

So, with the fear of getting caught or hurt, they immediately fly away when someone comes towards them with binoculars in hand. Binoculars are quite similar in looks to guns. More albinos have red color which further increases their resemblance with the guns.

So, when the birds see binoculars in your hands, they tend to feel danger and fly immediately to save their life. Unfortunately, many people, especially hunters, do kill the birds with guns, which has made them feel more alert. 

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How to see birds without scaring them?

Birds are innocent and they want your love. So, if you do follow some protocol and simple steps that tell them that you’re not an enemy then the chances are high that birds won’t fly away from you. While seeing the birds, don’t point binoculars directly toward the birds.

When you’re in a garden where birds are of large quality, then you should not immediately start seeing them with binoculars. In fact, use binoculars to see anything else which brings all the birds the confidence that you’re not going to kill them.

Moreover, they become aware of you and your binoculars. One additional tip which I would love to give you is to feed the birds and make them friends. I personally have used this technique. Wherever I go into the backyards with the feed in my hands, the birds come close to me to eat.

It is an amazing experience as your feed to birds makes bonding between you and birds and they start thinking of you as their friend. In this way, your use of binoculars won’t scare them at all. Building a good relationship with the birds will give you peace of mind and you’ll be able to see the divine beauty closely. 

Short summary of what not to do when watching the birds with binoculars

  • Don’t point binoculars directly at the birds
  • Use smaller-sized binoculars i-e 8×25 or 10×25.
  • Build a relationship with the birds by feeding them.
  • Don’t immediately start using binoculars when seeing more birds.
  • Use binoculars to observe something else before pointing them at the birds

Do Bigger Binoculars Scare Birds?

No matter if you use smaller size binoculars or bigger sizes, if you don’t know how to use them to see the birds, then all the birds will fly away. It’s not about binoculars’ size, but it is more about knowing the proper ways to see the birds. As long as the bigger-sized binoculars are concerned, yes they do scare the birds as they look more like a gun or weapon.

What Sizes Binoculars Are Good For Bird Watching?

Smaller-sized binoculars are always helpful as they don’t look like weapons etc. I personally used 10×25 binoculars and their result was perfect for watching the birds. The smaller size of binoculars is recommended to watch the closer view of the birds. The objective lens of these 10×25 is very small which makes them very compact and ideal for bird watching. In short, you should choose binoculars with smaller lenses to ensure that they don’t cause problems.

What else can scare birds?

Anything which has any sort of resemblance to a gun or weapon can easily scare the birds. Keep in mind that birds remain very alert and if they sense any small danger, they just fly considering that their life is going to be in danger. This insecurity is caused by the hunters who kill the birds making them feel that they are not safe

Binoculars whose size is comparatively smaller are considered less scary for birds. Many bird watchers have built relationships with the birds and they use binos to see the detailed visuals of the flying lives. However, carrying bigger-sized binoculars is not going to ease your way of watching the birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use binoculars to observe birds?

Yes, it is very good practice to use binoculars to observe birds, as long as it is done in a responsible and respectful manner. But make sure not to make them scared by making unnecessary noise and pointing binoculars directly toward them.

Can the use of binoculars disrupt the behavior of birds? 

Yes. The usage of binoculars can have a bad impact if the birds are startled or feel threatened by the presence of the observer. However, maintaining a specific distance from the birds reduces the impact of binoculars on the birds.

How can I minimize the impact of binoculars on birds? 

To minimize the impact of binoculars on birds, it is important to observe the birds from a distance and not make unnecessary noise while seeing them through binoculars.

Do different types of binoculars have different effects on birds? 

Different types of binoculars may have different effects on birds, depending on factors such as size and weight. Usually, bigger-sized binoculars scare birds more than smaller and compact binos.


It is clear that binoculars can scare birds, especially if they are used improperly. Birds are naturally alert and can become fearful if they sense danger, and the presence of binoculars can be perceived as a threat. However, there are ways to mitigate this issue and still enjoy birdwatching. In this guide, I have given a few tips and guidelines that you can follow to see the birds without scaring them.

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