How to Attach a Neck Strap to Binoculars? Step by Step Guide

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I had to save bucks for thirty days for purchasing my first-ever binoculars. There is no doubt that the optics are very expensive and it takes effort to save or collect the bucks for the newbies. So, how will you feel if you save, and buy a binocular and the very next day, it falls and gets broken?

It’s actually very painful and I wish this for nothing. So, it is important to take special care and don’t let them fall into the flood. Keep in mind that binos are very sensitive and their lenses can easily get broken if you accidentally throw them or they fall.

But, how long can you take care of them? End of the day, there are tools that are meant to be used outdoors for giving you a closer view and chances are high that they will slip off your hands no matter how much care you take. But worry not as I have brought a solution.

The binoculars neck strap is your way to go if you care for your binoculars. These straps will keep binoculars close to your chest and you won’t have to hold them in your hands while walking. But many people don’t know how to attach a neck strap to binoculars and I am going to help all of those who are confused and don’t know the exact method.

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What is Binoculars Neck Strap?

A neck Trap is a thread that binos users attach with the binoculars and wear it around their neck to ensure that binoculars remain close to them. This strap is important when you intend to use binoculars for extended durations. If you wear binoculars close to your chest by using the neck strap to hang them, you will get two benefits which are mentioned below;

  • You can use binoculars quickly whenever you need to while walking
  • Safety of binoculars – Holding them in your hands can be dangerous as they can slip off your hands and fall on the ground and break.

Step By Step: How to Put a Neck Strap on binoculars?

It is funny that many outdoor activists, even those who have spent years among the optics, don’t know much about how neck straps can be attached to binoculars. If you’re also one of those, worry not as I am going to give you a complete step-by-step method for attaching the neck strap so that you don’t get confused.

Step 1

Find the attachment points on your binoculars. These are usually small loops or rings located near the eyepieces of the binoculars. Some binoculars don’t have loops; instead, they have metal plates but the functionality of those loops or plates is the same.  Almost all modern binoculars come with attachment points and it won’t be hard for you to locate them.

Point to Remember: If a binocular does not have an attachment point; it means that the binocular is not compatible with any of the neck-straps. Sorry for that!

Step 2

Take the neck strap and attach one end of the neck strap to one of the attachment points on the binoculars. After this step, one end of the strap will be attached with a loop or ring of binoculars.

Step 3

Repeat this process with the other end of the neck strap and the other attachment point on the binoculars. Once you attach the second strap, now wear the neck strap and check the adjustment and size of the strap.

Step 4

Adjust the length of the neck strap according to your height and the bulkiness of your neck. Once you adjust the length of the neck strap across your neck then your binoculars will hang comfortably around your neck.

Step 5

Test the attachment by gently pulling on the neck strap to make sure it is secure and the binoculars are held firmly in place. If you feel that the straps are firmly bonded with the loops or rings and bear the weight of binoculars, you’re good to go. In case the straps get removed, repeat the whole process and attach the straps again.

After the completion of these steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy your outdoor activities without holding binoculars in your hands. Attaching a neck strap to binoculars sounds technical, but actually, it is a very simple and straightforward process.

How to attach a neck strap to Leupold & Nikon binoculars?

If you own Leupold or Nikon binoculars then the process of attaching the neck strap with the binoculars can be slightly different than the method that I mentioned above. Leupold & Nikon binoculars don’t consist of those rings or loops. In fact, there will be small metal plates having small places for joining the strap. Below is the process of attaching a neck strap to Leupold’s binoculars.

  • Leupold binos don’t have loops; instead, they have small metal plates with a point where the neck strap is attached.
  • Take one end of the neck strap and thread it through the metal plate on the binoculars
  • Thread the other end of the strap through the second metal plate
  • Tie a knot at each end of the strap to secure it in place
  • Try wearing the neck strap to see if it is comfortable
  • If the neck strap is not comfortable, adjust the length by untying the knots and rethreading the strap through the metal plates
  • Repeat the above process until the neck strap is comfortable when worn.

Note: Nikon and Leupold both have small plates where the ends of the neckstrap get connected. Some binoculars have loops and very few binoculars including Leupold and Nikon have metal plates and the remaining process is similar.

Attaching neck strap to Celestron, Vortex, and Bushnell binoculars

Leupold and Nikon’s binoculars have small plates of metal where you will find a small opening like a place to bind your neck strap ends. But when it comes to some other brands’ products like Celestron, Bushnell, and vortex, then you’ll see the ring or loop-like things just beside the eyepiece or ocular lens.

The process that I have mentioned above is the same for attaching the neck strap, and the major differences lie in those joining or attachment points. Some binoculars do consist of loops whereas some optics have small plate-like structures. The remaining process of attaching the neck strap is the same for all the binoculars.


I wrote this guide after talking to a friend who is a professional hunter and uses binoculars frequently. Not only me but also emphasized the importance of wearing a neckstrap. It will surely improve your viewing experience by allowing you to hang the binoculars around your neck rather than carrying them in your hands. In this guide, I have provided step-by-step instructions on how to attach a neck strap to your binoculars. Hoping that this piece of information will be helpful for you.

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