How to Use Binoculars While Wearing Glasses?

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There are many people who suffer due to weak eyesight. It is a common problem among the elderly. But they still love to use binoculars and want to get very clear visuals of distant objects and targets.

But the question is: Can you use the binoculars while wearing glasses? Yes, you can definitely use the binos even if you keep wearing glasses due to your weak vision. However, you’ll have to make sure that you choose the binos with long eye relief for comfortable viewing.

In this article, I will go into the details, and talk about how you can use binoculars while wearing the glasses. So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

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Can You Use Binoculars While Wearing Glasses?

As I said earlier,  you can use the binoculars while wearing the glasses without any issue. However, if you want to use the binos with glasses, you will have to choose the binos with long eye relief to get more space for your glasses.

In the past, the usage of binoculars with glasses was not possible. The reason is that the older binos used to come with very compromised or shorter eye relief. It means that you had very little space or place between your eyes and the eyepiece of the binoculars. So using binos was hard.

But the modern binoculars come with long eye relief which allows you to wear glasses by providing you more space between the eyes, and the eyepiece of the binoculars.  The long eye relief of the modern binos allows the usage of the binoculars with more comfort and convenience.

If you have weak eyesight or any other issue related to your eyes, then I highly recommend you buy a binocular with a long eye relief of 16mm or more so that you can get a closer view of the target easily.

How to Use Binoculars While Wearing Glasses?

As I said, you can use binoculars with glasses on your eyes, however, you must know the proper way of doing it. In case you are new and start using the binos without knowing the proper method, you’ll end up getting blurry visuals that will cause you inconvenience. In the section below, I will go into depth and explain how you can use the binos while wearing the glasses. 

1- Know the eye relief

First of all, you should know the eye relief of the binoculars which is usually written on the box or user manual of the binoculars. If the eye relief is above 15mm, then you can easily use the binoculars. I don’t suggest you use glasses with binos having eye relief less than 15mm.

2- Fold the Eyecups

Eyecups are a small part of the binoculars that are usually present on the eyepiece of the binoculars which help you adjust the eye relief according to your needs, and preferences. But when you are using the binos while wearing glasses, you will have to fold down the eyecups.

The reason is that when you fold the eyecups, your eye relief will get better. You’ll be able to use the binoculars with glasses quite easily. It will give you more space so that your glasses can easily remain between your eyes, and eyepiece and you don’t feel any discomfort.

3- Keep eyes on barrels

Once you have folded down the eyecups, it is time to keep your eyes on the barrel of the binoculars. I would suggest you slightly move the glasses towards your noise as it would give a more comfortable and better feeling.

Whenever I use the binos with glasses, I generally keep the glasses slightly down from the actual position of the glasses which allows me to see the zoomed visuals more comfortably. If you don’t find comfortable glasses slightly downward, you can wear them where you feel comfortable. There is no hard and fast rule about the position of the glasses.

4- Adjust the diopter

Once you set your eyes on the barrel of the binoculars to view the target, make sure that you adjust the diopter setting to ensure that you get perfectly focused, and zoomed-in visuals. I won’t tell you how to do it as I have already written a separate guide on how to adjust the diopter in binos. You should read that in case you are confused about the diopter and its settings.

5- Position your eyes 

I know that initially, you won’t feel comfortable while wearing glasses, and using binoculars. However, I suggest you try using binoculars to keep the eyes at different positions. This will help you know what is a suitable position for your eyes so that you can see everything clearly, and comfortably.

Binoculars with Glass-Wearer Friendly Tag Worth Extra Bucks?

No, the brands add fancy terms and increase the price of their products. All such binos don’t have anything extraordinary. Instead, they have just long eye relief. You can buy regular binoculars with long eye relief and get a perfect viewing experience even while wearing the glass. Such regular binos are relatively less expensive as well.

You might have heard about binoculars that are specialized for glasses wearers. Many brands advertise their binoculars with the tag “Glass-wearer friendly”. So, many people who are unaware of the technicalities of the binoculars end up buying those binos considering that they will be more comfortable to use with glasses.

Actually, all those binos that come with such tags have long eye relief. Due to that long eye relief, those bones are slightly more comfortable to use especially when you are wearing glasses due to any issues.  They charge more just by that tag “Glasses friendly binoculars’ ‘.

Keep it in mind that any binoculars that come with long eye relief are always good for those who wear glasses. No matter how cheap it is, if it has long eye relief, you’ll still be able to use it while wearing the glasses. You don’t need to be worried.

What should be the eye relief of binoculars suitable for glass wearers?

I have said it many times that the eye relief of 15 mm is considered optimal. Anything above 15 mm makes the binoculars ideal for glasses wearers. I don’t suggest you buy any binoculars that have eye relief lower than 15mm as it won’t give you any comfortable viewing experience for an extended duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use binoculars if I wear glasses?

Yes, you can use binoculars while wearing glasses, however, make sure that you choose the binoculars that have long eye relief.

Can people with bad eyesight use binoculars?

Yes, all those people who have bad eyesight can use the binoculars. In fact, it is recommended to use the binos as they will help you see distant objects clearly.

Can I use binoculars with astigmatism?

Yes, 100%. You can use binoculars to see the objects clearly even if you are suffering from astigmatism.


If you have weak vision due to any reason, you don’t need to be worried. You can still use the binoculars and get a closer view of the target. Keep in mind that you’ll have to choose a bino with a long eye relief of 15mm or more than that to accommodate the space of your glasses.

In this article, I have also given you a complete method of how you can use binoculars while wearing the glasses. If there is anything that I have not converted, feel free to ask in the comment section, and I will be quick to respond.

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