Should you Use a Binocular Case or Pouch? Explained the Purpose!

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The binocular case is something that many people use when they go out and do their fun activities. However, there are still geeks who believe that carrying cases is just useless. So, the question comes: should you use it?

Well, it solely depends on your ease. I consider cases useful because they are always helpful in protecting the binos from external harsh elements such as temperature, dust, and other contaminants. 

If you don’t use them, you put your binos at risk of falling and getting contaminated. Read the whole guide as a lot of more information comes your way.

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What are Binocular Carrying Cases?

The binocular case is a small binos-sized pouch as a bag in which you can pack your binoculars, and carry them around when you are out to enjoy your outdoor activities. They help you protect the binos from outdoor elements such as dust and other contaminants.

One thing that I have noticed is that binoculars if they fall start to malfunction. They don’t offer the performance that you expect from them. Although some shockproof binoculars can resist falls, and don’t get damaged, if the shock is severe, the highest quality binos can get affected.

But by using the binos case, you will be able to keep your binos secured from falls, shocks, temperature, and dust. They are not very expensive so you don’t worry about their affordability.

Are Binocular Cases Helpful?

Yes, the carrying case of the binos is helpful as it protects your binos from falling, and other harsh elements such as temperature, dust, and other contaminants. You should use them to ensure that your binos remain safe when you are out.

As you know when the binos fall, they break. Their internal components get misaligned. I know many brands advertise their binos as shockproof, but they are not true to their statement. No binos are shockproof as they can get affected if they fall on a hard surface.

But by using the carrying case, you’ll be able to keep the binos safe from the shocks and fall from the height. You won’t have to carry the binos in your hands. Instead, you can keep them in the case. It is interesting to note that those carrying cases consist of paddings.

If the carrying case falls, the padding present around the case will protect your binoculars from the shocks. Not only from the shocks, and falls, the carrying case of the binos also protects them from the dust particles and other contaminants that could affect the lenses.

As you know, if the dust, moisture, etc goes inside the binos, the lenses get foggy and you don’t see clear visuals. This is why you should also use the carrying case to ensure that your binos remain safe. You can keep them out when you need them. Otherwise, they should be inside the case.

Should you use the binocular case?

Yes, I always recommend everyone to use the binos case as they are made to enhance the safety and security of your binoculars. A well-secured binos will keep the binos safe from falls, and accidental shocks. You will feel more comfortable as you won’t have to be worried about the safety of your binos.

Think this way – you are enjoying your outdoor activity, and a single thought of protecting your binos remains in your mind. Would you be able to focus on your activity?

The answer is No! So it is always better to use the carrying case to ensure that your binos remain safe. The lenses will also remain protected against moisture and dust.

If you forget to use the carrying case, you will have to face the following consequences:

  • The dust will go inside the binos and contaminate the lenses
  • The temperature will weaken the body of binoculars
  • Your binos will be exposed to sudden falls and shocks
  • you will get tired while carrying binos in your hands instead of carrying a case

This is why I believe that using the carrying case is mandatory as they are helpful in many ways. They have a massive impact on the ease of usability of the binos. Those people who use binos for an extended duration must use the carrying case.

What is the Best Way to Carry Your Binoculars?

It is very easy to carry a binocular case because it can be attached with the binocular harness, and neck strap. No matter if you carry them the whole day, they won’t make you tired. In the section below, I am going to give you insight about how you can carry them if you are planning a long trip.

1- Neck Strap

The neck straps are available in the market which can help carry the case. You will have to attach the carrying case with the neck strap, and then wear that neckstap around your neck. That’s it. You won’t have to hold them in your hands and enjoy the hassle-free viewing experience.

If you are on the spot, and using the binos more often than not, you can keep the binos out of the case, and attach them directly to the neck strap so that using them gets even easier and smoother. Instead of opening the case, you will have easy access to the binos.

One thing that I disliked about carrying the case with a neck strap is that it causes pain in the neck. It won’t be comfortable to use them for a longer duration. If you are planning to use the binos for a longer duration, I don’t suggest you use the neck strap due to the pain the strap causes.

2- Binocular harness

I consider a binos harness a more practical, and easy way to carry the binocular case. The reason is that you can wear the harness easily, and attach the case to it. The case will remain close to your chest and won’t fall at all. It would be easier for you to walk and run while using the harness.

The binocular harnesses are made in such a way that they distribute the weight of the binoculars and case across the whole upper part of the body. You won’t feel pain or tiredness in any specific part of your body. This is why I consider the binocular harness the best way to carry the binocular case.

What Kind of Binoculars Case Should You Use?

There are many types of the carrying case available in the market which you can buy. Some optics brands also offer free carrying along their products as an additional accessory. However, I recommend you buy one which has very good padding on its sides.

Some carrying cases are made with rubber material, some are made with simple cloth. However, I recommend you buy the one which is made with metal material and has good padding so that it could protect the binoculars from the shocks. Those binocular cases that are made with rubber material are not very strong, and I don’t recommend you buy them.


In the end, I would say that the carrying case of the binoculars is an essential accessory that you can use to protect your binos against harsh outdoor conditions. They are not very expensive, and some brands give them as additional accessories without charging any penny. Such little things make the difference. Hopefully, this guide will prove to be helpful for you.

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