What are ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Binoculars?

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ED or Extra-Low Dispersion glass binoculars have become very famous. Their usability is increasing day by day as they offer top-notch visual quality. But the question is, how do these ED binoculars offer such nice clear visuals? 

Almost all of us know that these binos provide images with edge-to-edge clarity, but none knows how.  In this guide, I am going to explain the ED glass that is used in binos so that you don’t feel confused. So, buckle up as a lot more details are coming your way.

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What Does ‘‘ED’’ Stand for in ED Binoculars?

Difference between image with ED and non ed binoculars

ED means ”Extra-Low Dispersion” which actually represents the glass that has a very low dispersion value or power.  

Generally, the ED glasses are made with the calcium fluoride which does not let the light to disperse in different directions due to its low dispersion power.

In fact, the low dispersion power of these glasses is the most important factor that lets these binoculars work exceptionally well. When the light does not disperse, this collects at one focal point which allows the users to see all the colors at one point.

Working of ED Binoculars

The ED binoculars are famous because they provide us with visuals that are clearer, and sharper. An average binocular provides visuals which are not really clear from the edges and you tend to see some sort of distortion at the edges of the picture.

But with the ED glass binoculars, you won’t see any distortion at the edges. This distortion is due to the chromatic aberration which I am going to explain in this section. All the credits go to the Low dispersion glass.

First of all, when the light passes through the ED glass, it does not get dispersed due to the lower dispersion value of the ED glass. So, the glass ensures that all the light converges at one focal plane. The light of different wavelengths starts to point in one direction and collects at one mutual or common focal point.

The user sees all the colors (light of different wavelengths) at one point. No light gets scattered, and every color looks right at its own place which takes the visual quality to a new level. When the user sees all the light at one focal plane, there remains no chromatic aberration in the visuals.

Chromatic aberration is a phenomenon which is caused when the light of different colors does not converge at a single focal plane. Some random light comes out of the focal plane which causes blurriness from the edges of the images.

Working of ED binoculars

But ED glasses do not let the light disperse. Instead, all the light of different colors converges at one focal plane as shown in the image given above. So it reduces, and eliminates the chromatic aberration, and makes the edges of the visuals very clear, and sharper.

Advantages of ED Binoculars

The ED glass is specialized for providing you with clearer visuals by converging all the light of different wavelengths at one focal point. By doing so, these binoculars reduce all the chromatic aberration, and ensure that the user will see brighter and sharper visuals. 

You will get more lifelike visuals with perfect depth. Here are some more benefits that you are going to get by using the ED binoculars:

  • Minimize chromatic aberration
  • Provide higher resolution image
  • Increase clarity from the edges of the visuals
  • offer better contrast to distinguish details in low-light conditions
  • Enhances color fidelity, providing more accurate and true-to-life colors

Disadvantages of ED Binoculars

Well, there is only one disadvantage which is the cost of ED binoculars. You will need a handsome budget to buy these binoculars as they are expensive. In case you have tight money, you won’t be able to get them due to their higher prices. 

However, the visual performance that you get in these binoculars is just matchless. I would say that their higher price is definitely worth it. However, someone who has tight money might feel bad but these binos fall in the premium category. You will need more money to buy them.


There is no doubt that the ED binoculars are an excellent option if you want to enjoy clearer, and crispier visuals. However, they are very expensive, which you should keep in mind as well. If you have any questions about ED binos, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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