What Does 30X60 Binoculars Mean & How Far Can You See with them?

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30×60 binoculars are known as the most powerful optics and many people love them due to their better performance for covering more distance. Another reason behind their popularity is their low prices.

However, what do 30×60 binoculars mean? In 30×60 binoculars, 30x is the magnification whereas 60 indicates the size of the objective lens which is measured in mm. These binoculars are good for viewing very distant objects with accuracy.

Many outdoor activities require high magnification power. Low light usability is directly associated with the objective lens size of binoculars. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about these optics.

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What Do 30×60 Binoculars Mean?

Every binocular has its specific specification which shows its capabilities. The specification of binoculars usually consists of two numbers which indicate the magnification power and the objective lens size.

In 30X60 binoculars, the first number which is written on the left side of X is representative of magnification power. The second number which is present on the right side of X indicates the objective lens size.

In short, these binoculars have 30x magnification power and a 60mm objective lens which make them very strong optics to be used for different outdoor activities. However, it is the fact that these optics do have many drawbacks that we will talk about in this guide.

How Far Can You See with 30X60 Binoculars?

There is no definitive answer to this question however, you will cover more distance with these powerful binoculars. They have a magnification power of 30x which means that you will be able to see the object thirty times bigger than the actual size of the object.

In other words, if the target is 900 meters away from you then with these binoculars, you will feel as if the target is just 30 meters away from you. With our personal experience and consultation with friends who use these 30×60 binoculars, here is the exact answer.

How far can you see with 30×60 binoculars? To be exact, you will be able to see up to 2000 meters or a 2 km distance. However, this can vary depending on weather conditions, the field of view, and the objective lens size of binoculars.

Keep in mind that many factors usually affect your viewing limit. In clear daylight conditions, you will be able to see farther than the cloudy and foggy weather.

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Are 30×60 Binoculars Any Good?

Everything made on this planet is useful in one way and bad in another. However, these 30×60 binoculars being high-powered binoculars have many useful abilities. Many people use them for stargazing and even seeing objects that are very far from them.

Low light usability is something that many people love as it helps to see distant objects in low light conditions. For example, seeing the events that are happening at night is going to be very easy with these binoculars.

Sitting on the balcony of your home and seeing the birds sitting on the distant trees can be an amazing experience. In this situation, you will need optics that have higher magnification power, and these 30×60 binoculars are perfect for this.

Now let’s talk about the advantage of a bigger objective lens size. A 60 mm objective lens is ideal for many outdoor activities. Keep in mind that bigger objects will help your binoculars capture more light, which means that your binoculars will give you a brighter and sharper image.

So, you will be having a great time using them before dawn or after dusk when the light is a bit dim and your bigger-sized objective will be capturing all the light from the surroundings to give you a good view of the birds.

Disadvantages of 30×60 Binoculars

Everything made on this earth has two aspects. Similarly, these optics also have two downsides which are mentioned below;

  • Shaky image due to enhanced magnification power
  • Heavyweight due to the increased size of the objective lens

The weight of optics is associated with the size of the objective lens. When you choose binoculars with a bigger objective lens, it means that you’re going to choose optics with a heavyweight.

The shakiness of the image is due to the increased magnification power. However, it can be controlled by using a tripod stand. However, when you use them by fitting them on a tripod stand, the portability of binoculars somehow vanishes as you will have to use them where your tripod stand is placed. 

A Tripod Stand is Inevitable with 30×60 Binoculars

As you know, these 30×60 binoculars have very strong magnification power and a bigger size than the objective lens. It is good in a way that you will get a better viewing range and better performance in low-light conditions. But let’s look at the flip side.

Due to the higher magnification of 30x, you’ll see shaky and unstable visuals. You won’t be able to focus properly, especially when viewing the object that is moving. For example, it would be hard to focus on flying birds or moving bucks during hunting.

So, you’ll have to use the tripod stand. Without the tripod stand, you won’t be able to focus. A tripod stand will keep the binos stable. If you hold them in your hands, the slight movement of your hands will impact the focus. Therefore, using the tripod stand is a must.

For What Activities Are 30×60 Binoculars Good For?

There is nothing hard – these 30×60 binoculars are ideal options for stargazing and astronomy. Thanks to their higher magnification power, and the bigger sized objective lens which captures more light, and offers you brighter visuals.

Keep in mind that these binos can be used for a variety of outdoor fun. But they perform perfectly when used for stargazing by using a tripod stand. For bird watching, hunting, or any other similar outdoor activities, these binos won’t perform to a satisfactory level.

One more thing that I noticed is that many people use these binoculars for sightseeing or event watching. However, I won’t suggest you buy them for sightseeing. Instead, you can look for a more compact and lightweight pair.  They are suitable options for stargazers and astronomy lovers.


30×60 binoculars are very useful tools and their usability is excellent in different conditions. Keep in mind that every outdoor activity requires different magnification power in binoculars. These binoculars are also good for some activities and not recommended for others. 

We have gone into detail and given you all the information about the meaning of their specifications and how far you can go by using these 30×60 binoculars. Hoping that there will be no question left in your mind.

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