What Does 4×32 Scope Mean? Guide for Beginners!

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If you are an experienced shooter and have been using scope for shooting, then you would already know the meaning of 4×32 scopes. However, those people who are new to optics find it confusing.

So, they ask: What Does 4×32 scope mean? Well, these two numbers represent the magnification power and objective lens size. 4x is the magnification which indicates that you’ll be able to see a 4 times bigger image of the target. 32mm is the objective lens which captures the light from the surroundings.

Don’t leave just by reading the short answer. I have got a lot more to share with you. Stay tuned as I am going to explain each and everything about the 4×32 scopes. 

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Explanation: What Does 4×32 Scope Actually Mean?

Usually, the alphabet ‘‘X’’ confuses many people, especially those who are newbies. I understand that. However, understanding the meaning of numbers that are usually used in the specification of scopes is very easy to understand.

The first number which is 4 indicates the magnification power. X represents times. It means that you will get 4x magnification meaning that you’ll be able to see the target 4 times bigger than its actual size. Is it clear? Take X as it indicates as times. 

Now, let’s talk about the second number which is 32. The second number in the specification of scopes indicates the objective lens size. In the case of these 4×32 scopes, you will get 32mm of objective lens size. Keep in mind that the objective lens is responsible for capturing the light from the surroundings.

In short, this 4×32 scope has got a magnification of 4x and an objective lens size of 32mm. I hope there won’t be any confusion regarding the specifications and numbers of these 4×32 scopes. If you still have questions regarding numbers, ask questions in the comment section. I will be there to help.

How Far Can You See With 4×32 Scope?

It depends! Although you might get sad by knowing the answer – but unfortunately there is no exact answer as your viewing limit when using scope depends on many factors. But don’t worry as I am going to give you some estimation so that you’ll be able to know your range using 4×32 scope.

As I said earlier, this scope offers 4x magnification power, which means you’ll be able to see a 4 times bigger image of the target. Right? So if the target is at 400 yards distance, then by using this scope, you’ll be able to see it as if it were just 100 yards away. Have you got my point?

It was an estimation – let me share my own experience with you so that it gets easier for you to understand the range and viewing limit of these 4×32 scopes. 

On clear, brighter, and sunny days, you’ll be able to see up to 200 to 300 yards with the help of these 4×32 scopes. This range can be affected if the adequate light is not present, or you are using scope in cloudy weather. This range that I mentioned is valid when you use the scope on sunny and brighter days.

I hope that now you should not be confused about the viewing range of these 4×32 scopes. Do you want to know the factors that affect the viewing range or distance of this scope? Keep reading!

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Factors that Affect Viewing Distance of 4×32 Scope

As I said earlier there are a few external factors that you cannot control, but they affect your viewing range or limit. I want you to know about them as well because it will help you understand the ideal time when you should use your 4×32 scope and get your shot right every time you shoot. Here is the list of those factors:

  • Weather condition
  • Quality of scope
  • Light Conditions (Using scope before dawn of after dusk or in clear daylight)

Uses of 4×32 Scope: By Different Activities

I now go a little deeper and tell you about those activities for which you can use these 4×32 scopes and get excellent viewing and shooting experience. Let’s jump into it.

1- Hunting

The 4×32 scope is an excellent choice for hunting, especially when hunting in dense forests or other areas with limited visibility. One thing that I must mention is that these scopes are ideal for small game hunting where your target is not too far away. The compact size of the 4×32 scope also makes it easy to carry and maneuver in the field.

2- Target Shooting

For target shooting, the 4×32 scope is a great choice for beginners. However, I don’t consider this scope an ideal option for experienced shooters. You will enjoy the lower weight of this scope and be able to hit right at the sweet spot.

3- Bird Watching

The 4×32 scope is a decent option for bird-watching. I know this scope is usually used with rifles to get accurate shots. But you can use it to view the birds in case you don’t have binoculars or spotting scopes. It is an unfamous opinion and it is practical and you can get a closer look at the birds with these 4×32 scopes.

4- Long Range Photography

The 4×32 scope can also be used for long-range photography. The 4x magnification is good enough to give you zoomed visuals. You can attach a smartphone with this scope and capture what you see through this scope. Keep in mind that the compact size of the scope makes it easy to use with a camera. 

5- Survival and Tactical Situations

You can also use this scope in survival and tactical situations. I won’t say that it would provide you with ideal performance when you use it for bird watching, tactical purposes, or even for photography. But it can be a good starting point for someone who doesn’t have the budget to buy binoculars, and specialized scopes for different activities. 

Pros and Cons of 4×32 Rifle Scope

If you are following me all along, then I am sure that you have got all the basic information of these 4×32 scopes. We are in the ending phase – and I am going to give you a table where you will get the pros and cons of using this scope for your outdoor activities. It will help you understand the scope, and make your own buying decision.

Pros of a 4×32 Rifle ScopeCons of a 4×32 Rifle Scope
Offer optimal magnificaitonLimited versatility in varying distances
The viewing range is decentLimited versatility in varying distances
Quick target acquisitionPoor low-light performance
Minimal parallax errorNot suitable for long-range shooting
AffordabilityReduced image brightness in low light
Low maintenanceChallenging for twilight and night hunting
Reduced complexity
Consistent performance
Lighter and more compact

I am sure that you won’t have any confusion now. Let’s end this guide with some FAQs that I have got by doing research on different platforms. Hopefully, my answer to those questions will eliminate all of your confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What range is a 4×32 scope Good For?

4×32 scope is decent in offering you optimal viewing and shooting range. On a clear day, you will be able to shoot anything under 300 yards, which is not bad.

How much is a 4×32 scope?

Well, it depends on the brand and quality of scope that you are choosing. However, mid-range and decently performing 4×32 scope will cost you around $200 to $300.

Is a 4×32 scope adjustable?

No, this scope comes with 4x magnification which is fixed. It does not come with adjustable magnification which could allow you to use it for different activities.

Are 4×32 scopes any good?

Yes, they are! The reason is that they offer nice optical performance, and allow you to shoot the target from a decent range. Above all these scopes are usually affordable which makes them stand out.

Is a 4X32 scope good for an air rifle?

Well, it depends! If you are going to use your air rifle for long-range hunting, I won’t recommend you to go by this scope. However, if you are going to shoot or hunt from a small range, this scope would be suitable for your air rifle.

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