Where are Steiner Binoculars Made? You Need to KNOW this!

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According to Ranker, Steiner is ranked 6th in the top 10 optics brands. This shows the popularity and quality of this company. There are many people who love using Steiner binoculars. The elders especially prioritize these binos that come with Steriner’s brand tag. But many optics users ask us one common question ”Where are Steiner binoculars made?”.

Steiner is a German brand and its headquarter is located in Bayreuth in Northern Bavaria, Germany. All the manufacturing and assembly processes take place in the headquarters. There is a strict quality control system and every binocular is approved by the quality control team before its entry into the market.

People of different ages love the Steiner brand due to their excellent manufacturing process. Every optical component is produced by the Steiner and they don’t import any component from the outer side. Stay connected with us so that you don’t miss any information that we got as a result of extensive research.

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History Steiner Optics Brand

Steiner optics was founded back in 1947 by Karl Steiner who was an optics engineer. Before the establishment of this brand, Karl Steiner used to work in private factories as an optics engineer. However, his optical expertise helped him to launch his own optical brand.

Initially, the company did not make any special progress. It was going at a steady pace. But after the 2nd world war, the whole world was affected and Germany was no exception. Karl Steiner focused on his work and produced some top-class optics that were loved by outdoor enthusiasts, especially boaters and fishers. 

The major reason behind the popularity of these binoculars was their water and fogproofing. So, those people who used to be in touch with water love Stiner’s binoculars at that time. It is important to note that Steiner was the first optics brand that produced the first nitrogen-purged binoculars that has an exceptionally amazing ability to resist water and moisture.

Before the Steiner, binoculars were not waterproof and people had to compromise on the safety of binoculars. But it was considered a big revolution when the Steiner produced nitrogen-purged binoculars. In 1965, Steiner signed a contract with the West German Bundeswehr and it was the time when the company actually started booming the optical industry. Right now, Steiner is very famous due to their military binoculars that are exported. According to Wikipedia, the company produces 200,000 to 250,000 binoculars every year and 80% of the optics are exported. 

Where are Stiner binoculars made?

Steiner binoculars are produced in Germany at the headquarters of the company. The exact location of the headquarter is written below;

Bayreuth, a Small town in Northern Bavaria, Germany.

All the manufacturing process is carried out in this headquarters. You might be wondering if the company imports optical components from other parts of the world or not. To your surprise, the company does not import any components as the whole manufacturing process is done at their own place.

Even small components are not imported. There is a strict quality control system in headquarters. Every binocular goes through the quality control system. Those binoculars that don’t satisfy the quality control team do not get approved. The fully checked and approved binoculars are then sent to the market for sale.

Why are Steiner Binoculars in demand?

Steiner binoculars are very good and their versatile usability is something that people love. But they are famous because the company has a contract with the military and almost 10% of the Steiner goes to the armed forces of different countries.

People believe that binoculars that are used by the military are more stronger and durable than the normally used binoculars. It is the reason that people buy Steiner binoculars. There is no doubt that the durability of Steiner binoculars is second to none. No matter whether you throw them away or use them harshly, their performance won’t go down.

The tag that Steiner company produces military-grade binoculars has actually increased the popularity of the company.  We have seen many people getting information about military binoculars produced by Steiner.

Why are Steiner Binoculars more expensive than the competitors?

The major reason behind the high pricing of Steiner binoculars is that this company doesn’t outsource any of the work. All the components are produced in Germany and their assembly is also done at the headquarters. The labor cost in Germany is slightly higher than in other part of the world.

For example, the optical components that are imported from Japan are very cheap. The reason is that labor costs in Japan and China are less, which ultimately has a positive impact on the price of binoculars.

All the competitors import the optical component from Asian countries where labor cost is low. This is the reason that all the competitors produce products at a lower price. Keep in mind that the optical components produced by Steiner are of high quality as they go through a strict quality control system. So, the quality of Steiner binoculars is better than those cheaper optics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Steiner import lenses from Japan?

No, Steiner Optics does not import anything from any other country. All the optical components are manufactured by the company itself at Bayreuth, a Small town in Northern Bavaria, Germany.

Are Steiner Optics Made in the USA?

No, Steiner binoculars are not made in the USA. All the optics which belong to Steiner are manufactured in Germany.

Who owns Steiner binoculars?

Steiner binoculars have been owned by the Italian Beretta Group since 2008. Till now, the company is operating under the Beretta group which is famous for military equipment production.


Steiner is indeed a very famous brand and the people who prefer durability always choose Steiner due to their strong build quality. The strict quality control system has helped them uplift the standard of their binoculars. All the Steiner binoculars are made in Germany, in the headquarters is located in Bayreuth, a Small town in Northern Bavaria.

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