Where Are SWFA Scopes Made?

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SWFA scopes are a popular choice for hunters and tactical shooters alike. However, many people are curious about where these scopes are made.  In fact, it is misinformation among the shooters that SWFA is an American brand and its products are also made in the USA. 

So what is reality and where are SWFA scopes made? SWFA is an American brand, but its products are not manufactured in the USA. In fact, all the SWFA scopes including classic and HD models are made in Japan and then exported to the USA and other countries for sale.

It is essential to note that the company has its headquarters in Midlothian, Texas. This headquarter presence in the USA causes confusion about their manufacturing locations.  In this guide, I will go into more detail, and give you in-depth info about this brand.

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Introduction of SWFA company

SWFA was founded in 1993 and has since become a well-known brand in the hunting and shooting community. The company offers a wide range of rifle scopes, including its popular SS, HD, and Classic lines. 

This brand is highly regarded because they provide top-notch quality and satisfy customer expectations. Many people assume that their products are made in the USA. Keep in mind that these scopes are not made in the USA, but they are still touching the level of products that are made in the USA. Full credit to the team working behind it!

Where are SWFA Scopes Made?

The company has been in the business for over 20 years, and its scopes are also making a good name in the optics industry.  But the information about this brand is not very common, and many people seem to be curious to know where are these scopes manufactured.

Although the company has its headquarters in Midlothian, Texas, all the SWFA SS scopes are manufactured in Japan. The company has a collaboration with Japanese companies such as Kenko and Low to produce their products. 

Are you thinking about why are these scopes made in Japan, whereas the company is based in US? Actually, the labor cost in the USA is very high and the optics company cannot afford to much high hourly rates to the customers.

If they start paying high labor costs, then ultimately, they will have to raise the prices of their products which customers don’t like. Increasing the prices will also help other brands especially those who are based in Japan to win the market share by providing their products at lower prices.

Keep in mind: The labor cost in Japan is comparatively low, so the Japanese brand makes their products by spending less amount of money as compared to those brands that are manufacturing their products in the USA.

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How does SWFA manufacture high-quality products?

This brand does successfully maintain its quality because it has a strict quality control process in place to ensure that its products meet the highest standards. The company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that every scope is made to the highest quality.

Those products that have any sort of issue are not approved by the inspection team. Keep in mind that SWFA don’t spend much on advertisement but the quality of their product does their advertisement. They spend money on product quality instead of spending on advertisement.

SWFA Scopes Product Line

SWFA is a well-known brand in the shooting industry, and it has a wide range of products in its line. In this section below, I will list the different types of SWFA scopes available in the market.

  • Fixed Power Scopes
  • Variable Power Scopes
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Pistol Scopes

Fix power scopes have fixed and one magnification power. On the other hand, variable power scopes have different magnification power ranges and the users can use the magnification power of their choice.

SWFA Scopes Warranty

When purchasing an SWFA scope, customers can benefit from the Warranty 4-Life program. As stated on their official website, this warranty is “Never Expires, Transferable, and No Receipt Required.” 

What does this warranty type means? Look if the scope becomes damaged or defective at any point in time, the owner can send it in for repair or replacement, free of charge. The company won’t even ask a single question. In case they fail to repair it, they will compensate you with a new product as a replacement.

The Warranty 4-Life program covers all SWFA scopes, including the SWFA SS, SWFA SS HD, and SWFA SSBR models. It also covers any accessories that come with the scope, such as lens covers and sunshades. 

Disclaimer: The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are SWFA scopes manufactured?

SWFA SS scopes including all the models are manufactured in Japan. 

Is SWFA based in Japan?

No, the company is not based in Japan. It is an American company that has headquarters in Midlothian, Texas, where they sell hunting gear and branded SWFA rifle scopes. 

Are SWFA scopes made in the USA?

No, SWFA scopes are not made in the USA. In fact, they are made in Japan.

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