Where Are Swift Scopes Made? (Answered)

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It won’t be wrong if I say that Swift Optics is one of the oldest brands. They have produced many products including binoculars, spotting, and rifle scopes. But many people don’t know about the production facilities.

So the question is: where are Swift scopes made? These scopes are made in different countries including South Korea, Japan, China, and Japan. However, the headquarters of Swift Optics brand is located in Newbury Park, California, United States.

This was a brief introduction, but I have a lot more information about this optics brand. So stay connected till the end.

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History and Introduction of Swift Optics Company

First things first, Swift is an Amercian-based brand that produces optical products such as binoculars, and different types of scopes. The company was founded in 1926 by William F. Davidson, who was a talented optical designer and engineer.

Before launching his own company, William E. Swift, used to work in different smaller factories which gave him the experience, and the confidence to start his own company. So, he ended up launching in 1926 as a small scope-making shop.

One thing that must be discussed is the early difficulties that this brand faced. There are financial crises that actually hindered the growth of this company. The world wars also had some impact on this brand as the worldwide economy was destroyed during those times of wars

Initially, this optics company did not get any special attention. However, after the Second World War, the scope of this brand got some attention. The company was always focused on producing high-quality products which helped them not only sustain but also grow in the optics market.

Where Are Swift Scopes Made?

This is our main topic that I am trying my best to give you information. So, first things first, the company is established in the United States, and its headquarters is located in Newbury Park, California. But their scopes are not majorly made in the USA.

So, the question is: where are Swift scopes made? Actually, the Swift scopes are manufactured in South Korea, Japan, and China. Most of their production is done in Korea. In fact, none of their scopes are being made in the USA.

One thing that might surprise you is that some of the Swift scopes’ optical components are made in the USA which is very strange. No other optics brand makes optical components in the USA due to the high labor cost in the USA. However, those scopes are rare, and optical components used to be made in the USA. 

As I told earlier the Swift Optical Company was founded in 1926.  However, in 2002, Swift Optics was acquired by a Japanese company called Kowa. Since then, the manufacturing of Swift scopes has been done primarily in Japan.

Note: Currently, all the scopes and their optical components are made outside the USA. All the manufacturing processes, assembly of optical components, etc are being done in Japan and China.

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Location of Swift Scopes Factories

Swift scopes are high-quality optics that are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The company has been producing scopes for over 90 years and has built a reputation for producing reliable and durable products. 

Swift has factories in different parts of the world to cater to the global market including Japan, Korea, China, and the United States. I must say that Japan is the hub for this brand, as their popular products are being manufactured in the USA.

Apart from Japan, Swift also has manufacturing facilities in China and the Philippines. The Chinese factory produces some of the entry-level scopes, while the Philippine factory produces some of the mid-range and high-end scopes.

Keep in mind that Swift has its main distribution center in the United States, which serves as a hub for the North American market. Different products made in Japan, China, and the Philippines are exported to the US, where they go into the market for selling.

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Are Swift Scopes any good?

Swift Scopes have been around for almost a century and have gained a reputation for being durable, and reliable. Although their products are not very famous, the quality of their products especially the scopes is top-notch.

Swift Scopes are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, if you use them in harsh conditions, or use them carelessly, they won’t show any wear and tear.

Again, their products are not famous, so you’ll have a famous issue if the scope gets damaged. This is a major concern for me. The after-market parts are not available. So repairing them would cost extra bucks.

It is an unfortunate fact the Swift Optical company is not very famous, and they have very few branches that offer customer care service. Suppose, you buy a scope from them and it proves to be faulty, the return, and claiming the warranty would be tricky. 

Again, I am not saying that their scopes are not good, but these are realities that you should know. Their customer support service is poor. If you buy the product, and it proves to be fine, then it will be perfect. 

But if the bough product proves to be faulty or damaged, then returning, replacing and claiming warranty would be very difficult. Because the brand is not famous, and popular their products’ spare parts are also not available in the market which is another drawback.

So, are swift scopes worth your investment? I would say, no because I am afraid if your product requires repair or replacement, then you’ll have to go through a long, tiring process. However, if you have already a scope, and you want to enjoy the quality of the swift scopes, then you can consider buying them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Swift scopes produced?

Swift scopes are being produced in Japan, South Korea, China, and the Philippines.

Are Swift scopes manufactured in the United States?

No, Swift scopes are not manufactured in the United States. The company is based in the USA, but its products are imported from other countries.

Where are Swift rifle scopes made?

Swift rifle scopes are made in Japan. Some of their rifle scopes are also made in Korea.

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