Where are Zeiss Binoculars Made?

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One of our favorite optical brands which has ruled the optical market for years is Zeiss and people love buying them due to their well-known durability and top-class visuality. However, where are Zeiss binoculars made? This is the question that we receive every now and then.

To be honest, the major reason behind the hot selling of these binoculars is their german tag. People believe that products that are made in Germany are of good quality. Whether it is true or just a myth, we will know in this guide. 

Zeiss is a German brand and its headquarter is located in the small town of Oberkochen, Southern Germany. They have all manufacturing facilities in many cities in Germany. The company does not import any optical components from other counties.

It was a brief introduction to the Zeiss brand. We have done complete research to give you in-depth information about their manufacturing plants. Stay connected and let’s get started.

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History of Zeiss Brand

It won’t be wrong to say that Zeiss is one of the oldest optics brands that has seen ups and downs in its journey. Carl Zeiss AG was founded back in 1846 by a German optics expert Carl Zeiss. It was a small workshop that was focused on producing good-quality microscopes. In the initial days, the owner had to plan to produce optics as their main product was a microscope.

In 1861, their manufactured microscope used to be considered the finest product and in 1866, they completed the sale of their 1000th microscope. It was a milestone that motivated the company administration. The surprising thing is that this milestone was achieved by just 16 employees as the company had a very small budget to hire employees.

At that time, the company made good progress and the trust of the people in Zeiss made them a very decent optical brand. In 1928, Carl Zeiss acquired Hensoldt AG which was a brand for producing binoculars and scopes. 

It was the time when Karl Zeiss decided to produce binoculars and other optical equipment along with microscopes. As the Zeiss already had a very good reputation due to their microscope, they did not face any challenge in producing and selling the binoculars and scope.

After the second world war, Germany went through chaos, and every big brand was distributed to some extent. A few companies got bankrupt and many got divided into smaller parts. However, Zeiss was also affected, but they recovered because of their well-organized system.

In 2005, the company made lenses and cameras for smartphones named N90 which was introduced by Nokia. The company kept on producing optical equipment like binoculars, scopes, microscopes, and many others and expanded its business to many other cities in Germany. 

Now, they have many optics manufacturing facilities in many cities in Germany including Wetzlar, and Oberkochen. The wax company was always known as Carl Zeiss until 2013 when the officials announced to change the name to Zeiss. Now, the company advertises and brands itself as Zeiss, not as Carl Zeiss.

 Where are Zeiss Binoculars Made?

Zeiss manufactures all the products in Germany and there is no concept of importation from other countries. The labor cost in the German market is not very high which has helped Zeiss to keep its production within Germany. 

They have manufacturing facilities in multiple cities in Germany But, Wetzlar is considered as the major hub for the production of optical equipment in Germany. Zeiss has a complete production plant in Wetzlar and it is one of those plants which are being used for decades. However, the company has decided to produce more equipment in its headquarters which is located in Oberkochen.

There are many other production plants in several other cities in Germany. However, they are not very famous and their production capacity is also lesser than the above-mentioned factories. Good thing is that Zeiss produces all the optical components and does not import anything from outside Germany.

So, they pay special attention to every component they produce and don’t compromise in any aspect. The durability of their binoculars is the result of their top heed which they pay while producing the optical components which are then assembled to make binoculars.

Why are Zeiss Binoculars so famous?

The optics users believe that those brands that use optical components made in Japan or China cannot produce quality products.  We have seen people avoid brands that are associated with the Chinese or Japanese market. On the other hand, people love using products that are made in Germany or the United States.

Zeiss is a German brand and they don’t import anything from any other country. From glass to small components, each and everything is made in Germany which gives customers confidence that their products are of high quality. 

Another reason is that Zeiss is one of the oldest optics brands that has been producing optics since the 18th century. Their trust factor helps people to believe that Zeiss is the most reliable optics brand. Trust me, their products don’t disappoint at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZEISS made in China?

No, Zeiss is a German brand, and all of its products are made in Germany and then exported to other countries.

Are ZEISS Conquest binoculars made in Germany?

Zeiss Conquest binoculars are one of the top-line products which are made in Germany. In fact, the lenses which have been used in the Conquest series are manufactured in Germany.

Where are Zeiss Terra binoculars made?

Zeiss Terra is german made binoculars and their production is one in the headquarter located in the small town of Oberkochen.


Zeiss is a german brand and its headquarter is located in southern Germany, in the small town of Oberkochen. They have manufacturing facilities in many cities within Germany and they don’t import anything from outside. Zeiss has the distinction of being the oldest and most well-established optics brand. It has seen many ups and downs in its journey.

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