Why Are Binoculars Not Allowed in Egypt?

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Why are binoculars not allowed in Egypt? This question is common and we hear it from almost everyone who travels to Egypt. In recent times, many people ask this question in online communities. So we have decided to answer it.

Binoculars give you an excellent viewing experience and whenever you travel to any other country, binoculars are the first tools that you pack in your luggage. But if you’re traveling to Egypt these useful optics won’t be part of your luggage as the officials in Egypt won’t allow you to use them. 

Binoculars are not allowed in Egypt due to security risks. Authorities have banned the usage of binoculars as they could be used for spying which can cause security problems for the people of Egypt.

Egypt has very strict rules and those who don’t follow the rules are not welcomed by the officials. We have done complete research to write this guide. Stay connected so that you don’t miss any of them.

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Reasons behind the ban on binoculars in Egypt

There are two major reasons which forced the authorities to ban the usage of binoculars in Egypt. This rule is very strict for those who are not nationals of Egypt and are going there for the sake of seeing the monuments. In the recent past, there has been a security issue in Egypt which has alerted the officials.

Binoculars can be used as a spying tool which ends up breaching the internal security of the country. The government doesn’t want to compromise the security of the people and hence banned the usage of binoculars.

Another popular reason behind the ban on binoculars is that there are many monuments in Egypt and people from different countries visit there. So some people with ill intentions start using binoculars for spying on other tourists at the monuments. 

No one likes to be spied on and it can make tourists feel bad about the hospitality of the Egyptians. To ensure that nothing goes against tourism enjoyment, the authorities have banned the usage of binoculars on monuments.

There should be privacy for everyone and banning binoculars also supports and protects the privacy of other people. If you are traveling to Egypt then you will face a strict checking system at the airports of Egypt. If the security guards find your binoculars, they will confiscate them and you won’t be able to get them back. 

Are Binoculars Confiscated at Airports in Egypt?

As said earlier the security and checking system at Egyptian airports is very strict. Every passenger goes through a strict checking process before leaving the airport. So, if you are going to Egypt and have binoculars in your bag, then you will be checked and your binoculars will be confiscated.

The question may come to your mind if the guards will return the confiscated binoculars or not. The answer is NO, the security guards won’t return your confiscated products. So, it is better not to carry binoculars along with you. It is ideal to follow the rules especially when you’re new to the country.

What if the security team finds you using binoculars?

Suppose the security guards find you using binoculars, will they arrest you? Is there any punishment? The answer is no. There is no such rule that could punish those who use binoculars despite the ban imposed by the authorities.

The guards will only confiscate your binoculars and you will lose your optics. That’s the only loss that you will have to bear if you break this rule. However, we recommend you to respect the laws and should never use binoculars if they are not allowed to be used.

Tips for using binoculars in Egypt

First, we don’t suggest you use binoculars in Egypt as the officials have banned the usage of binoculars. But if you still want to use it, then we suggest you buy optics from the local shops. Bringing your own binoculars from home is going to result in the confiscation of your binoculars by security officials.

Suppose you’re going to visit any specific historical place, then buy the binoculars from the nearest local store. When you buy binoculars from the local store in Egypt, you actually bypass the strict security process and succeed in getting a closer viewing of things. Keep in mind security guards are not present everywhere so you can use them with ease if bought from the local store. 

What To Consider If You Take Your Binoculars To Egypt?

There are a few things that must be taken care of like magnification power, objective lens size, the field of view, etc. These are basic things and you should choose the specification so that you don’t regret it later.

But apart from these basic features, you should check if your chosen binoculars are temperature resistant or not. In Egypt, the temperature remains high and you will feel serious heat. If your optics are not temperature resistant then you won’t be able to get an optimal viewing experience with your binoculars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are binoculars legal in Egypt?

Binoculars are not actually illegal however, their usage has been banned to avoid any security breaches. The measure has been taken to protect the people of Egypt.

Can you use binoculars near Military Installations?

No, you cannot use binoculars or any sort of optics near military installations. There is a strict security system that won’t allow you to carry binoculars in Egypt. If you’re a foreigner, your optics will be confiscated at the airports.

Can you use binoculars at the Suez Canal in Egypt?

The Suez Canal is a strategic waterway that is protected by a strict security system. Using binoculars for spying is considered illegal there. In fact officials can arrest those who spy Suez Canal by considering it an attack on jeopardized national security


Binoculars are useful for giving a closer view and giving you more detailed visuals. But there are some countries where using binoculars is discouraged and Egypt is one of them. We don’t suggest going against the rules set by the officials and using binoculars. Keep in mind that if the security team finds your binoculars, then they will confiscate your optics. We hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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