Antiquated Optics: Are Old Binoculars Worth the Money?

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Binoculars are not useless even if they have been abandoned by the owner. The value of optics remains high if they are out of work for years. There can be questions on the performance of the binoculars, but their worth never goes to zero. Are old binoculars worth the money? This question is often thrown at me by our elders who have just bought new optics.

In this guide, we will be answering this question in detail so that you make well-informed decisions about your old products.

Yes, old binoculars are worth the money as you can auction them to get some extra cash. Many outdoor people love to buy old stuff as a hobby. However, if you’re thinking of buying second-hand binoculars, it is worth it as you will be able to have optics at less price as compared to new ones.

Whether you’re new and buying second-hand binoculars or just reselling your old binoculars, you’re going to be in profit. We have done complete research to give you in-depth knowledge.

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Worth of old binoculars for sellers and buyers

Look, either you own old binoculars, or you’ve budgeted to buy new optics, you have searched on the internet about the worth of old binoculars. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy old optics, you’re never at a loss when it comes to old binoculars due to many reasons and a few of them are going to be discussed in this guide.

We know that buying new optics is not everyone’s cup of tea as you will need a handsome budget to buy the one which is perfect for outdoor activities. However, not all of us have the same financial power to spend on binoculars. In such a case, you can just go buy second-hand binoculars (old) to get a closer view of targeted objects.

Many people have financial power and they just buy new optics and stop using the older ones. These old optics can be a very good second-hand option for those who have tight budgets as they can buy those old binoculars for half price. For buying such old optics, there are many shops where you will find second-hand binoculars.

If you’re a seller, old binoculars are still valuable as you can auction them and get a handsome amount of money. It is interesting to note that many people collect old stuff as a hobby. They even spend money buying products that are very old and have some memories. You can sell your optics to them and get some bucks.

Worth of Antique and vintage binoculars

There is no specific standard to follow while selling or buying antique binoculars. In the usual case, you should be able to buy second-hand binoculars for just half the price of its new or latest model. Suppose you’re buying a binocular that is outdated and its new version model has been launched then you should pay half the price of that new version or model. Many factors play an important role in determining the worth of vintage binoculars.

  • Condition

One of the most important factors that influence the price of old binoculars is the current condition of binoculars. If optics is in working conditions and you can use them for outdoor activities, then their worth will be higher. In contrast, old, abandoned, and nonworking binoculars have very little value and you can buy them for a little price.

  • Age of Binoculars

What is the age of your binoculars? Optics with a lifespan of more than 20 to 30 years are particularly valuable since hobbyists love collecting vintage items for their collections. Imagine owning a pair of binoculars that were produced during the World War; they would hold particular memories and be expensive because of their connection to that period in history. Contrarily, less-aged optics only provide you with a small profit.

  • Brand & Model

The brand is always important when it comes to determining the price of optics. A well-established brand that offers a lifetime warranty is more valuable than a new one. Having second-hand vortex binoculars will give you more money than any new brand like Athlon. Model is also a price-determining factor. The latest model or version will give you more profit.

How much will you have to pay for old binoculars?

If you’re a buyer, you should have at least $100 available to spend on really good used binoculars. Remember that you can even purchase binoculars for $50, but we don’t advise doing so because they may have numerous flaws and you won’t be able to use them right away for your outdoor activities.

Old optics that are for sale and cost between $80 and $100 are a decent option.  However, you should check all the factors that contribute to the performance of binoculars.  If you go into the market to buy new binoculars, it will easily cost you around $250 to $300 which will do good in outdoor work.  Therefore, spending $100 on second optics is a good call.

If you own binoculars and want to sell them, we advise you to go to eBay and put your binoculars up for auction. You won’t make much money when you sell the retail location. However, selling your old binoculars at an auction on a specific website may be more advantageous because many hobbyists may be willing to pay more and buy your equipment.

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Where can I buy old binoculars that have some worth?

There are two ways through which you can buy or sell old binoculars. One of them is to visit the nearest optics shop that deals with second products. The rich people who keep changing their binoculars sell their old optics in such stores. You can simply visit there and ask if they have any old binoculars to sell to you. Or you can give your binoculars to them and get some money as a result of the deal.

The second option is to buy second-hand products for eBay where you will see an auction of the old stuff. You can simply add your old binoculars for selling or bid on an already-listened product for buying. These two ways are very helpful in selling and buying old binoculars and other optics.


One of those tools that are useful whether it is new or used is a pair of binoculars. Old optics that you own can be sold to make some extra money. Given that binoculars are becoming more and more expensive, you can save money by purchasing second-hand ones. So, the worth of vintage binoculars cannot be disregarded and if you’re thinking of buying old binoculars, you can make informed decisions by seeing your budget.

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