Where are Upland Binoculars Made? Latest Guide 2024

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Hunters who love spending time finding the bucks are well aware of the Upland binoculars as these optics are made for hunters only. However, this brand is very young compared to other optics brands like a vortex, Bushnell, or Leupold. 

Where are Upland binoculars made? This question has become a myth as there is no declaration by the officials about the manufacturing company. However, we have done our research and talked to friends who are from Boise to get in-depth knowledge to write this guide.

Upland binoculars are not manufactured in the USA. In fact, the optical components are imported to China from Japan. The assembly of those optical components is done in China and then binoculars are sent to the USA market.

As said earlier, we have done the research and talked to those people who have used upland binoculars at some stage of their lives to gather enough information. Stay connected so that you don’t miss any information.

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Introduction of Upland Optics

Upland is not one of those very old optics brands. In fact, it was founded back in 2015 and it is not very famous among outdoor activists. The purpose of Upland optics has been to produce binoculars only for hunters and they never tried to produce optics for birders and hikers. 

The company was founded by James Petzke who was a businessman by profession. He had a passion for hunting and he spend most of his free time hunting and chasing the bucks. In 2016, he realized that hunting requires binoculars but no other is fulfilling the needs of hunters.

So, he imported binoculars and sold them in the USA market. Surprisingly, his imported 100 binoculars were solid in just 30 days and he made a good profit from this sale. So, James with his close colleague Braydon Lee started taking this business as their future hassle and imported many other binoculars and sold them in the American market.

This company has headquarters in Boise which is located in the state of Idaho, United States. Boise is one of the most populous cities in the United States.

Where are Upland Binoculars Made?

Not a single binocular of the Upland brand is being manufactured in the USA market. In fact, all the optics are being manufactured in Japan and China. The labor cost in the USA is very high which is causing problems for this newer optics brand.

The optical components for upland optics are being manufactured in Japan. After their production, they are sent to China where the assembly of those components is done to make binoculars. After all the processes, the final products are sent to the USA where the officials sell them to US customers.

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Why are upland binoculars cheaper than other brands?

Just like the Athlon brand, Upland doesn’t have any retailing system and they don’t use any third party for selling their products. In fact, customers buy products from official stores. This helps the company to avoid those commissions that retailers keep for themselves. 

Those brands which have a third-party system for selling the optics cannot control the prices as they have to pay to sell commission to the retailers. But Upland optics has done a very good job by not involving third-party retailers and providing cheaper binoculars at their own shops or stores.

Lack of Quality Control System

Upland Optics is a newer company and they don’t have much investment to organize in a way many other well-established brands are. They don’t have a strict quality control system that could detect faulty optics.  However, they do check the product during production and have no dedicated team for checking the quality of optics which is considered a downside of this brand. The reason behind not having the team is a lack of investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are upland binoculars made in Germany?

No, Upland Optics is USA based brand whose binoculars are manufactured in Japan and China

Who started Upland Optics?

James Petzke and his fellow Braydon Lee founded the company back in 2015.

Are Upland binoculars any good?

Their binoculars are good in terms of strong build quality and visual quality. However, we suggest you buy them if you are a passionate hunter as they are perfect for hunting.


Although Upland Optics is not very famous, its products have made loyal customers who love hunting. Almost all of its products fall in the hunting category and it seems that the company will keep focusing on hunting equipment. However, it is a USA-based brand that imports products from Japan and China.

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