Where are Carson Binoculars Made? (ANSWERED)

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People around the world know the Carson brand and use its products. They have their optics made by using modern technologies and they own customers around the world. But where are Carson’s binoculars made? 

The question looks very simple to answer but you won’t have any precise answer on the internet. We have heard things asked many times and have decided to answer in detail.

Carson is a USA-based optics brand that has headquarters in Ronkonkoma, New York, USA. But they don’t manufacture their products just like other optics brands who are operating in the United States.  Most of their binoculars are imported from Japan.

Carson is a famous brand, but why do they don’t manufacture all of its products in the USA? We have done complete research to answer your questions. Stay connected with us so that you don’t have useful info.

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History of Carson Brand

Carson was founded back in 1990 by Richard Cameron who started using his mom’s Long Island basement for storing the products for selling in the USA market. The owner Richard Cameron saw many ups and downs in his life and ended up founding an optics brand that is famous now and meets the needs of outdoor activities.

Richard after his school studies got a job on Wall Street but he soon left this job and traveled to Japan where he joined another job in a bank as he had studied in finance. However, he soon ended the contract with the bank and left the job. 

He started getting depressed due to financial problems as life moved forward. Finally, he came to know that optics made in Japan are cheaper and that he could start his own business by selling a cheaper model into the US market which is very expensive. This idea had success behind it. In 1990, he imported the first binoculars from Japan and sold them in the US market.

It was the start of something and he decided to use his mother’s basement for storing the product that he used to import from Japan. Soon, he had good colleagues in the optics industry who were resellers. The time passed and things got smoother for Richard as his circle was increasing day by day.

Initially, the company was known as ”Copitar USA”. After the success, the name of the company was changed to Carson USA which is used till now. The headquarters is established in Ronkonkoma, New York, US. Some products are now being manufactured in this headquarter, but still, most of the Carson optics are being manufactured in the Japanese and Chinese markets.

Where are Carson’s Binoculars Made?

Initially, Carson used to import optics from Japan and then resell them in the USA market with good profit margins. The products made in Japan are relatively cheaper than the optics made in the USA. So, the company uses the Japanese market to increase its profit margin.

Till now, most binoculars and other optics of Carson are made in Japan and then imported into the headquarters located in the USA where the quality of binoculars is checked to ensure that the right products go into the market. However, the company is trying to manage the manufacturing facilities in the USA, and few optics are being manufactured in the USA.

They have all the latest technology in the headquarters including cutting-edge research and development labs. Apart from that, a full workshop featuring multiple CNC machines with 3D printing capabilities is also available in the headquarters.

It is believed that Carson will soon start manufacturing all of its products in the USA, however, it does look realistic due to the high labor cost of the USA market. However, whether they produce optics in Japan or the USA, the quality of their optic is second to none.

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Head office of Carson 

From day one, Carson has headquarters in the United States and they never tried to shift to a new place. Below is the exact location of their head office.

2070 5th Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA

However, they don’t sell products at headquarters and they use an old retailers system which is not good for the customers as the retailers take their own commission while selling optics to the customers.

Are Carson Binoculars any good?

People around the world love using binoculars having the Carson tag or logo on them. The demand for binoculars is increasing day by day and the company has opened two new distribution factories to meet the demands of the international market. 

Their focus on small details makes them unique among customers. Having a very strict quality control system helps them to make products that are good enough to meet the needs of customers. Across all the online e-commerce stores,  you will see customers giving positive feedback about Carson Binoculars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carson make good products?

Carson binoculars are well-accepted among users due to their top quality and excellent visuals. Their focus on color fidelity and versatility has made them stand out. Due to increasing demand, the company has opened two factories for producing and distributing binoculars in the international market.

Who owns Carson Optical?

Richard Cameron is the founder of Carson who launched the company in 1990.

Are Carson Binoculars made in China?

Few Carson binoculars are made in China but most of the products are imported from Japan due to the lower labor cost and high-quality manufacturing of optical components.

Is Carson USA a brand?

Yes, Carson is a USA-based brand but most of the products are imported from Japan and China.


Carson is indeed a reliable optics brand that produces binoculars and other objects on a large scale. Their attention to small details which means a lot for the customers gives them a special place in the USA market. Unfortunately, many if not all products are manufactured in Japan and then imported into headquarters where quality is checked by an expert team before sending them into the market.

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