Where are Celestron Binoculars Made?

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Making a decision about choosing one brand among the lot is always a tough task. One question which can help you know the quality by knowing the origin of different binoculars. Where are Celestron binoculars made? This question will come to your mind if you decide to buy Celestron products.

It is a fact that optics quality varies with their production location. For example, German and USA-made binoculars will be more valuable and of high quality as compared to Chinese binoculars.

Celestron is USA based brand and its headquarter is located in Torrance, California, United States. Celestron imports optical components from Taiwan and China and assembles and checks binoculars in the USA before sending them to the US market.

It was a brief introduction however we have done complete research before writing this guide. Don’t leave us as a lot more is coming your way.

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Introduction to Celestron Brand

Celestron was founded in 1964 by Tom Johnson who was a well-known engineer. The company grew rapidly due to the dedication and hard work of the people who were involved, especially the son of Tom Johnson. In 1970, Celestron launched a telescope that had an 8” diameter and 2032 mm focal length and it was loved in the optics market.

However, in 1980, Tom Johson sold his company. However, people saw the decline of the company constantly. In 1997, the Tasco group also acquired Celestron but failed in making Celestron a successful brand and left it in 2021.

In 2002, the lone competitor of Celestron, Meade, who was also an optics brand, filed a case against Celestron and wanted to take over it by forcing bankruptcy. However, the court decided to return the company back to its original owner at that time and the case of Measure was turned down.

Later the company was sold to Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan which was a well-established brand and it proved to be a perfect combination for Celestron as it peaked under the supervision and right path of Synta group.

Where are Celestron Binoculars Made?

Celestron is a USA-based brand, but they don’t manufacture their products in the USA due to many reasons. It is heartbreaking that almost all the optics brands of the USA are importing products from outside due to the very high and unbearable labor cost.

Celestron was acquired by the Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan and all the optical components are imported from Taiwan. The assembly of the binoculars is done in the USA and then all the assembled optics undergo a very strict checking system.

After the completion of the checking system, the faulty and defective binoculars are sorted out and sent back to be repaired. The approved binoculars and other optics go into the market.

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Does Celestron Make Good Binoculars?

The question should only be answered by who has actually used them for their outdoor activities. However, after doing research and checking the reviews of the customers, we are very much assured that the Celestron binoculars are very good for many tasks. 

We had one Celestron Outland 8×42 binoculars and we did use them for hunting and its performance was up to the mark. A few of our friends use Celestron optics for astronomy and their feedback always remains on the positive side.

What products does Celestron produce?

Celestron is well known for its scope and high-power binoculars. Initially, the company manufactured only telescopes which were used by those who had astronomy. But their binoculars are also very good and are produced on large scales. Below is the list of optical equipment which is being produced by Celestron.

  • Binoculars
  • Telescopes
  • Monoculars
  • Microscopes
  • Spotting scopes
  • Solar observing devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Celestron binoculars made in China?

No, Celestron binoculars are not made in China. The company imports optical components from Taiwan and assembles binoculars in the USA.

Is Celestron a good brand of binoculars?

Celestron is a well-known brand for the production of telescopes and other high-powered binoculars. Their hot-selling products indicate that they are good for many outdoor activities.

For what activities, Celestron optics are good?

Most of their optics are good for hobbyists. However, they give a decent viewing experience when used for birding and hunting. Their telescopes are usually used for fulfilling the hobby.


Celestron has a long history and this brand has seen ups and downs. It won’t be wrong to say that the Celestron has traveled on a roller coaster to reach 2022. However, it is a USA-based optics brand whose optical components are imported from Taiwan. People love this brand due to their high-powered products like telescopes and astronomical binoculars.

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