Burris Droptine vs. Vortex Diamondback Scope

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It’s really hard to compare two equally good scopes and declare one as the winner. But I always feel like sharing my experience without my readers to ensure that they get to know what I think about other scopes.

In today’s guide, I will discuss the Burris droptine vs. vortex diamondback scopes. I know both of these scopes have their separate fans, and if you are also one of them, you’re going to get the ultimate information today.

So, which one is better, Vortex Diamondback or Burris Droptine scopes? Vortex diamondback scopes are a better option because of their ideal optical performance, lowlight conditions, durability, and more versatile reticle options. However, Burris Droptine scopes are inexpensive which makes a good option for those people who have tight budgets.

Look, this guide is going to be dedicated to these two scopes. I will give you all the information with proper logic so that you don’t feel confused. Let’s get started!

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What are the Differences Between Burris Droptine, and Vortex Diamondback Scopes?

As mentioned earlier, I will give my own experience and unbiased opinion. But the good thing is that with every single factor where I differentiate both of these scopes, I will mention logic so that you can understand I am favoring one. 

Again, both Burris Droptine and Vortex diamondback scope are top-notch options. I am not against anyone – and have used both of them for shooting. So, rest assured that you are going to get genuine info. Let’s drill down, and explore the different factors in both of these scopes.


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1- Optical Performance

The Burris droptine scopes consist of high-grade optical glass which is ideal for giving you sharper, and clearer visuals. But their lowlight usability is not very good when compared with vortex diamondback scopes.

On the other hand, the vortex diamondback scopes consist of a high-density optical system that offers ideal visual performance. But what makes the vortex diamondback stand out in their lowlight usability?

The lenses of the diamondback scopes consist of a coating of anti-reflective material which ensures that the users get to see brighter visuals when the light in the environment is low i-e under cloudy weather, before dawn, or after dusk.

Winner: I consider Vortex Diamondback scope to be the winner due to better performance in low light conditions.

2- Reticle Options

Reticle is an important thing as it allows you to hit the target accurately. Hitting where you are aiming is crucial, and the reticle makes sure you hit the sweet spot of the target. Burris droptine scopes consist of Ballistic Plex reticle which is good for shooting.

But, the vortex diamondback scopes come with multiple options that you can choose from. For example, you can choose a V-Plex reticle, Dead-Hold BDC reticle, and many others in the vortex diamondback which makes them more versatile. 

But the Burris droptine scopes have limited reticle options, you will get only Ballistic Plex reticles which makes these scopes less versatile. This is why I consider vortex diamondback scopes a better option.

Winner: Vortex diamondback scopes are better due to versatility in terms of reticle options.

3- Turret Style

I consider the Burris a better option when it comes to turret style and user-friendliness. Their turret has a low profile and is finger-adjustable which makes it very easy for the users to adjust the windage, and elevation with the index finger effortlessly.

On the other hand, the vortex diamondback scopes come with exposed turrets with zero-reset functionality. This type and shape of the turret is also very good, but I love the smoothness, and user-friendliness of the Burris turret. 

The exposed turret makes the scope look ugly, plus it causes a hindrance when you are adjusting the windage and elevation. This is why I consider the Burris turret style a better one.

Winner: Burris Droptine scopes due to better and user-friendly turret.

4- Durability and Build Quality

In terms of durability, and build quality, I always rank vortex diamondback higher than all of its competitors. Guess why? Because of the fact that they consist of aluminum-made chassis which makes them very strong, and durable. 

Keep in mind that aluminum material is strong and heavier. But its robustness makes the scopes more durable and capable of withstanding harsh usage. The Burris droptine scopes don’t have that feature which makes them ordinary options, and less durable.

Winner: Vortex Diamondback scope due to their aluminum-made chassis.

5- Weight and Size

As I said earlier, the usage of aluminum material makes the vortex diamondback binoculars more durable, and strong. But at the same time, the usage of aluminum material makes the scopes heavier as well.

Look, aluminum itself is a very heavy material. When the manufacturer uses this material in making the scope, then this material actually adds more weight to the scope along with making it durable, and more robust. 

On the other hand, the Burris droptine scopes are made with rubber armor material which is lightweight and makes these scopes more lightweight, and easy to carry for longer duration. However, the usage of this lightweight material makes the scope less durable.

Winner: Burris droptine scopes are better due to the usage of lightweight construction material.

6- Warranty

Both Burris droptine and the vortex diamondback scopes offer a lifetime warranty, including repairing without charging a single penny. Suppose your scope gets any issue, then you will have to claim the warranty, and they will repair your scope without asking for a single penny.

I must say that both brands are a very responsive customer support team that immediately works on your warranty claim, and ensures that your issue gets resolved as soon as possible. I cannot favor any at this point because both are excellent in providing warranty and offering responsive customer support.

Winner: It’s a tie between Vortex Diamondback and Burris Droptine scope as both offer lifetime warranty.

7- Resale Value

This is a very important aspect because there are many people who resell their old products when they choose to upgrade their optics or tools. If you are also one of them then you must have a serious look at this factor.

Vortex is a well-established brand, and its products are well-known among users. The quality that Vortex offers makes their scopes expensive. The newbies cannot afford to buy the new vortex scopes due to higher pricing.

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So, they tend to buy a second-hand vortex scope happily because they are available at a lesser price. Vortex is also famous, and people feel more comfortable with brand identity. On the other hand, Burris Droptine scopes are cheaper, and everyone looks to buy a new one instead of buying a second Burris scope.

Another reason is that the vortex diamondback scopes are more durable. So, they remain in good shape for years. So, the buyer pays you a good amount of money because of its durability. Burris scopes start showing wear and tear soon after the purchase. So, I rank Vortex Diamondback higher in terms of resale value.

Winner: Vortex diamondback scopes are ideal to buy if you aim to resell them.

8- Price and Affordability

The most important factor that controls the decision-making process for many people is the pricing of the products. If a scope is cheaper and offers decent features, it gets more attention, as compared to a scope that is expensive but has ideal performance, and premium features.

When it comes to Burris droptine vs. vortex diamondback scopes, you will be able to get Burris scope at very affordable pricing. But the vortex diamondback scopes are expensive which makes them a bad option for someone who has a tight budget.

But, you should also keep in mind that Burris droptine scope offers average performance. Their durability is also questionable. On the flip side, the vortex diamondback scopes offer ideal durability and perfect optical performance which makes them stand out.

Winner: Burris droptine as they are available at lower pricing.

Which One Should You Choose, Vortex Diamondback or Burris Droptine Scopes?

I recommend you choose vortex diamondback scopes as they are durable, offer ideal performance in lowlight conditions, and above all come with more reticle options which make them suitable for a variety of shooting types.

But, if you have tight money, I don’t suggest you choose diamondback scope as they can be an extra burden on your shoulders. Although they offer better performance, I don’t recommend you put an extra, unnecessary burden on your pocket. 

Rather, I would suggest you choose Burris droptine as they will offer you decent optical performance. If you use them carefully and avoid harsh usage, then they will be with you for years. End of the day: it’s going to be your decision.


Is there anything that I’ve missed to write about? Do comment in the comment section below, and let me remove your confusion. In the end, I would say that both Burris droptine and the vortex diamondback scopes are very good options for shooters, as they both are excellent in their own ways.

But I suggest you go with diamondback scope as they will give you better optical performance in lowlight conditions, and they will also be able to bear shocks, falls, and harsh usage. With the hope of goodness, I am signing off!

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