Burris vs Leupold Scopes –  Detailed Comparison 2024

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In my previous guide, I talked about both of these brands but did not compare them head to head to know which one is actually better for your outdoor activities. 

I know the fact that Burris vs Leupold scope is a hot topic that you will see outdoor guys talking about. But opting for one of them is not an easy job – as both meet the customers’ needs, and expectations. However, there are small differences among them I have figured out to write this guide. 

So, which one is better, Burris or Leupold Scopes? Burris scopes are better for budget-conscious customers who want to enjoy decent performance in daylight conditions. These scopes are easy to use and come with a lifetime transferable warranty. However, Leupold scopes are expensive, and suitable for those people who have handsome budgets, and want to enjoy premium quality.

I still believe that choosing any of them is not going to give you regret. In this guide, I will discuss some smaller differences among these two scopes so that you can figure out which one is suitable for you. So, let’s get started!

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What are the differences between the Burris and Leupold Scopes?

As I have mentioned earlier, I have done the research, talked to my friend who owns these two scopes, and also tested them to find out some differences that make one a winner, and second place. In the upcoming section, I will discuss the factors that differentiate these two scope brands. 

Note: If I don’t talk about any particular factor or aspect then you should know that both Burris and Leupold scopes are alike in that factor.

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FeaturesBurris ScopesLeupold ScopesWinner
Optical PerformanceExcellent optical performance with anti-reflective coating for brightness and sharpness.Proprietary lens coating for superior low-light performance.Leupold (Lowlight conditions)
Eye ReliefLonger eye relief (around 4 inches) for shooters wearing glasses.Slightly compromised eye relief (3-3.5 inches).Burris
Ease of UsabilityLightweight and long eye relief for easy use.Slightly heavier but still comfortable.Burris
ReticleCrosshair-shaped duplex reticle for accuracy.Variety of reticles including Mil-Dot and TMR.Burris (Personal preference)
Build QualityMade with robust aluminum material. Equally good build quality.Textured surface for enhanced gripping.Leupold
Turret AdjustmentTurret adjustments can be harder.Smooth turret adjustment for windage and elevation.Leupold
Versatility with FirearmsSuitable for rifles; offers better visual performance.Versatile with rifles, shotguns, and handguns.Tie
WarrantyLifetime transferable warranty for added peace of mind.Lifetime warranty but not transferable.Burris
Price and AffordabilityMore affordable, ideal for budget-conscious individuals.Slightly more expensive with higher quality.Burris (Budget-conscious individuals)
Overall RecommendationGreat for budget-conscious customers seeking decent quality.Premium quality and attention to detail.Depends on Budget

1- Optical Performance

In the optical performance of scopes is very important because it allows you to see the objects clearly. If a scope is not good enough to give you sharper visuals then it does not deserve to be bought. But the good thing is that both Burris and Leupold scopes offer excellent optical performance.

The lenses of the Burris scopes consist of a coating of anti-reflective material. These coatings increase the transmission of light and you get to see better brightness and sharpness. This is a very good feature that makes the visuals very pleasing in daylight.

But LEUPOLD has got a lot more to offer. The Leupold scopes consist of proprietary lens coating which is more advanced and makes the scopes useful in lowlight conditions. Shooting by using these Leupold scopes before dawn or after the dust would be very easy.

Winner: If you use the scope only in daylight, Burris is a good option. However, for both daylight and lowlight conditions, I highly Leupold is a better option to have.

2- Eye Relief

Eye relief is a criterion that defines whether the scope is useful or not. Burris scopes (including all of its models) come with a longer eye relief of around 4 inches. However, the Leupold scopes do come with slightly compromised eye relief of 3 or 3.5 inches which makes them a slightly ordinary option if you care about the eye relief.

One thing that I must say is that due to longer eye relief, the Burris scopes are easier to use for a shooter due to wearing eyeglasses due to weak vision. To be honest, if you wear glasses, then I don’t recommend you buy Leupold scopes.

Winner: Burris scopes because of their longer eye relief.

3- Ease of Usability

If I compare these two scopes in terms of ease of usability, then I would be slightly inclined towards the Burris scopes. The reason is that Burris scopes come with longer eye relief, as well as they are usually lightweight. So carrying or using them won’t be an issue. Leupold scopes are also comfortable to use, but they are slightly heavier which makes them the second option to choose. 

Winner: Burris scopes are winner due to lightweight, and long eye relief. 

4- Reticle

Reticle is when you see through the scope, and notice a sign or dot on the target where you hit. It can be in different shapes. But I love the duplex-shaped (crosshair)  reticle as it is simple, and allows you to hit the target more accurately.

I am old school person who likes functionality, instead of fanciness. I am not saying that the reticles other than the duplex reticles are bad. But it’s about my personal preferences. Burris scopes come with the crosshair-shaped duplex reticle which is very easy to operate.

On the flip side, the Leupold scopes come with a variety of reticles including Mil-Dot or TMR. But I am more inclined towards the Burris duplex reticle as it gives you optimal accuracy. Keep in mind that if a scope with a duplex gets any issue, they are easy to repair from the local mechanic.

Winner: For me, Burris is the winner again: but if you want to try the Leupold, and enjoy the advanced reticles, you can consider the Leupold scopes. No Offense!

5- Build Quality

Stronger scopes last for years: and the fragile ones keep giving you issues. This is why I highly recommend you to always look for only those scopes that are durable and are made with strong material. The good thing is that both Burris and Leupold scopes are made with aluminum material which makes them very robust.

In terms of build quality, gripping, and handling, both the scopes are equally good. However, the Leupold scopes come with a smaller textured surface on the body of the scope which enhances your gripping. So, Leupold offers slightly better gripping. This is why I consider Leupold slightly better

Winner: Leupold due to better gripping, and handling.

6- Turret Adjustment

This is where the Leupold scopes get better, and they beat the Burris scopes. If you ever used the Leupold scope, you would agree with me that the turret on the Leupold scope is very easy to approach. It means that with the help of a finger, you will be able to adjust the windage, and elevation smoothly.

But when it comes to the Burris scope, adjusting the turret gets a bit hard. One reason is the turret is not easy to approach for your finger, and the second reason is that the turret present on the Burris scopes is a bit hard, and stiff and shows some resistance when you try to adjust the windage and elevation.

Winner: Leupold scopes because their turret adjustment is very smooth.

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7- Versatility with Different Firearms

Honestly speaking, both Burris and Leupold scopes are very versatile. In fact, these two brands are well established, so they produce the scopes that are actually being loved by outdoor enthusiasts who use them with different firearms.

Rifle: I consider Burris scope to be a perfect fit for rifles. The reason is that Burris scopes offer better visual performance. So getting clearer visuals of the distant target won’t be an issue.

Shotgun: Again, you will need better eye relief to get a comfortable shooting experience. So using Burris scope with a shotgun would be a nice idea. They also offer a wider field of view which makes the quick target acquisition very easy and useful.

Handgun: That’s where the Leupold scopes wins. Leupolds are usually more compact, so they fit on the handgun quite easily, and you won’t get tired while using them because they are not really bulky.

Winner: This is a tie, both Burris and Leupold scopes are excellent in terms of versatility. Both brands produce models that perfectly align with different firearms and give optimal viewing experience.

9- Warranty

Both Burris and Leupold scopes come with a lifetime warranty. First things first, their quality is very high, so you are not going to need any warranty. Still, I am a firm believer in the fact that a lifetime warranty gives you additional peace of mind that your product is protected, and the brand is behind your product.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that Burris is slightly ahead because of the fact that Burris offers a lifetime transferable warranty. For example, you buy a Burris scope, and after a few months of even a year, you change your mind and decide to sell that scope. 

Then the warranty of that scope will also be transferred to a new owner who buys the scopes from you. But the Leupold scopes don’t come with a lifetime transferable warranty. However, both give a lifetime warranty which is a very good thing. But Burris scopes get the edge.

Winner: Burris scopes because they come with a lifetime transferable warranty.

10- Price and Affordability

Both Leupold and Burris produce scope in different price ranges. Both brands produce budget, mid-range, and premium scopes and their prices also vary. But one thing that I have noticed is that the prices of the Burris scopes are comparatively lower.

For example, if you get a budget scope of Leupold of $100, then you will get a similar quantity scope from Burris’s scope of $90. Although the price difference is small – but when it matters, it matters. Burris scopes are more affordable as compared to the Leupold scope.

But it is worth noting that the scope of Leupold is more expensive, but their overall feel and quality are also on the higher side. Leupold is well well-known brand, and when you carry Leupold scope, it gives you more confidence. But if you’re a budget budget-conscious person, then I suggest you choose the Burris scopes.

Winner: Burris scopes are more affordable and ideal for someone who has a tight budget.

Burris vs. Leupold Scope: Which One Should You Buy?

This decision is going to be yours: I have just been an assistant to give you an overview of both scopes you that you can see their minor differences. 

Look, Burris is made for those customers who are budget-conscious and want to get a decent scope without spending much money. On the other hand, Leupold focuses on quality and small details which make them stand out. 

Do you have a tight budget? If yes, then I highly recommend you to go with Burris scopes as they are excellent options in affordable option. You can explore many options that will obviously suit your budget.

But if you have a handsome budget, and want to enjoy the premium pairs, then you should consider buying Leupold. All the scopes made from the Leupold are of pure quality. In fact, their overall look, and feel attract the customers.


So, in this guide, I have gone into depth and explained the differences between the Leupold and Burris scopes. Although their differences are minor they surely have an impact on your scope usability. In the end, I would say that choose Burris if you have tight money: otherwise, go for the Leupold scope and enjoy the premium features. I hope that this guide will be helpful for you.

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