How to Spot a Fake Leupold Scope? Expert Tips!

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Unfortunately, almost every brand faces one common issue of counterfeit products. If you visit the optics market, you’ll see copies of every famous brands’ brand. This is bad only for the brand: but also a big issue for the customers, as these fake scopes don’t work perfectly. 

So how to spot a fake Leupold scope? Every Leupold scope comes with a unique serial number: and you can call Leupold customer support and ask if the serial written on the scope is right or not. This will help you know if the scope is fake or not.

This was just one way, but there are a few more signs as well that can tell you if the Leupold scope is fake or not. In this guide, I am gonna give you multiple easy ways to spot counterfeit Leupold scopes. Let’s get started!

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Easy Ways to Spot Fake Leupold Scopes

Leupold is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality rifle scopes. But unfortunately, there are counterfeit Leupold scopes on the market, and it can be difficult to tell them apart from genuine products. In the section below, I am going to give you some signs that will help you know the difference between fake and genuine Leupold scopes. 

1- Brand Markings

One of the easiest ways to identify a genuine Leupold scope is by looking at the brand markings. Keep in mind that almost all the Leupold products including scopes are usually marked with the company’s name and logo, as well as the model number and magnification level. 

This marking is done with the help of machines, and you’ll get very clear, and prominent markings on the original Leupold scopes. On the fake product, this marking can be distorted or you will notice blurriness on the logo and serial numbers. 

2- Serial Numbers

As I have mentioned earlier, all Leupold scopes come with a unique serial number, which can be used to verify the authenticity of the scope. But you might get confused about where you should find the serial number.

The serial number is always located on the bottom of the scope’s main tube, near the objective lens. To verify the authenticity of a Leupold scope, you will have to call the company’s customer service line and provide them with the serial number. They will be able to tell you if the scope is genuine or not.

Keep in mind these serial numbers are unique. Suppose you buy a scope and have doubts about its authenticity. So, all you have to do is to call Leupold customer service and tell them the serial number written on your scope. They will check it and tell if your chosen scope is fake or original. This is the easiest way.

3- Missing or Altered Serial Numbers

Another key indicator of a fake Leupold scope is a missing or altered serial number. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the original Leupold scopes do have serial numbers written in very clear digits. 

If you find that your bought scope has a missing or altered serial number, then you should know that you have bought a fake product. Return it to the retailer to whom you bought the product. I don’t recommend you buy or use fake Leupold scopes.

4- Turret Cap Thickness

I’ve used Leupold scopes, and know very small details. Usually, you get a very strong and thick cap on the turret. But fake Leupold scopes consist of slightly thinner turret caps. In fact, their difference is so small that a common man fails to understand the difference. 

So, I highly recommend you search for your bought Leupold scope model on Google and check for its image, and ensure that your chosen Leupold scopes are accurate turret cap thickness. 

Point to Remember: Authentic Leupold scopes tend to have thicker caps compared to counterfeit ones.

5- Check the Gold Ring

If you’ve ever used the Leupold scope, you would know that there is a gold circular-shaped strip near the objective lens.  So, I suggest you check the lettering on the gold ring of the scope. 

The authentic Leupold scopes usually have black lettering on the gold ring, whereas fake ones often have white lettering. If you notice white lettering on the gold ring, then the product is fake.

6- Price Too Good to Be True

One of the most common signs of a fake Leupold scope is a price that seems too good to be true. Look, every product goes through a production process, and it adds costs to the product. 

But the counterfeiters usually sell fake scopes at a fraction of the price of a genuine Leupold scope. They are able to sell their product at a very low price because of the fact that they don’t use high-quality materials like optical components etc.

If you come across a Leupold scope that is significantly cheaper than the retail price, it is likely a fake. Be wary of deals that seem too cheap. 

7- Inferior Packaging

Another way to spot a fake Leupold scope is by examining the packaging. As I mentioned earlier, Leupold is a well-established brand, and they respect their customers. So, their scopes come in high-quality packaging that is designed to protect the scope during shipping and handling. 

On the flip side, fake Leupold scopes often come in inferior packaging that is poorly made and does not provide adequate protection. If the packaging looks cheap or flimsy, it is likely a fake. In fact, you must call customer service Leupold, tell them the serial number, and confirm if the product is original or not.

8- Made in China/Philippines

Leupold brand has its manufacturing plants in Oregon, United States where all of its scopes are made. If you see a scope where it is written ‘‘Made in China or Made in the Philippines’’ you should immediately understand that the Leupold scope is fake. 

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Where to Buy Genuine Leupold Scopes?

This is probably one of the most common questions that people ask after knowing that the Leupold scopes cheap copies are available in the market. Everyone wants to buy the original and authentic scope. 

To avoid scams and fake/counterfeit Leupold scopes, it is important to only purchase from authorized dealers. Leupold has a list of authorized dealers on their website, which you can read to ensure that you buy from a recommended dealer.

Whenever I purchase binoculars or scopes, I always go to authorized dealers to ensure that the product is genuine and not fake. There are a few online websites that are selling fake Leupold scopes including  Wish, Alibaba, and iOffer.

I suggest you don’t buy Leupold Scope or any other optics-related product from such websites. No matter where you purchase a Leupold scope, make it mandatory for yourself to inspect the scope thoroughly before making the purchase. 

You should always look for any signs of wear or damage, and make sure that all of the markings and serial numbers match those of a genuine Leupold scope. One thing that you must do is verify the serial number by calling customer service Leupold.

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How to Verify with Leupold Scope from Customer Service?

I have mentioned earlier that you always check and verify the originality of your Leupold scopes from the official representative of the Leupold brand. One of the most reliable ways to verify the authenticity of a Leupold scope is to contact customer service. 

To verify a Leupold scope, you must have the scope’s serial number, which is usually written on the bottom of the scope. You will have to call Leupold’s customer service at 1-800-LEUPOLD or send an email to with the serial number to confirm if the scope is authentic.

Leupold’s customer service team has access to a database of all genuine Leupold scopes, and they can easily determine if the scope is authentic by its serial number. Usually, they quickly confirm a scope’s authenticity by its serial number alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify the authenticity of a Leupold scope without a serial number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify the authenticity of a Leupold scope without a serial number. However, you can check the logo, brand markings, turret caps thickness, and package to know the authenticity of the scopes. However, to verify it, you must have a serial number.

What are some common signs that a Leupold scope may be fake?

There are multiple signs that show that Leupold’s scope is fake including poor logo, brandings, missing serial number, and inferior package.

Are there any specific models or series of Leupold scopes that are commonly counterfeited?

All Leupold scopes are at risk of being counterfeited, some models and series are more commonly targeted by counterfeiters. These include popular models such as the VX-3, VX-5, and VX-6 series of scopes.

Where is the serial number located on a genuine Leupold scope?

The serial number on a genuine Leupold scope is typically located on the bottom of the scope’s main tube, near the objective lens.

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