Where Are Maven Scopes Made? Detailed Insight!

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In my previous article, I discussed where the Maven binoculars are made. However, Maven scopes are also very famous, and people seemed to be curious to know about the origin of Maven scopes. So, I have decided to write another dedicated guide.

So, where are Maven scopes made? Maven is a USA-based optics brand, and its scopes (both spotting and rifle scopes) are assembled in the USA. However, the optical components of these scopes are imported from other countries like the Philippines, and Japan.

This was a brief introduction, but I have got a lot more information that I am going to discuss in today’s article. Stay connected so that you don’t miss anything.

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Introduction to Maven Brand

The company’s headquarters is located in Lander, Wyoming, United States. They have optics-produced facilities in San Diego where the assembly of many optics products is done.

It won’t be wrong to say that Maven is a relatively newer optics brand in the market, but they have made serious progress. I agree with the fact that their products, especially scopes, are not very famous when compared with Vortex, Bushnell, and Leupold.

But, still, Maven Optics has done a very good job as it was founded just 10 years ago back in 2010. Their products are being used by passionate hunters, and it shows that in less than 10 years, the company made very good marketing, and proved their claims in their products.

It was founded by Brendon Weaver, Mike Lilygren, and Cade Maestas collectively. Their collaboration worked and they got success in getting traction in the highly competitive US market. It is usually said that the US optics market is hard because the newer brands fail to sustain due to very high labor costs.

But the people behind the Maven brand worked hard in the competitive market. As I have said in my previous guides in America,  the labor cost is too high, and in the optics field, the impact of high labor cost is prominent. 

There is no optics brand that you can point out that is based in the USA and produces optics in the USA. All of the US-based optics brands outsource all of their work. In such conditions, Maven has followed the strategy of outsourcing.

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Where are Maven Scopes Made?

Detailed guide on production of Maven scopes

As I said earlier, the higher labor cost in the USA has made many businesses think about outsourcing products from other countries where the labor cost is relatively lower, and Maven from day one, followed this strategy.

  • The RS Series is made in Japan, and the C Series is made in the Philippines. 
  • Maven creates excellent S, B, and RS Series optics using high-quality parts from Japan. 
  • The tough S and B Series are built in San Diego’s special facility, then checked in Wyoming for quality. 

Although the assembly of Maven scopes is done in the headquarters located in Lander, Wyoming, United States, they import optical components from other countries such as the Philippines, China, and Japan. Keep in mind that the labor cost is lower in these countries.

So, the Maven company imports the components from other countries, and then assembly of those components is done at the headquarters. The assembly is done in the USA to ensure that they are of high quality and fulfill the needs, and expectations of the users.

Usually, I have noticed that brands that manufacture products in the Asian market and then import them to the USA market are of low quality due to compromised assembly. But Maven ensures that each product including spotting, and rifle scopes goes through strict quality control checks, and fulfills the criteria set by the expert engineers.

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Are Maven Scopes Worth Your Investment?

If you want a one-liner answer, then I would say YES, because this brand offers useful features and quality that you can never get at affordable prices from any other optics brand. 

But I would rather like to answer behind the logic of why I say that Maven scopes are worthy of your attention. Maven brands don’t use the retail system which I have already mentioned in my previous guide.

So, they don’t send their product to retailers and don’t give them any commission and markup. They themself sell their product at their own shops and websites. You won’t get any maven scope from any local shop: but you’ll get all other scopes made by Vortex, Leupold, and Bushnell.

So, not using the retail system is beneficial for the brand, as they won’t have to pay extra commission. So, they sell their products at lower prices. For example, if the manufacturing cost of a maven scope is $200 then they will sell it for $240. That’s a $40 profit for the company. 

But if any other brand manufactures a scope for $200, then they will give a commission of a few dollars to the retailer for selling their products. Let’s say they pay 5% commission, then they will have to sell their products at a higher price to compensate for the commission that they give to retailers.

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This is why the Maven optics including spotting, and rifle scopes are available at lower pricing because they don’t pay commission to third parties. You’ll have to order their products at their own official website. This makes their product affordable, that’s why I say that their product is worth the money.

You get high-quality products, with useful, practical features at a much lesser price when compared with Vortex,  Leupold, Nikon, Althon, or Bushnell scopes. They also give warranty, and free repair service which further uplift their standard.

Can I re-customize my old Mavens?

Yes, exactly, you can re-customize your old Maven scopes from the officials of the Maven company by paying just the amount of $100 as a fee.

Let’s say you have an old maven scope, which shows wear, and tear. Then instead of spending a new budget on buying a new product, you can re-customize your old product by paying a little fee. This will save you from spending extra money because you’ll be able to get your old scopes renewed.

Special Note: You cannot get your old maven rifle scopes customized. This offer is from the Maven spotting scopes and other products.


So, in short, the Maven scopes (spotting and rifle scopes) are assembled in the headquarters located in the USA, but their optical components are manufactured in the Philippines, Japan, and China and then imported to the USA. 

It won’t be wrong if I say that this brand outsources all of its optical components. I hope that this detailed guide on Maven scopes would remove all of your confusion, and give you clear insight. I am stopping this guide now. See you with another helpful guide.

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