Where are Leupold Binoculars Made? Guide 2024

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Leupold has been around for over a century, and still making good headlines in the optics market. Their binoculars are famous among the people who love bird watching and hunting. In fact, both professionals and newbies feel comfortable using these binos.

But the question is: Where are Leupold binoculars made? Leupold is an American brand and their binoculars are made in the USA. However, the company still imports glass or lens material for their binos from China and Japan to cut down the prices as the labor cost in the USA is too high.

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History of Leupold Binoculars

The Leupold brand was established in 1907 by two Germans who immigrated to the United States due to personal reasons. Markus Friedrich (Fred) Leupold and his brother-in-law Adam Voelpel had a passion for optics and they used to work for different optics companies as their employees. 

With time, they started their own shop which was very small and their dedication turned it into a big business whose products are ruling the world today. In 1949, the company name was changed from Leupold & Voelpel to Leupold & Stevens which is used till now.

The company started manufacturing riflescopes in 1962. The concept of riflecope production came into existence when Markus Friedrich (Fred) Leupold failed to hit a deer with a rifle scope in the early 1960s. He thought the scope he was using was not good enough and that he could produce a better product than that one.

So, the company started producing rifle scopes which were well accepted in the market as there was no famous brand at that time that was producing the scopes. The market gap helped Leupold to make a name in the scope market.

In 1996, Leupold & Stevens had total sales of $100 million which was a sensational feat that the company achieved. In 2002, the company also won the Wausau Insurance Gold Award for workplace safety.

Now, their products are well-accepted in the market. In fact, Leupold has loyal customers who prefer using Leupold binoculars and scopes and they don’t even think about any other optics brand. The progress of Leupold has always been up and up.

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Where are Leupold Binoculars Made?

Leupold Company has its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, United States where it produces its binoculars and other optical tools. They also prouces binoculars in California where they have manufacturing plants. Bushnell also imports some optical tools from other countries such as China, Japan, etc.

Almost all of Bushnell’s products including the binoculars are manufactured in the United States. However, it does not mean that the company does import from other countries. However, all the manufacturing process of binoculars is done in the USA.

Keep in mind that Leupold has manufacturing plants in Japan and China where optical components are produced and then exported to the US where the assembly of binoculars is done. You might wonder why the company has manufacturing plants in Japan and China.

The reason is the labor cost of the USA market. No company can bear the expenses of the USA market. Almost all the optics import products from Japan and the Philippines where labor costs are very affordable. Leupold is also producing equipment in Japan to cut down the prices of products.

A product made in the USA will be very expensive and the customers won’t buy it because another company will import the same product from another company and sell it at lower prices. So, to get lower prices to benefit, Leupold has manufacturing plants in Japan and China.

However, unlike all other optics brands, Leupold manufactures many binoculars and optical components in the United States. Only a few components whose cost is high are not produced in the USA. For example, Leupold imports the lenses from Japan and does products in the USA to get some price cut-down advantages.

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How many factories does Leupold have in the USA?

Leupold has many manufacturing plants in the USA, Japan, and China. However, there are only two Leupold factories operating in the USA. The first factor is located in Beaverton, Oregon which is considered as the hub of optics.

Major manufacturing is done at this factory. More than 60% of binoculars which are manufactured by Leupold in the USA are produced in this factory. The second factory is located in  Columbia, South Carolina. It is not very famous for manufacturing optics.

In the second factory, Leupold has a complete quality control system that approves the optics after extensive testing. Other products like scopes, night vision binoculars, etc are manufactured at these plants.

Where does Leupold get its glass?

Glasses and lenses are not produced in the USA and the reason is the labor cost. There is no company that could help Leupold don’t go outside the USA to import lenses and glasses. All the optical components manufacturing produces glasses at a very high price which is totally unaffordable to Leupold.

Due to higher prices of lenses in the USA, Leupold, and Stevens company imports glasses and lenses from the Asian market, especially from Japan and China. The quality of these glasses is very high and you won’t have any problem at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Leupold binoculars made in Japan?

Leupold is an American brand and the manufacturing of binoculars is done in the USA. However, it has manufacturing plants in Japan where the optical components are produced at lower costs and then exported to the USA.

Is Leupold a German company?

No, Leupold is an American company and it has headquarters in Roseburg, Oregon, United States. However, the founder was a German who immigrated to the USA.

Is Leupold made in China?

No, Leupold products are not made in China. The head office of Leupold is in the USA where all the manufacturing is done.

Do Leupold binoculars have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, all the optical products of Leupold are secured with a lifetime warranty which means you can get your product repaired if it gets any fault.


Leupold is an American brand and is proud of enthusiasts who are from the USA. The quality Leupold is providing at a very low cost is exceptional. In fact, there is no optical brand that comes near Leupold in terms of providing value to customers. From quality products to an excellent support system for customers, Leupold is the champion of his own leagues. Customers around the world prove the fact that Leupold is one of the finest brands.

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