Can Binoculars See through Walls? In-depth Insight 2024

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Many people, especially the newbie, believe that binoculars can help them see through the walls. With this belief, they go into the market and spend a hundred dollars to buy a nice pair of binoculars. 

They don’t buy binoculars; actually, they buy some regret by paying a handsome amount of money. So, I’ve decided to write an extensive guide ‘‘Can binoculars see through walls’’ to help those uninformed outdoor enthusiasts to have some brain and make decisions with mindfulness.

No, binoculars cannot see through the binoculars. All the optics including binos work in a way that they magnify the light coming from the targeted object and then they collect all the light to give you magnified visuals. When there is a wall in between your binoculars and the target then all the light gets blocked and you end up having no visuals at all.

I’ve done pretty good research on this topic and if you spend a few more minutes, chances are high that you won’t make a bad decision while choosing binoculars.

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Why Can’t Binoculars See Through Walls?

Binoculars are tools that work to magnify the light that comes from the targeted objects. This light is processed and magnified to give you visuals. Suppose you’re looking at the target you’re looking with the help of light that is being reflected from the targeted object.

But when there is a wall or any other obstruction in between your binoculars and the targeted object, then the light from the object does reach you. Instead, this reflected light gets obstructed by the wall and you don’t see anything.

Note: You see the visuals because of the light which is reflected from the body of the targeted object.

Factors Inhibit the Ability of Your Binoculars to See Through Walls

Below are some factors that don’t allow you to see through the walls with the help of binoculars. These factors block the light being reflected from the object but do not reach the binoculars.

  1. Thickness of walls
  2. Color of walls
  3. Surface of walls

First of all, the thickness of the wall absorbs all the light which gets reflected through from the targeted body. To be more accurate, the wall’s thickness absorbs almost 90%  of the light.

What color does the wall also affect visibility? As said earlier, the thickness of the wall plays the most crucial role however the color of the wall also matters a lot.

Last but not the least, the surface and hardness of the surface also put its impact the blockage of reflected light from the object. The soft surface absorbs less light and vice versa.

Point to Remember: The thickness of the wall is the most important factor and contributes to almost 90% of light blockage.

Can Thermal Imaging Binoculars See Through Walls?

The answer is NO! Thermal imaging binoculars cannot see through the wall.


All thermal imaging binoculars work by detecting the radiation which is emitted by the targeted object. It is noteworthy that all objects emit radiation. So, these radiations are detected by the thermal image binoculars to give you visuals.

But when there is a wall between your tool and the target object then all the radiation is blocked and absorbed by the wall. Thermal imaging does not detect any rays and fails to give you any visuals.

Can Night Vision Binoculars See Through Walls?

No, night vision binoculars cannot see through solid objects like walls. In low-light conditions, night vision binoculars use a unique technique called image intensification to increase the light already there and enable the user to view objects that are not visible due to low light. Keep in mind that these binos only improve sight in low light conditions; they can never see through walls.

Note: Night vision binoculars can only give you brighter visuals in low light conditions, but they don’t have the power to give you visuals on something which is hidden behind the walls.

Are There Specialized Binoculars to See Through Walls?

There are no such tools or binoculars that can see through the wall. Not only binoculars but till there is nothing such introduced that could give you visuals of objects which are beyond walls.  If you’re looking to have such a tool that can help you see through walls, you’re wrong and I recommend you stop thinking for now.

Can military binoculars or Cameras be seen through the wall?

Military binoculars or cameras also cannot see through the walls. Military binoculars can only give you a closer view of targeted objects just like normal optics, but they don’t give you any visuals of objects that are hidden by the wall. It is important to note that military binoculars have such names because of their durability and body strength. 


It is nothing but just a myth that binoculars can see through the walls. Nothing in the world can have the power to see through the walls. No matter whether you use military binoculars, night vision binoculars or even thermal imaging binoculars cannot see objects that are hidden by the walls. I hope this guide will help you in making your decision better.

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