Can You Use A Rifle Scope On A Pellet Gun? EXPLAINED!

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Pellet guns are very famous, and they are being used for different purposes. If you’re reading this guide, then I am sure that you already own a pellet gun. But you don’t know if you can use your rifle scope on the pellet gun or not. M I right?

So, what’s the answer: can you actually use a rifle scope on a pellet gun? Yes, you can easily use the rifle scope on the pellet gun without any issues at all. According to my experience, all the pellet guns have universal mounting platforms and you’ll be able to mount a rifle scope on it. 

This was the introduction, but I have got a lot more information to share with you. In the section below, I am going to give detailed insight, so be in touch as I dive deeper.

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Basic Difference between the Rifle and Pellet Gun

As you know that both pellet guns and rifles are used for shooting activities, but their functionality and overall feature vary from each other. Before I take you into the details and answer the main question, I would like you to learn about their basic differences so that everything that I tell you in the upcoming section looks easy to you.

  • First, and one of the most important differences between these two firearms is that Rifles use bullets as projectiles, while pellet guns use pellets. Don’t you know the pellets? Actually, they are small, and round-shaped sma objects and usually, they are made of lead or alloy.
  • Rifles are powered by gunpowder, while pellet guns use compressed air or gas.  So, the overall velocity of the pellet rifles is much better and bigger than the air or pellet guns. More velocity of the rifles ensures that you will get a more powerful shot as compared to the pellet guns.
  • As long as the range and accuracy is concerned, you get more accuracy, and better range when using rifles.

These were some of the basic differences that you should keep in mind so that when I explain advanced stuff, you don’t feel confused. There are different types of pellets guns as well. Some of those types are Spring-piston pellet guns, Pneumatic pellet guns, and CO2 pellet guns.

Keep in mind that the spring piston guns comprise compressed air, whereas the CO2 pellet guns consist of cartridges that propel the pellet toward the target. I hope that this information will make your base and you’ll be able to understand upcoming stuff much more easily.

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Can You Use A Rifle Scope On A Pellet Gun?

Complete explanation of the question Can You Use A Rifle Scope On A Pellet Gun

One of the most common questions asked by air rifle enthusiasts is whether they can use a rifle scope on a pellet gun. You won’t face any issues while using the rifle scope on a pellet gun.

But, it is not the end. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind so that you don’t face any issues. There are multiple rifle scopes are available in the market. So, you’ll have to buy a scope that actually is compatible with the pellet gun. 

Another important thing is that the pellet gun produces some recoil, so you should always choose a rifle scope that is capable of bearing the recoil produced by the recoil. If you choose a scope that does not bear the recoil, then it will affect your gun and your overall shooting experience.

There are many peole who unfortunately don’t know how they should mount a scope. So, in the process of mounting a scope on a pellet gun, they make mistakes, which end up getting poor shooting accuracy, or even damage the scope or the gun itself.

Point to Consider: I highly recommend you visit a gunsmith, and request him to help you in mounting the rifle scope on the pellet gun properly.

Benefits of Using a Rifle Scope on a Pellet Gun

So, you now know that you can use rifle scope with these pellet guns. But the question is should you do that? My answer is a big YES! You should use scope because it offers multiple benefits.

In the section below, I am going to list some of the benefits that you will get while using the scope on the pellet gun. So let’s get into it.

  • Using a rifle scope on a pellet gun can significantly improve accuracy. Using a pellet gun without a gun will put your accuracy at risk, and you’ll miss the shots. So, when you use the scope, your shooting accuracy gets better and you’ll be able to look at the target more clearly.
  • A rifle scope also increases the effective range of a pellet gun. With a scope, the shooter can accurately aim at targets that are farther away. So, in case you aim to use a pellet gun for long-range hunting, I definately recommend you use the scope.
  • One thing that I’ve noticed is that when you use a rifle scope on a pellet gun, then your shooting gets better and more enjoyable. You start hitting the target with more confidence and it gives a kind of excitement. You’ll be able to focus on the target and enjoy the experience of shooting without worrying about missing the target.

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Drawbacks of Using a Rifle Scope on a Pellet Gun

Look, I always aim to give you both sides of the coin so that you make an informed decision. If you’ve landed my website, it means you trusted me, so I also make it mandatory for me to fulfill your expectation, and be a helping hand for you. So, in the section below, I am going to list some potential drawbacks, so that you make a decision by knowing both positives and negatives.

  • Rifle scopes are expensive, and the cost may not be worth it for some pellet gun users. But you might think that you’ll buy a cheaper scope, but I don’t recommend you to buy a cheap or low-quality rifle scope for less pricing, because these cheaper scopes won’t give you ideal performance.
  • In case you don’t like to carry a heavy firearm, then you will be sad to know that a rifle scope can add weight to a pellet gun, making it more difficult to carry and handle.
  • Not all pellet guns are compatible with rifle scopes. It is important to ensure that the rifle scope is compatible with the pellet gun before purchasing one. While purchasing a scope, make sure that you buy a compatible scope.

Important Tips for Choosing a Rifle Scope for Pellet Gun

As I said earlier, choosing the right or suitable rifle scope for pellet guns can be a hard job because you will have to consider multiple factors. But don’t worry as I have got your back. In the section below, I am going to give you a list of some important factors: and by following them, you’ll end up getting a nice performance from the rifle scope when using it with a pellet gun.

  • Always keep in mind that a higher magnification will be useful for long-range shooting, and if you are going to hunt long-range, I suggest you to choose a rifle scope with higher magnification power.
  • A larger objective lens can provide a brighter image and a wider field of view, but it can also make the scope heavier and more cumbersome. With bigger sized objective lens, you’ll be able to use your pellet gun in lowlight conditions.
  • One of the most important point is compatibility. You should ensure that you choose a rifle scope that is actually compatible with a specific type, and model of pellet gun. Don’t make a mistake while buying the wrong scope.
  • There are several types of reticles available, including duplex, mil-dot, and crosshairs. I personally love duplex reticle as it increases the accuracy. So, I also suggest you to choose duplex reticles.
  • You must choose a scope with long eye relief to prevent eye strain and discomfort. A scope with too little eye relief can cause the shooter to be too close to the scope, which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

These are a few important points that you must keep in mind when going to buying a rifle scope for your pellet gun. Compromising on any of them will drag towards regrets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a rifle scope on a pellet gun?

Yes, you can put a rifle scope on a pellet gun. In fact, many pellet guns come with a rail system that allows you to attach a scope.

Can you use a rimfire scope on an air rifle?

Yes, you can surely use a rimfire scope on an air rifle however, I don’t recommend you use it as it does do any good.

Will a regular rifle scope work on an air rifle?

Yes, a regular rifle scope can work on an air rifle.

Do you need a scope on a pellet gun?

No, a scope is not necessary for shooting a pellet gun. However, a scope always proves to be helpful for improving accuracy and precision.

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