How to Adjust the Diopter on Binoculars? Enjoy Effortless Focusing!

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Most of the optics brands, especially those who are new to this industry, don’t provide much knowledge about how you can operate and set different settings. So, it becomes very annoying for individuals like you and me to set different settings to make sure that your optics give a perfect viewing experience.

Binoculars are not very straightforward tools and you’ll have to keep specific settings of different optical components to get them in working condition. One of those components is the diopter and its setting. If your binos don’t have perfect settings then chances are high that you will see blurry images without any specific focus.

But worry not, if you don’t have much knowledge about how to adjust the diopter on binoculars.. I myself found it a bit confusing when I had to set the adjust in my first binoculars. But it is quite easy and you won’t have to struggle really hard. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into the main part of the article.

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What is a diopter in binoculars?

Diopter is a small knob-like structure that is present near the eyepiece or ocular lens of the binoculars. It is used for adjusting the focus of the optics and helps you see the world with some smooth clarity. Everyone has different eye strengths – some can see with both eyes while others have one eye strong and the second weak. The binoculars’ diopter helps in increasing the focus towards individuals’ eyes if you’re having issues with your eyes.

Step by Step: How to Adjust the Diopter on Your Binoculars?

The small knob is used to adjust the settings of the diopter and it is a pretty easy method. Keep in mind that you don’t need a technical person for adjusting the focus of the binoculars. Just considering that you don’t have much confidence in adjusting the focus, I’m going to give you a step-by-step method with easy instructions.

Step 1: Find the Diopter 

As said earlier that all the binoculars have a diopter, but the position of this diopter varies from model to model. First of all, you’ll have to locate the position. Some binoculars have their dioptre placed near the right barrel of binoculars while others have a diopter near the left barrel. 

Point to Remember: Diopter is a small knob or wheel component of binoculars.

Step 2: Access to the knob – Don’t hold the knob

Once you’ve found the location of the diopter then you will have to hold binoculars – not a knob. Most people while adjusting the focus hold a knob which makes it difficult to see through the binoculars. Hold binoculars and put your index finger on the small knob or wheel to rotate it.

Step 3: Right-Sided Diopter

In case, the diopter of binoculars is present near the right-sided barrel then you’ll have to keep your left eye on the left barrel and see if you can see everything clearly or not. In case you feel that the focus is not perfect, then rotate the knob with the index finger to adjust the focus. Stop rotating a knob when you get the feeling that focus is present and you see everything clearly.

Step 4: Left-Sided Diopter

If the diopter is present near the left-sided barrel then keep your right eye on the right barrel and check if you can see everything clearly not. If not, then rotate the focus knob and get the best adjustment. You should keep rotating the knob until you don’t get the perfect viewing. 

Step 5: Check with both eyes

It is the last step in which you will have to see if you can see everything clearly with both eyes or not. For this, you’ll have to keep both eyes on the barrels of binoculars and see through the binoculars. Observe if you can see everything clearly. In case you feel that one eye’s focus is not perfect then rotate the knob to get it perfect.

Center focus knob vs Diopter

Many modern binoculars come with a central focus system which consists of a small knob that is usually present in the middle of two barrels. I have seen many people who seem to be confused between a central focus knob and a diopter which also looks like a knob.

The function of both of these knobs is different. The Diopter knob is present near the barrel of the binoculars whereas the central focus is also present between two barrels in the center of the binoculars. 

The Focus knob helps the users to adjust the focus for both eyes simultaneously. But the diopter is more advanced and it helps the users to adjust the focus of an individual’s eyes with ease. If your eyes don’t have equal eyesight power, then the diopter knob will help you see according to the strength of your eyes.

Disadvantages of wrong settings of diopter

Some people may blame the brand of their binoculars for poor visual performance, when in reality, the issue may be due to an improperly adjusted diopter. It is important to properly set the diopter in order to get the best performance from your binoculars. 

A wrongly set diopter can have negative consequences on the performance of the binoculars. Here are some potential disadvantages of having the diopter set incorrectly on a pair of binoculars:

  • Blurred or distorted images
  • Eye strain and you won’t be able to focus properly
  • Difficulty seeing distant objects
  • Inconsistent focus between the two eyepieces

Does Every Binocular have an Adjustable Diopter?

Well, not every binocular comes with an adjustable diopter, but most of the high-end and mid-range binoculars have adjustable diopters and can help you to adjust the setting according to your personal preferences and needs. Keep in mind that if you choose budget binoculars, then chances are high that you won’t get an adjustable diopter feature.


Adjusting the diopter on a pair of binoculars is a simple process that can significantly improve the clarity and focus of the image you see through the eyepieces. I have explained the whole process in the simplest way to ensure that those people who don’t have much knowledge about optics can do it perfectly.  I hope that this guide will be a great resource for you and that after reading it you’ll be able to set up the diopter settings.

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