How To Fix Binoculars With Double Vision? Easy Steps

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Being an outdoor enthusiast, I understand the importance of having a good pair of binoculars. However, even the best binoculars can develop issues over time, such as double vision. Guess what, a few months ago, one of my binoculars also had an issue of double vision that I fixed by myself.

How to fix double vision of binoculars? The double vision of binoculars can be fixed easily by adjusting the alignment of components, or by adjusting the interpupillary distance. During adjusting the alignment, make sure to clean all the lenses of binoculars as it can cause double vision.

Are you also facing this issue of double vision in your binos? Don’t worry, as this problem is not impossible to solve. With the proper method, the double vision problem can be fixed.  In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the process of fixing double vision in your binoculars. So, let’s get started.

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What is Double Vision of Binoculars?

I know the fact that it is irritating, and frustrating to experience double vision while using binoculars. But before going into the details and giving you a method of solving the problem, I would like to give you some basic knowledge about Double vision.

When your binoculars have a double vision problem, then you see two visuals of the targeted object through your binoculars. This is pretty common in old binoculars which are used harshly. 

Double vision can also occur due to a manufacturing defect in the binoculars. But not all the time, manufacturing defects cause it. In the section below, I am going to explain some basic reasons that cause binoculars to give you double vision. 

Common Causes of Double Vision in Binoculars

As an experienced binocular user, I have encountered double vision several times (Also Recently a few months back). Double vision is a common problem that can be caused by many factors. Here are some of the most common causes of double vision in binoculars:

1- Misaligned Binoculars

One of the most common causes of double vision in binoculars is misalignment. Misalignment can occur when the two optical barrels of the binoculars are not pointing at the same object in the distance. 

But the question might come to your mind: why do binoculars undergo misalignment? Look, old binoculars are used harshly, or if the binoculars are thrown from a height, then wear and tear in the commonest of binoculars is quite common. Due to this wear and tear, the misalignment of components happens which leads your binoculars to double vision.

2- Dirty or Damaged Lenses

Dirty or damaged lenses can also cause double vision in binoculars. Dirt, dust, or fingerprints on the lenses can cause the light passing through them to be scattered, resulting in double vision. 

This problem is more common among old binoculars which are not looked after properly. So, the dust accumulates and causes the light rays to scatter. Damaged or scratched lenses can also cause double vision by distorting the image.

3- Incorrect Diopter Setting

In my previous guide, I told you that a diopter setting is used to adjust the focus of the binoculars to the individual user’s eyesight. If the diopter setting is incorrect, it can cause double vision. This can happen if the diopter setting is not adjusted properly or if the user’s eyesight changes over time and the diopter setting is not updated.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Double Vision of Binoculars

If you’ve reached this section of this guide, then I am sure that you’re facing the problem of double vision in your binoculars. Are you frustrated? I can bet that you’re! 

But don’t be, as I am here to help you. In the section below, I am going to give practical steps that will guide how you can fix the double vision of binoculars. So, get started.

Step 1: Adjust the Diopter Settings

So, let’s begin the process of fixing the double vision problem of binoculars. I highly recommend you pick your binoculars in hand and follow me. So that at the end, you’ll be able to fix the binoculars. 

The first step is to adjust the diopter settings on your binoculars. Diopter settings help you adjust the focus of each eyepiece individually. Below is the instruction about how you the adjust the diopter settings

  • Look through your binoculars with both eyes open.
  • Close your right eye and focus on an object with your left eye using the center focus wheel.
  • Once the object is in focus, close your left eye and adjust the diopter on the right eyepiece until the object is in focus.
  • Repeat the process until you don’t see the perfect visuals. Make sure that your binocular has the perfect diopter adjustment setting before moving to the second step.

Step 2: Check the Alignment of the Binoculars

After the adjustment of the diopter’s settings, you’ll need to check the alignment of your binoculars. As said earlier, misaligned binoculars can cause double vision. To check the alignment, follow these steps:

  • Hold your binoculars up to your eyes.
  • Look at an object with both eyes open.
  • If the object appears as a single image, your binoculars are aligned.
  • If the object appears as two images, adjust the alignment screws until the object appears as a single image. Keep in mind that while screwing, don’t go by a harsh approach. Instead, have a gentle approach and do screwing gently.

If you don’t know how you align your binoculars, here is a video representation that will help you screw and align the components of binoculars

Step 3: Adjust the Interpupillary Distance

So, once the binoculars’ components are perfectly aligned, the next step will be to adjust the interpupillary distance. Don’t you know what is it? The interpupillary distance is the distance between your eyes. Adjusting the distance can help reduce double vision. 

To adjust the interpupillary distance, follow these steps:

  • Hold your binoculars up to your eyes.
  • Look at an object with both eyes open.
  • Use the center focus wheel to focus on the object.
  • Adjust the distance between the two eyepieces until the object appears as a single image.

Step 4: Clean the Lenses

This is probably the most important step where you should take special attention. I noticed that the main reason that causes double vision in binoculars is the dirtiness of the lenses. So, during fixing the binoculars, you should make sure that you remove all the smudges, dirt, and debris from the lenses.

Here is how you can clean the lenses of binoculars to fix the problem of double vision of binoculars.

  • Use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dust or debris from the lenses.
  • Use a lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.
  • Be gentle and avoid rubbing the lenses too hard.
  • Don’t use anything for cleaning that could scratch the lenses.

Step 5: Fit the Screws back and Check the Binoculars

After cleaning the lenses, it is time to screw back all the nuts, and bolts and check the performance of binoculars. If you followed my instructions, then I am sure that you’ve solved the problem. 

Look, there are a few reasons that cause double vision, and I am given the solutions to each of those reasons. After screwing back all the nuts, and bolts, check the performance of the binoculars. If they are not giving you double vision anymore, congratulations, you have done it.

If you still find an issue, then check for the loose screws, and nuts that could possibly be the reason for the double vision problem. Repeating the whole steps twice can also be considered as you might have not completed the lenses properly. 

Step 6: Check for Mechanical Issues

If you’ve followed the previous steps and are still experiencing double vision, there may be a mechanical issue with your binoculars. In the start, I mentioned that some binocular manufacturers can leave defects in the binoculars. So, what should you do in such a case?

I recommend you visit a mechanic who can handle the issue professionally. If your binocular is in warranty duration, then send them to the manufacturer and claim your warranty. They will fix the problem and won’t charge a single penny.

Practical Tips to Avoid Double Vision of Binoculars

Although double vision in binoculars can be frustrating, it can be avoided if you take care of your binoculars and don’t use them harshly. In the section below, I am going to give you some practical tips that will help you avoid this problem and save your binoculars 

1- Proper Maintenance of Binoculars

Most people consider binoculars as a tool that won’t get damaged even if they are overlooked. This is a totally wrong approach. I recommend you take special care of your binoculars. But the question is how you can take care of your binoculars. In the section below, I am going to give you some tips.

  • Keep your binoculars clean and dry. Use a soft cloth to clean the lenses and avoid touching them with your fingers.
  • Store your binoculars in a dry place. If your binoculars make contact with water or moisture, chances are that they can develop the problem of double vision.
  • Check the alignment of the lenses regularly. If the lenses are not aligned properly, they can cause double vision. Use the adjustment screws to align the lenses.

2- Using Binoculars Correctly

Unfortunately, many people consider binos as their must-haves, but most of them don’t even know how to use binoculars. Using binoculars correctly can also help avoid double vision. Here are some tips to use your binoculars correctly:

  • Adjust the focus of your binoculars correctly. 
  • Use the focus wheel or knob to adjust the focus until the object you are looking at appears clear and in focus in both lenses.
  • Adjust the interpupillary distance and make sure to get the perfect interpupillary distance before each usage.
  • Keep checking the alignment of binoculars. In case you feel the alignment is getting affected slightly, you should immediately take action before the issue becomes serious.
  • Clean the binoculars every time you use binoculars for your outdoor activities. This will prevent the dust and dirt to reach the lenses and cause double vision of binoculars.

Frequently  Asked Questions

Can binoculars do double vision on their own?

No, binoculars cannot produce double vision on their own. In fact, it is caused by a misalignment of binoculars’ components, or due to the dirt getting accumulated on the lenses. Wear and tear can also cause the misalignment of competence which lead binos to the double vision problem.

Why does the picture appear to be double when viewed through binoculars?

If the picture appears to be double when viewed through binoculars, it can be due to misalignment of the binoculars. Each of your eyes needs to see the same image simultaneously, and if the two sides of the binoculars are not aligned properly, you may see a double image. This can also be caused by a problem with the collimation, or alignment of the internal components, of the binoculars.

Can collimation of components cause the double vision of binoculars?

Yes, if the collimation, or alignment, of the internal components of the binoculars, is off, it can cause double vision. 


Fixing double vision in binoculars is a tricky and complicated process. However, with the right tools and techniques, it can be done at home with ease. In this guide, I have explained everything in complete detail, and with the help of my given method, you can easily fix the problem at home.

One thing that I want you to keep in mind is that different binoculars can have different methods of adjustment, so it is crucial to consult the manufacturer’s manual or seek professional help if needed.  I hope that this guide will be a great helping hand for you.

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