How to Mount a Scope on a Henry 22 Rifle?

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Scopes are getting famous and shooters are getting used to shooting with the scope. If you are similar to those shooters and also own a Henry 22 rifle, then you might wonder if you can use the scope with your rifle. 

In fact, I have checked many forums where people ask: if it is possible to mount a scope on a Henry 22 rifle. The answer is YES, if you have a newer model Henry 22 rifle, then you’ll be able to use or mount a scope on it. However, if you have an old model of this rifle, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to do so.

Well, it’s now established that you can mount. But do you how to mount a scope on a Henry 22 rifle? Don’t worry as this guide is going to be a detailed answer for you. Let’s get into it.

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Can You Put A Scope On A Henry 22 Rifle?

Yes, you can put or mount your scope on the Henry 22 rifle with ease. However, if you have a very old rifle, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to put a scope on it. However, the modern models come with grooves on the top of the receiver which you will be able to fit the scope quite easily.

If your rifle is very old, and doesn’t have grooves on the receiver, but you still want to use the scope on your old rifle, then you will have to attach a scope mount to the receiver using screws. You can also use a clamp-on mount that attaches to the barrel of the rifle.

Keep in mind that not all the scopes are compatible with the Henry rifle 22 and you’ll have to choose the scope carefully to ensure that it is compatible with your specific model of the Henry 22 rifle. Using a mount that is not compatible can result in damage to the rifle or scope, and can be dangerous.

Step by Step: How to Mount a Scope on a Henry 22 Rifle?

Mounting a scope on a Henry 22 Rifle can be a challenging task, but it won’t be tough for you as I am here to help you. In the section below, I will take you to very easy-to-follow steps that will help you know how you can mount a scope on Henry 22 rifle.

But before you begin the process of installing a scope on the Henry 22 rifle, you will have to have some important tools so that the process gets easier and takes less time to complete. Here is the list of those important and must-have tools. So, without further advice, let’s get started.

ToolsUsage / Description
Henry 22 RifleThe rifle on which the scope will be mounted.
ScopeThe scope that will be mounted on the rifle.
Scope RingsThe rings that will attach the scope to the rifle.
ScrewdriverTo screw the rings to the rifle.
Torque WrenchTo tighten the screws to the correct torque.

Once you’ve all these important tools, and equipment then it comes time to start the process of mounting the scope on the Henry 22 rifle. In the upcoming section, I will give easy-to-follow and simple steps that will make your work a lot easier.

1- Choose the Compatible Scope

Before mounting a scope on a Henry 22 rifle, you’ll have to find a scope that is actually compatible with the rifle. If you choose a scope that is not compatible with your rifle, then it is obvious that you won’t be able to complete the process efficiently. The scope should also match the rifle’s caliber and intended use. 

2- Positioning the Base

Once you’ve found a compatible scope you will have to properly position the base otherwise it would get very hard for you to complete the process of mounting the scope on the Henry 22 rifle. Make sure that the base is aligned with the rifle’s receiver and secured using the appropriate screws. It is important to ensure that the base is level and flush with the receiver.

3- Attaching the Scope Base

So, when you have alleged the base properly, then the next step is to attach the scope base. This involves aligning the base with the mounting holes and securing it using the appropriate screws.  After attaching the scope base, you’ll have to attach the rings. 

It is important to select the right rings that match the scope’s diameter and the base’s mounting holes. I highly recommend you to choose the ring which is durable and able to withstand recoil. While mounting the scope rings, make sure that they are perfectly level and aligned with the rifle’s bore.

4- Mount the Scope

So, if you have followed me, then you will be on the final steps where you will have to mount the scope on the rings. So, place the scope into the rings or onto the one-piece mount, depending on the type you’re using. Adjust the scope’s position and eye relief to your preference. Tighten the scope ring screws evenly to ensure the scope is held securely.

This is not the end, and you will have to use a bubble level or a scope leveling kit to ensure the scope is properly aligned with the rifle’s bore. Keep in mind that if you don’t align the scope with the rifle’s bore then chances are high that you won’t get perfect accuracy while shooting.

5- Securing the Scope

After installing the scope, I highly recommend you secure the scope to ensure that it remains perfectly fixed and you get perfectly stable visuals. So, to do so, you’ll have to tighten the screws according to proper torque settings. However, don’t tighten the screws too much as it can put back impact the performance of your scope.

6- Bore Sight and Zero In

Once the scope is mounted, I suggest you bore sight the rifle to get on paper. Then, take your rifle to the range and adjust the scope’s windage and elevation turrets to zero in the rifle at your desired distance. This will ensure that your rifle gets ready to be used for shooting. After this step, test your shot and make sure you get perfect results or not. 

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Can You Mount A Scope On A Henry H001?

Henry H001 is designed to be scope-friendly, and it is possible to mount a scope on it. It is a popular .22LR rifle that is commonly used for plinking, small game hunting, and target shooting. By, using the scope, you’ll be able to increase your shot accuracy.

One thing that I have noticed is that some latest models of Henry H001 models are very much compatible with the scope as they come with drilled and tapped receivers. But some old models are not compatible with the scope. So, before mounting the scope, check your Henry H001 scope if it is compatible with the scope or not.

But the question arises: What if my Henry H001 rifle doesn’t have a drilled receiver? If your rifle is not drilled or tapped, and if you still want to mount a scope on it, then you will get your Henry 4001 rifle drilled and tapped receiver by a gunsmith or use a clamp-on scope mount.

The gunsmith will drill the receiver in such a way that small grooves will be created on the receiver and you will be able to mount the scope on the receiver quite easily and efficiently.

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Can You Put A Scope On A Henry 22 Golden Boy?

Yes, you can put or mount a scope on Henry 22 Golden Boy with ease as they are compatible with the scopes, you won’t face any issues at all. In fact, you won’t need the help of a gunsmith for drilling or taping.

Keep in mind that the Henry 22 Golden Boy is a popular lever-action rifle that is known for its exceptional accuracy and reliability. Using the scope of this rifle will give you more enhanced accuracy and efficiency. 

When you buy a Henry 22 Golden Boy rifle, then they will come with a drilled or tapped receiver and you will be able to notice grooves on the receiver. The company itself creates those grooves to ensure that the scopes perfectly fit on the rifle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of scope mount should be used for a Henry 22 rifle?

Most Henry 22 rifles can be mounted with either a Weaver-style or a Picatinny-style scope mount. However, make sure to choose a mount that is compatible with the rifle’s receiver and the scope being used.

What are the benefits of mounting a scope on a Henry 22 rifle?

Mounting a scope on a Henry 22 rifle can provide several benefits, including increased accuracy and precision, improved target acquisition, and enhanced shooting experience. 

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