How to Mount a Scope on a Stevens 320 Shotgun?

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Steven guns are excellent firearms for someone who loves hunting. They can even be used for multiple outdoor activities and many people own them for their home safety. But if you’re going to take your Seven 320 on a hunting tour, you will need to mount a scope on it.

But the question is: How to mount a scope on a Steven 320 Shotgun? Usually, we don’t use the scope on Steven’s guns because they are mostly used for close-range shooting. But what if you take them on long-range hunting?

This is where you’ll need to learn the exact method of mounting the scope on the Steven 320 gun to ensure that you shoot right at the target. In this blog post, I will go into depth and explain everything about how you put a scope on Steven 320 shotgun. Let’s begin!

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Can You Mount a Scope on Your Stevens 320 Shotgun?

Yes, you can put the scope on your Steven 320 shotgun, however, make sure to choose the scope that is capable of bearing the strong recoil produced by the Steven 320 Shotgun.

There are different scopes mounts available in the market that will allow you to mount or put the scope on the shotgun. If you have having old Seven 320 shotgun, then you might need to get the top of the shotgun tapped or drilled.  

But as long as the question of whether it is possible to mount a scope on the Steven 320 shotgun, you can do it perfectly, and there is no issue at all. No matter if you have new or old shotgun, you will be able to put a scope on it.

However when you use this gun for close-range shooting, then you won’t need any scope mounted on it. But when it comes to using this shotgun for long-range hunting, then you will need a scope. In the section below, I will explain the steps that will help you in mounting the scope on Steven 320 Shotgun.

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How to Mount a Scope on a Stevens 320 Shotgun?

Mounting a scope on a Stevens 320 shotgun can be a great way to improve your accuracy and precision. Guess what, the process of mounting the scope is also very easy and you won’t face any difficulty at all. Let’s dive deep and learn the whole process of mounting the scope on Steven 320 shotgun.

1- Right Scope and Rings

Choosing the right scope is very important. As I have mentioned earlier the Steven 320 shotgun produces recoil which is very strong. So, if you choose a cheap quality scope, it won’t be able to bear the recoil produced by the Steven 320 shotgun.

I highly recommend you choose a scope and rings which are compatible with the shogun, and it must be durable, and strong enough to bear the recoil produced by the Steven 320 shotgun. 

2- Dismount Existing Parts

Do I need to tell you this? I don’t think so. You will have to dismount if you have already mounted anything on your shotgun. In fact, you will have to make sure that the receiver of your shotgun is truly cleaned before installing the scope.

3- Clean the Receiver

As I just said earlier you will have to clean the receiver where you will mount the scope. If there remains any sort of dirt, debris, or oil then it will interfere with the mounting process – and you won’t be able to mount the scope properly. I suggest you do. Use a clean cloth or a brush to remove any residue.

4- Attach Scope Rings

Once, you are sure that the receiver is cleaned completely, and there is no dust on it, then you will have to attach the scope rings to the receiver using the screws provided. While mounting the scopes rings, you will need to ensure that the rings are aligned properly and that they are tightened securely.

5- Install the Scope

If you are at this point, then you should know that you are in the final stages. You will need to install the scope on the scope rings mounted on the receiver of the gun. After installing the scope on the shotgun, make sure that the scope is level and that the reticle is centered.

Adjust the eye relief by moving the scope forward or backward until you can see the full field of view without any black edges.  Adjusting the eye relief is very important it ensure that you use the scope comfortably and don’t get any issue such as eye strain etc. 

6- Tighten Rings Securely and test the scope

Although adjusting the eye relief would take some time, it is not impossible to get perfect eye relief. After making adjustments for some time, you’ll be able to achieve the best results and feel comfortable while using the shotgun with a mounted scope. 

Once, the eye relief is adjusted, then I highly recommend you to test the scope by firing a few shots to make sure that it holds zero and that it is properly sighted in. Zeroing the scope is the last step and after this, your Steven 320 shotgun is ready to be used in outdoor activities and you will get perfect accuracy.

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Tips for Testing the Steven 320 Shotgun with Mounted Scope

Testing is an important step when you mount a scope on the shotgun. Obviously, no one likes to miss the shot just because lack of the smaller adjustment that needs to be done. I don’t want to you face that regret. 

This is why I am focusing on the importance of testing the Steven 320 shotgun to ensure that you get perfect accuracy. In the section below, I am going to give you two simple method methods for testing the accuracy of your shotgun with a scope mounted on it.

1- Boresighting

First of all, you will have to do boresight to ensure that you are able to see the reticle at the center so that you don’t miss the shot while using the Steven 320 shotgun. 

For this purpose, you will have to remove the bolts, look through the barrel, and make sure that you are seeing the the reticle right at the center. If you are unable to see the reticle at the center, then you will have to adjust the windage, and elevation to ensure that you see the reticle at the middle of the target. 

2- Field Testing

Only boresighting is not enough to get confidence, so you must take your Steven 320 shotgun to the field and test it there. In the shooting field, you should fire a few rounds to ensure that the scope is properly zeroed and make any necessary adjustments to the scope’s windage and elevation knobs.

This will give you confidence that you are able to shoot with your Steven 320 shotgun with the scope mounted on it and you are also getting accuracy. In fact, you should try to shoot the target at different distances. The more you shoot, the better your testing will be: and you will get confidence in your shotgun.

Is it Legal to Mount a Scope on Steven 320 Shotgun?

Yes, it is legal to mount a scope on the Steven 320 shotgun, and you won’t face any issues while using the shotgun with the scope. In fact,  it will help you in getting more accuracy while shooting.

Although, mounting the scope on Steven 320 shotgun is legal, and you won’t face any issues but I still recommend you to check the laws, and regulations of the individual states where you are going to hunt. This will help you in abiding by the laws. In general, there is no legal restriction on using the scope mounted on the Steven 320 shotgun.


I am hopeful that this guide will help you in mounting the scope on the Steven 320 shotgun – and you will be able to hit the target right in the middle. If you want to achieve maximum accuracy, you should test and shoot at the target, and adjust the windage, and elevation so that you can hit at right place. With the hope that you’ll be able to do it perfectly, I am signing off! See you with another useful guide.

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