How to Put a Scope on a Rossi RS22?

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Rossi RS22 semi-automatic rimfire rifle is an affordable option for many hunters and shooters. It is a .22 Long Rifle (LR) that offers optimal performance when used for small game hunting. But there are many people who don’t know How to Put a Scope on a Rossi RS22.

If you are also one of them don’t worry as this guide is going to give you detailed information. After reading this you’ll be able to put a scope on your RS22 rifle. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

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How to Put a Scope on a Rossi RS22?

Mounting a scope on a Rossi RS22 is a bit challenging for beginners. But if you follow my given instructions carefully, then you’ll be able to put the scope comfortably. Keep in mind that you’ll need some tools. Here is the list of those useful tools that you should gather before you start mountain scope on the Rossi rifle.

  • Scope rings
  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench set
  • Torque wrenchScope mounting base
  • Leveling tool (optional but recommended)

1- Select the Right Rings

First of all, you will have to find suitable scope rings. Usually, many optics brands offer scope rings along with the scope as an additional accessory. However, if you don’t have scope rings, you will have to buy them. 

Don’t worry, as these rings are easily available in almost every optics store. It is important to note that the size of scopes rings varies, and you should buy the ring that is actually suitable for your rifle and scope. 

Always keep in mind that the scope rings that you buy from the market should match the diameter of the scope’s tube and the dovetail on the rifle. You can choose between one-piece or two-piece scope rings, depending on your preference.

2- Install the Scope Rings

After selecting the right scope rings, you will have to install those rings on your Rossi RS22 rifle. Actually, installing the scope rings is not very tough as you will have to just Place the lower section of the scope ring on the 11-mm scope rail or Picatinny rail, and then install the upper section of the mount. 

If you face difficulty in tightening the scope rings, do check out the complete guide on How to Tighten the Scope Rings.

After you place or install the rings then make sure to lightly screw them on. One thing that I assure you is that when you install the scope rings on the Picatinny rail there is nothing you can do wrong. So be confident in this step because even if you make a mistake, no damage will be done to your scope and rifle. 

3- Place the Scope

Now it is time to mount a scope on Rossi RS. As you have already installed the scope rings, now place your scope on the rifle. Actually, you will have to place the scope in the ring that you already installed on the rifle. 

As I said, install the scope on the rifle. It might confuse you! I actually mean to say that install or place the scope in the scope rings that you installed on the rifle. The scope won’t directly make contact with the rifle, instead, it will be attached to the scope rings which are mounted on the rifle. Is it clear now? Hopefully, it will be!

4- Achieve the Desired Eye Relief

Eye relief is one of the most important factors that you should consider if you wear glasses due to weak vision. In fact, if you get poor eye relief while shooting, you will easily get tired. Eye relief is the distance between the scope’s eyepiece and the shooter’s eye.

So, you must achieve the desired eye relief to ensure comfortable and accurate shooting. But the question that will come to your mind is HOW? Look, when you place the scope on the rings, then make adjustments by moving back and forth. By adjusting the scope’s position in the scope rings, you will be able to get perfect eye relief.

Again a question that might pop up: how do I know if my scope is placed at the right position and I am getting maximum eye relief? That’s a valid question – look when you mount the scope on the rings, then aim at any target and confirm you are getting suitable eye relief, and look at the target comfortably. 

Adjust the position of scope in the rings, and look for the desired eye relief where your eyes feel comfortable. You can even check the eye relief while wearing glasses to confirm you place the scope in the place where you are seeing the target comfortably.

5- Level the Scope

If you are following me along, it means that you have already mounted the scope on your Rossi RS22. But now it is time to ensure that you will get maximum performance out of your scope. Leveling the scope at the best balance is important to get you maximum performance from the scope. 

By leveling the scope you can also ensure that the reticle is perfectly aligned with the rifle. Use a bubble level to level the scope. Adjust the scope’s position until it’s perfectly level. 

6- Tighten the Rings and Check Alignment of Scope

Once the scope is leveled and in the right position and you are able to see the reticle and target perfectly, then it’s time to tighten the scope rings. I suggest you tighten the rings carefully as if you go by a harsh approach, you might end up damaging the scope.

Make sure that you tighten the rings evenly to avoid damaging the scope. After tightening the rings, check the alignment of the scope to ensure that it’s still perfectly aligned with the rifle. It would be ideal if you keep an eye on the eyepiece and check if you are seeing the target comfortably.

This is the end of the process and if you have been following along, then I am sure that you have already mounted the scope on your Rossi RS22. In the end, just make sure that the scope is securely mounted on the rifle and won’t move during shooting.

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Don’t Forget to Do Shot Adjustment 

I know that you are here to learn about how to mount a scope on the Rossi RS22 rifle, however, I would love to mention that you should not ignore the importance of doing the final adjustment before using the rifle for taking the shots.

As you know when we use rifles in outdoor conditions, there are many factors that contribute to the accuracy of shots. Wind speed is one of the most important factors and to compensate for the impact of wind on your shots, you must adjust the windage and elevation to ensure that you shoot right at the target.

Whenever you use the scope, first test if you are seeing the target clearly not. Then shoot a few shots to check the windage and elevation. If you are not hitting the target, then make sure to use a turret to adjust the windage and elevation. 

After adjusting the windage, and elevation, reshot at the target and check your accuracy. If you are hitting at the desired point, you are good to go. In case you fail to hit the target with a Rossi RS22, don’t panic, keep making small adjustments, and ensure that your scope offers you perfect performance when you go into the hunting and shooting.

Can I mount a scope on a Rossi RS22?

Of Course YES, you can! In fact, I highly recommend you to use a scope with Rossi rifle as it will enhance your accuracy and every shot you will take will be spot on. However, there is a thing that I would love to make you realize

The scope is not mounted on the rifle. You put in on the scope rings. Scope rings are mounted on the rifle. Is it clear? When you mount a scope on a rifle, you actually mount a scope on the rings that hold the scope firm at its position.

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So, you’ll have to choose scopes rings that are compatible with the Rossi RS22. As I said earlier, you’ll be able to find scope rings from the optics store. Make sure that you buy rings that are compatible with your Rossi RS22.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of scope mount should I use for a Rossi RS22?

There are many types of scope mounts available. However, no matter what amount you choose, make sure that you opt for a scope mount that fits the 3/8″ dovetail on the rifle. Some popular options include dovetail mounts, Picatinny mounts, and weaver mounts etc.

Is it easy to mount a scope on a Rossi RS22?

To be honest, yes, it is very simple and straightforward to put a scope on the Rossi RS22. If you have ever mounted any scope on any rifle in the world, you would easily do it with the Rossi RS22 as well. However, it can be challenging if you are not familiar with the process or if you do not have the right tools. I have given you easy-to-follow and simple steps, and by following them you will be able to mount a scope on the rifle.

Can you recommend a good dovetail scope mount for a Rossi RS22?

One good dovetail scope mount for a Rossi RS22 is the UTG 11mm-to-Weaver Adapter. This mount is easy to install and provides a secure fit for most scopes. Keep in mind that it is compatible with a wide range of rifles, including the Rossi RS22.

Final Words

If you are at this place, you are a newbie and got a Rossi RS22 rifle. But don’t worry as this article will give you complete information about how you can mount or put scope on your rifle with ease. I hope that my typing, and experience will be helpful in making your life easier. I am signing off! See you with another useful guide.

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