Swarovski NL Pure VS Swarovski EL Binoculars – Who is the best?

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Almost all Swarovski binoculars are synonymous with quality, precision, and durability and these Swarovski NL Pure and EL are no exceptions.  Everyone who has used their products knows the standard of their quality. 

While both of these binoculars offer exceptional optics and performance, some key differences between them may sway you one way or the other.  In this comparison blog post, we’ll take a closer look to help you decide which model is right for you. 

So, let’s dive in! Swarovski NL Pure VS Swarovski EL Binoculars – which one is better? I love the visual quality and the optical performance of NL binos and they offer more value to customers than EL binoculars. However, in terms of weight, size, and ease of usability, EL binoculars are a better option. End of the day, it is the personal preferences of users that decide which one is better for them.

It was a brief answer that guides you on who is the ultimate champion. But we are not going to stop ourselves with just a small introduction. We will prove why we called on the winner and the other runner-up.

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Swarovski NL Pure 10×42 WB VS Swarovski EL 10×42: In-depth Explanation

Before going deep and reviewing these two classic competitors, we would like to guide you about the factors that we will look at and consider as criteria for selection. Here is the list of those factors.

  • Build Quality
  • Image Quality
  • Field Of View
  • Weight and Size
  • Close Focus
  • Ease of Usability
  • Triadoptability
  • Extra accessories
  • Production year
  • Price/Affordability

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that both of these binoculars are almost similar in offering premium features. There are slight differences that make them compete. Let’s dive deeper to get.

1- Build Quality

Both Swarovski NL pure and EL models are added in high-end and premium optics that cost you a handsome amount of money. So you can expect solid body strength. Both of them are very strong, but their building material is quite different from each other.

Both Swarovski NL and EL binos are made of magnesium material which is very strong and makes these binoculars very durable. Due to the usage of this premium construction material, these binoculars can bear shocks and falls. 

Both of these binoculars are strongly sealed and purged with nitrogen gas which makes them waterproof. If you throw them in water for hours, their waterproofing will not disappoint you. Moreover, nitrogen purging ensures the safety of the interior component of these binoculars. 

So, in terms of build quality, both NL pure & EL binoculars have equal marks and both are equally good at providing outstanding durability.

2- Image Quality

First of all, keep in mind both binoculars are free from the chromatic aberration that we usually see in cheaper binoculars. The Swarovski EL binoculars come with a roof prism consisting of BAK4 material. The prism is phase-corrected to increase the color fidelity. The multi-coating layers are also present on both lenses and prisms which increase the transmission of light. 

During our testing, I felt they had excellent color rendition. You will be pretty happy to use them in low light conditions, light before dawn or after dusk, or in cloudy weather when the light is dim.

In contrast, Swarovski NL pure binoculars consist of roof prisms with phase-corrected coating. All the glassy components are coated to ensure the maximum transmission of light. The most prominent feature that I noticed in these binoculars is LotuTec protective coating which acts as extra protection and improves the reflection of light.

The sharpness, freshness, and crispiness in both binoculars are the same. You won’t feel any big difference in the image quality. But the LotuTec coating present on the lenses of Swarovski NL binoculars makes them dust-resistant or repellent which means you won’t have to clean them over and over again.

The sweet spot of Swarovski NL binoculars is almost ¾ of the total image which is larger than the sweet spot given by the El models. So, the NL model wins the race here as you see better clarity in greater sweet spots. Are you confused about the sweet spot of binoculars?

It is the sharpest area of an image. Through binoculars, you see a small portion of binoculars very clean, sharper, and vivid, this portion is known as the sweet spot. 

Are you thinking about whether they can be used in low-light conditions or not? The answer is yes, both of these binoculars have an objective lens size of 42mm which is good enough to provide you a brighter and sharper image in low light conditions. They show a decent image at the twilight factor of 20.5.

In terms of image quality, I prefer Swarovski NL pure binoculars over the EL model of the Swarovski brand.

3- Field of View

Both binoculars offer the same magnification and diameter of the objective lens, but their field of view is different from each other.  The Swarovski NL Pure 10×42 offers a wider field of view of 399 feet whereas Swarovski EL binoculars offer a bit shorter FOV of 367 feet. 

If you intend to use your optics for hunting where a wider field of view is required to locate the target, then I recommend you choose Swarovski NL binoculars. They will help you see a bit more space than EL binoculars for sure.

If you’re concerned about the field of view, then I consider Swarovski NL  an optimal choice for you.

4- Weight and Size

The Swarovski EL binoculars win the race in terms of weight and size and below is the configuration:

Height: 61 mm

Length: 160 mm

Weight: 26 ounces 

These numbers a better when you compare them with the configuration of Swarovski NL pure binoculars which are as follows:

Height: 71 mm

Length: 158 mm

Weight: 30 ounces

NL pure binoculars are heavier and bulkier and it can be tough for you to carry them for a long day. On the other hand, Swarovski EL binoculars are less bulkier and easy to carry. However, both binoculars come with a neck strap which makes them equally good and comfortable for carrying on a long day.

Winner: Swarovski EL binoculars

5- Close Focus

The distance between the nearest object that can be focused on through a pair of binoculars is known as the close focus. It is important for those who want to observe every small detail of targeted objects placed close to you like butterflies, insects, etc.

For this purpose, you want to have a less close focus distance so that you can successfully observe all the minute details of your target. 

Swarovski NL Binoculars: 3.3 meters

Swarovski EL Binoculars: 1.5 meters

So, EL binoculars have an upper hand – choosing them will surely help you with everything.

Winner: Swarovski EL binoculars

6- Ease of Usability

Ease of useability is directly related to the eye relief of binoculars. It is defined as the distance between the eyes and the eyepiece. The more the distance, the more comfortable you will be while using the binoculars. It is especially important for those who wear glasses due to weak vision. Eye relief of these two binoculars is as follows

Swarovski NL binoculars: 18mm

Swarovski EL binoculars: 20mm

So, EL 10×42 binoculars win the race and provide a comfortable viewing experience. If you have weak eyesight then I recommend you to go with EL binoculars as they offer ideal eye relief.

7- Triadoptability

-Many people consider that these binoculars come with a tripod stand. This is wrong! They don’t have a tripod stand in their box. You will have to buy the tripod stand separately if you need it. However, both of these binoculars are tripod-friendly which means you can mount them on a tripod stand and let your hands go free. If you are eager to hang them, go and buy a separate tripod stand for them.

Winner: Both are good and the results come in a tie.

8- Extra accessories

These binoculars come with additional free accessories. You will get all the below-listed things in your binoculars’ box

  • Lens cover
  • Eyepiece cove
  • Neck  Strap
  • Useful Harness

In terms of providing additional luxuries, both brands are doing great – pushing each other to increase their customers. We will say a tie between Swarovski NL Pure and Swarovski EL Binoculars when it comes to providing additional products.

Winner: Tie.

9- Production Country

Both Swarovski NL and EL binoculars are being manufactured in Austria. I have already written a complete guide on the Swarovski brand and its manufacturing location. You should read that too if you are curious to know where Swarovski binoculars are made.

As both NL and EL belong to the same brand, they are being produced in the same location or manufacturing unit. In my previous guides, I mentioned that binoculars made in Germany or Austria are excellent in terms of quality. As they are made in Austria, so no complaints at all.

Winner: Tie

10- Price & Affordability

I always say that price is something that defines which binoculars have more value among the customers. But in this guide, the prices of these binoculars are not going to put any decisive factors because both of these binoculars are very expensive, and they require a handsome budget.

These binoculars are not for budget-conscious individuals, instead, those people who don’t worry about the pricing of products, and have the financial power to spend can avail of them. However, I believe Swarovski NL binoculars offer more value for money than the Swarovski EL binoculars.

Winner: Swarovski NL binoculars

Who is the Ultimate Winner?

Both binoculars have their pros and cons and individual choice may vary. Their premium features and top-notch quality has made us confused to announce one as the winner. If you’ve read the whole article, you can imagine the standard that they have.

I love Swarovski NL binoculars because they offer better value to the customers, and the market value is also better. I am not saying that EL binoculars are bad: it is just a matter of my choice. In this guide, everything has been discussed that is crucial for making a final decision. 


It was a pretty tough call to review these two excellent pairs of binoculars. Both are the beast in their own ways: and their loyal fans love them. However, we consider Swarovski NL binoculars as the winner. Our announcement never means that EL binos are too bad to be used in outdoor activities. The differences between them are very much – fair to say negligible.

We aimed to provide you with an unbiased review that should tell you which one is going to be the best for your specific needs. Hopefully, our typing fingers will be useful for you in making your purchasing decision.

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