What Does 16X32 Binoculars Mean? You should KNOW this!

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Once again, we have come up with other binoculars which are least understood by the common man. The packaging of binoculars is imprinted with the specification and it simply explains everything about the capabilities of binoculars and what they’re capable of doing.

What does 16×32 binoculars mean and how can they help you in getting a closer view of the target? This article is going to answer all of your questions related to 16×32 binoculars.

Brief Answer: 16X32 binoculars means that they have 16x magnification and 32 mm of objective lens size. They are good for giving you a closer view of the targeted objects but they won’t give you a brighter visual in low-light conditions.

These binoculars target specific users and you won’t see everyone using them as their usability is highly specific to some outdoor activities. Let’s dive in and know more about them.

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What do 16X32 Binoculars mean?

Two numbers are separated by the alphabet X represents the magnification power and the size of the objective lens. Keep in mind that binoculars are important because they give you a closer view with magnification power.

So, only two things, magnification and objective lens size are useful and they are written on the packages to show the specification. The first number present on the left side of X indicates the magnification power and the number present on the right side shows the objective lens size.

In short, these 16×32 binoculars indicate that they have 16x magnification power and 32mm size of the objective lens. They are very much capable of giving you a closer view in daylight conditions.

How far can you see with 16×32 Binoculars?

How far you will be able to see with binoculars majorly depends on the magnification power. These binoculars have 16x magnification power which that you will get 16 times magnified images of the targeted objects. This magnification is more than enough for many outdoor activities and you won’t have any problem seeing distant objects. Keep in mind that the weather conditions have an impact on the distance that you can see with them.

How far can you see with 16×32 binoculars? To be exact, you should be able to see objects which are 1500 meters away from you. However, your range can vary depending on the light and weather conditions.

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12X32 vs 16X32 binoculars

These two binoculars have the same objective lens however, they have different magnification power which distinguishes them from each other. With 16×32 binoculars, you will be able to get a bigger image of the objects as compared to those 12×32 binoculars. Due to their smaller objective lens size, their low-light usability is not really good.

Do 12X32 or 16X32 binoculars help you see farther?

Due to higher magnification power, 16×32 binoculars can see farther as compared to shoes 12×32 binoculars. But we suggest you choose 12×32 binoculars due to their stable visuals. Due to increased magnification power, 16×32 will give unstable and unsteady images which won’t allow you to see everything clearly.

To be exact, you should be able to see objects that are 1500 meters away with 16×32 binoculars. On the other hand, you will be able to view up to 1200 meters when you use 12×32 binoculars.

Low light usability

You will be sad to know that both of these binoculars don’t have very good low-light usability. In fact, you won’t be able to use them once the sun goes down. The reason is that they have smaller objective lens size and it does not capture more light. So, when there is no adequate light captured by the objective lens, then your optics won’t give you a brighter visual in low light conditions.

Applications of 16X32 Binoculars

Every outdoor activity requires its own specification in binoculars. For example, you can use 8x magnification for hunting, but you can never get ideal results when you use 20x binoculars for hunting. 

16x is good for a few outdoor activities and not recommended for many activities like birding, hunting, and events watching. However, these binoculars give good results for stargazing and distant bird watching. You can sit in one place and get a view of nature. 

Takeaway: Choose 16×32 binoculars only if you intend to view objects that are very far away from you.


16×32 binoculars mean that they have 16x magnification power and 32 mm of objective lens size and they are good for seeing objects which are very far from you. Due to their higher magnification power, they are not considered ideal to be picked for activities like hunting, birding, and hiking. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the basics of 16×32 binoculars.

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