Where Are Arken Scopes Made? (Detailed Answered)

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Arken scopes are not very famous, because this brand is very new in this field. However, the quality of their scopes has been above par which has impressed many shooters. However, no one knows about their manufacturing locations.

So, where are Arken scopes made? These scopes are manufactured, and assembled in China. However, the glass material that this company uses in some of their rifle scopes is made in Japan.

I have done complete research and found very useful information that would help you know more about this brand. So without more delay, let’s dive to explore more.

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Introduction to Arken Optics Brand

This optics brand was founded back in 2019 by Michael Benedict, Michael Reilly, and Josh Greer. It is interesting to note that Michael Benedict was a retired army man who also served in the famous operation of Iraqi Freedom.

However, Michael Reilly and Josh Greer are two outdoor enthusiasts who love shooting. So, they started this company together. This optics brand has its headquarters in  Rockwall, Texas, United States.

As I said earlier this company is very new, and there is not much that I could share with you. As time passes, the Arken scopes and their products will be tested by the customers, and we will come to know about their quality and standards.

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Where are Arken Scopes Manufactured?

All the arken scopes are being manufactured, and assembled in China where the company has dedicated manufacturing units or plants. None of their scopes or any other product is being produced in the headquarters located in the USA.

However, some of their scope lenses are manufactured in Japan. However, this outsourcing of lenses is also very limited. The lenses of SH line rifles scope of the Arken brand are manufactured in Japan.

Except for the SH line rifle scope, all the other products and their components are produced in China. Keep in mind that the lenses are made in Japan but they are imported to China where the assembly of their SH lines rifle scopes is done.

Note: None of their rifle scopes is assembled or manufactured in Japan except manufacturing of lenses of SH line rifle scopes.

Product Line

Although the Arken brand is relatively newer, brand they have produced many scopes that are very high quality. What I like the most in the Arken scopes is their affordable pricing. You will get all the nice features because in less pricing as compared to the Leupold or Bushnell scopes.

Product LineRiflescope ModelAvailable Models
EP5Arken Optics EP5 Riflescope5-25x56mm FFP MIL VPR Reticle, 5-25x56mm FFP MOA VPR Reticle
SH4Arken Optics SH4 Riflescope6-24×50 Gen II Riflescope
EP8Arken Optics EP8 Riflescope1-8×28 LPVO FFP KL Box EP8-18KLB
SH4 Gen 2Arken Optics SH4 Gen 2 RiflescopeVarious models with different magnification ranges and reticle options
SH4 Gen 2 Mil-SFPArken Optics SH4 Gen 2 Mil-SFP RiflescopeDesigned for precision shooting with a mil-based reticle
EP4Arken Optics EP4 RiflescopeRugged and clear scopes, various configurations like 6-24×50
EP4 Mil-SFPArken Optics EP4 Mil-SFP RiflescopeSimilar to EP4 series with a mil-based reticle for long-range shooting
EP4 FFPArken Optics EP4 FFP RiflescopeFirst focal plane design for consistent reticle subtensions
EP4 FFP Mil-XArken Optics EP4 FFP Mil-X RiflescopePrecision and versatility with a mil-based reticle in the first focal plane
SH4 Gen 2 CompactArken Optics SH4 Gen 2 Compact RiflescopeCompact and lightweight design for smaller rifles
SH4 Gen 2 Mil-CArken Optics SH4 Gen 2 Mil-C RiflescopeSimilar to SH4 Gen 2 with a mil-based reticle for precise shot placement

Are Arken Scopes Any Good?

Yes, I rank the Arken Scopes highly because of the fact that they are available at very affordable prices, plus they offer nice premium features that make them stand out. So, you should give them a try.

As you know I don’t recommend newer brands because I don’t want to put my readers in trouble by making cheaper and low-quality scopes. But the Arken brand has impressed me through their quality as well as affordability.

This brand offers premium features at affordable pricing. For example, if you get Leupold scope for $500 then you will find the same kind of scope with similar features from the Arken brand for less than 300 dollars. This price difference impresses me.

As their scopes are made in China, it gives a kind of feeling that they might be cheaper. But this is not reality. The company has a strict quality control system that ensures high-quality scopes go into the market for selling. If a scope is not good enough, they don’t approve it for selling.

But the most interesting fact is that the Arken scopes come with a lifetime warranty which gives peace of mind that if your scope gets any fault, the company will either replace it or refund it. So, you are not at a loss when you buy from them. This is why I highly recommend you buy the Arken scopes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arken a good scope?

Yes, the Arken scopes are very good as they offer value for money. You will get their high-quality scope at very affordable pricing which makes them stand out. They also offer a lifetime warranty which gives peace of mind.

Where do Arken Optics ship from?

This company has its own warehouse in Sugarland, TX. So, all of their scopes are shipped directly from this warehouse to the customers.

Are the Arken Scopes made in the USA?

No, they are not manufactured in the United States. Their headquarters is located in the USA, but none of their scope is made there. They all are manufactured in China.

Does Arken outsource its optical components from Japan?

Yes, the company imports the lenses of SH line rifle scopes from Japan. However, all other optical components are being made in China.

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