Where Are Weaver Scopes Made? (Answered in 2024)

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Weaver is one of the oldest optics brands that has seen both good and bad times in its life. But their rifle scopes are still famous among the shooters. As this company faces many challenges, so many people don’t know about the origin of their scopes.

So, where are Weaver scopes made? All the weaver rifle scopes are being manufactured in Japan and the Philippines. The company has its headquarters in the US, but none of its products are made in the USA.

Unfortunately, this company faced many ups and downs. In fact, it also got bankrupt so people don’t know much about their history, and manufacturing locations. But this guide will give you complete insight.

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Introduction and History of Weaver Optics Company

Before we go into the details, and talk about their manufacturing locations, let’s recall the history, and let me tell you how good this brand used to be at its prime. William R. Weaver founded this company back in 1930.

The founder used his own name as the name of this company and at that time, there were few optics brands that were really famous among the customers. It would be right to say there was space for new entrants due to low competition in the optics industry.

It is interesting to note that the company was founded in Newport, Kentucky, but just after three years, it shifted its headquarters to El Paso, Texas where this brand made progress. 

From day one, this company was dedicated to producing only rifle scopes, and the mount. They never look to expand their business and produce binoculars or any other shooting tools.  This brand introduced the flagship mount, the Split Ring Tip-Off mount in 1953 which was positively received in the market.

In the 1960s, Weaver Optics was making all of its products including rifle scopes in the USA. This was the time when the company was very popular. The reason is that the customers loved the product made in the USA. At that time, there were no other brands that produced scope in the USA. 

This company kept on progressing. They certainly uplifted the quality of their scopes with the passage of time. The tag ‘‘Made in USA’’ on their scope was another reason that made them famous and well-received among the shooters. 

But in the 1980s, the decline of this optics brand started. The labor union of this company had issues, and the company could not solve those issues. Due to that issue, Weaver Optics saw its bankruptcy in the 1980s.

Long story short, the company name was changed from W.R. Weaver Co. to Weaver Optics in 2002, and at that time it was a subsidiary of Meade Instruments Corporation. However, in 2008, this company Weaver Optics became part of ATK Sporting Group.

As we talked about today, this optics brand is owned by Vista Outdoor and is still producing rifle scopes and other accessories. Many people still consider them their go-to option despite the fact that they are not being produced in the USA anymore.

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Where are Weaver Scopes Made?

All the weaver scopes including their accessories (except weaver rings) and mounts are being manufactured in Japan and the Philippines. The company does not produce any of its products in the USA.

In the 1960s, the company used to produce all of its scopes in the USA. But, as I said earlier they went bankrupt, so they stopped manufacturing in the USA due to high labor costs, and labor union issues.

All of their products are now manufactured in Japan and the Philippines. It is right that companies used to produce scope in the USA in the past. But no more! If someone tells you that their scopes are made in the USA, he is wrong.

In fact, you will see some Weaver scopes in the market with the tag ‘‘made in the USA’’. But they are not original, and the counterfeiter produces such products. I don’t recommend you buy such fake scopes.

Are Weaver Scopes Any Good?

Yes, they are because of the fact that the company has years of experience, so they produce the scope that actually meets the expectations of the customers. But I don’t recommend you buy their scopes.

But if you’re considering buying their scopes with the mind that they are made in the USA, then I suggest you not buy them as they are not manufactured in the USA. All the weaver scopes are made in Japan and the Philippines.

As long as their quality is concerned, they are decent – I won’t say ideal, but yes they will give you an optimal viewing experience. I would say that they are mid-range products both in terms of pricing as well as quality. 

So, should you buy them? As long as quality is concerned, they are fine, and pricing is also optimal, but I don’t recommend you to buy them because of the fact this company is no longer very popular. I would rather suggest you buy Vortex, Leupold, or Burris scopes as they are well-established and trustworthy.

So, you might think that if their quality is optimal, then I should go for it. Look, no doubt that their quality is decent, but their customer service is not ideal. What if you buy their scope and the scope is faulty? Claiming of warranty, and getting your scope repaired would be hard due to the low-quality customer support system.

This is why I always suggest you consider buying scopes from famous, and well-established brands so that if your scope gets any issue they will get it repaired for you. Their customer support and warranty claiming process is usually smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Weaver Optics headquarters?

The headquarters of Weaver Optics is located at 9200 Cody, Overland Park, Kansas, 66214, United States. You can visit there if you are from Canada or the USA.

Where are Weaver scopes made?

Weaver optics including its rifle scopes, and other accessories are being manufactured in Japan and the Philippines. However, Weaver rings are made in the USA.

Who owns Weaver scopes?

Currently, the Optics brand is owned by Vista Outdoor which is the parent company for many other smaller optics brands as well.

Where are weaver rings made?

The weaver rings are made in the USA, where the company has its headquarters.

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