Where Are Nikon Scopes Made? (Explained)

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Nikon is a famous brand, and almost everyone at some stage of life has used the Nikon product. It can either be a nice camera to capture photos, or strong binoculars to view the far-away objects. However, Nikon scopes are also very famous and many shooters love to have them.

But the question is where are Nikon scopes made? Nikon is a Japanese brand, and most of its scopes are made in Japan. However, companies also import some products from other countries like China, and the Philippines.

It is essential to know that this brand stopped production of rifle scopes a few years ago. However, it is still producing other products such as binoculars, and spotting scopes. In this guide, I will cover everything about this brand.

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Nikon Scopes History

Nikon is a Japanese multinational corporation that was founded on 25 July 1917. The company initially started as an optical and imaging products manufacturer. It is interesting to note that this brand started producing rifle scopes during World War II.

Nikon’s early rifle scopes were designed for tactical purposes. Keep in mind that the firstly produced riflescopes by the Nikon company were used by the Japanese army.

The company continued to innovate and develop new technologies, and in 1971, it introduced the first variable power rifle scope. This was a significant breakthrough, and it allowed hunters to adjust the magnification of their scopes based on the distance of their targets.

One thing that I love about the Nikon brand is that it always tries to do its best and innovate to get an edge over its competitors. For example, in 1999, Nikon introduced the BDC reticle, which allowed hunters to compensate for bullet drop at different distances. 

Point to Note: At that time, there were no optics brands that gave that kind of feature that proved to be a game changer for the hunters and the shooters.

However, the company stopped the production of riflescopes in 2019 due to various reasons. But it still produces many other equipment such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and rangefinders,  which are loved among outdoor activities.

Where are Nikon Scopes Made?

I don’t need to say it again: Nikon is a well-known brand, and everyone has some form of connection with it. It could be because of the camera, binoculars, or spotting scopes. But we’ve all used one of their products. But where are Nikon scopes manufactured? This is a multimillion-dollar question.

Nikon is a Japanese brand, and most of its scopes are made in Japan. However, the company also has manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, and China where Nikon’s products are manufactured.

The Nikon Monarch series was initially manufactured in Japan, but production was later moved to the Philippines.  Despite the different manufacturing locations, Nikon maintains strict quality control. 

The following strict quality control measures help the Nikon brand to ensure that its scopes meet the high standards that the brand is known for. 

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Nikon Scopes Made in Japan

Nikon is a Japanese company, and it’s no surprise that they have a factory in their home country. The Japanese factory is responsible for producing the lenses for Nikon scopes, which are known for their high quality and precision. 

Keep in mind that the lenses of Nikon scopes are made only in Japan which are then exported to different other manufacturing locations to assemble the binoculars. Below is the list of Nikon scopes that are made in Japan.

  • Nikon Monarch series
  • Nikon Monarch X series
  • Nikon Monarch Gold series

Nikon Scopes Made in the Philippines

The majority of Nikon scopes are made in the Philippines. The Philippine factory is responsible for assembling the scopes and adding the finishing touches. The factory produces a wide range of scopes, including the Prostaff and Monarch series. 

Here is the list of Nikon scopes that are made in the Philippines:

  • Prostaff Rimfire series (2nd generation)
  • Prostaff P3 series
  • Prostaff P5 series
  • Nikon Buckmasters II series
  • Monarch series (later versions)
  • Nikon P-Tactical series (later versions)
  • Nikon M-Tactical series
  • Nikon Black Force1000 series
  • Black X1000 series
  • Black FX1000 series

Nikon Scopes Made in China

The company also has its manufacturing plants in China where some of its products are manufactured. It is interesting to note that these Chinese-made scopes consist of glass and lens material which is imported from Japan (from Nikon’s manufacturing facility). 

Here is the list of Nikon scopes that are made in China:

  • Nikon Prostaff Rimfire series (Initial)
  • Nikon Prostaff P7 series
  • Some models of the Nikon P-Tactical series (initially)

Who Makes Nikon Scopes Now?

Nikon itself is a well-established optics brand that is producing not only scopes, but also binoculars, rangefinders, cameras, and many other equipments. So, I am sure that you got the answer. Obviously, Nikon itself manufactures all the Nikon scopes.

This company has manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, and the Philippines where its products, especially scopes, are made and then exported to different countries worldwide for selling.

Are Nikon Scopes Discontinued?

Well, the Nikon company has discontinued producing only rifle scopes – however, all other products such as binoculars, rangefinders, and spotting scopes are still being manufactured.

The company announced officially in 2019 that they are going to stop the manufacturing of rifle scopes, however, they did not give any reason for that. May, this step was taken to shift their focus on improving the quality of their other products.

For those who are still interested in purchasing a Nikon riflescope, there may still be options available through third-party retailers or used markets. But I don’t recommend you to buy their discontinued products as there are many counterfeit products available in the market that can ruin your money.

Different Nikon Product Lines

Nikon is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of optical products. In addition to cameras and lenses, Nikon produces many other equipment that are very special for hunters, and shooters. 

In the section below, I am going to list the product lines, especially the scopes series that are being manufactured by the Nikon company

  • Monarch Series
  • Prostaff Series
  • Black Series
  • Buckmasters Series
  • P-Tactical Series

Are Nikon Scopes Any Good?

Nikon has been making scopes for over 60 years, and they are known for producing high-quality optics. As long as their scopes are concerned, yes, they are very good and the customers seem to be satisfied with their performance.

What I like the most about Nikon’s scopes is their accuracy. They are designed to be easy to use, and they are built to withstand the rigors of hunting and shooting. You can use them in rough conditions, they won’t show any sort of problem.

Nikon offers a wide range of scopes to choose from, including tactical scopes, hunting scopes, and long-range scopes. These options make this brand more versatile and give the customer multiple options to choose from which further enhances the brand value of Nikon scopes.

It is interesting to note that the features like illuminated reticles, zero-reset turrets, and quick-focus eyepieces, make shooting easier and more accurate. This is why I consider Nikon scopes very good and useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Nikon optics manufactured?

Nikon optics are manufactured in various countries, including Japan, the Philippines, and China. The specific location of production depends on the model of the scope.

Are Nikon scopes made in Japan?

Yes, some Nikon scopes are made in Japan. The headquarters of this brand is also located in Japan.

What country produces Nikon scopes?

Nikon scopes are produced in various countries, including Japan, the Philippines, and China.

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