Where Are Riton Scopes Made? Detaile Guide 2024

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Riton scopes are not very famous, and the reason is obvious. It is a very young optics brand that is still waiting for the limelight of customers. But there are few loyal customers who prefer to use Riton scopes, thanks to their high-quality glass material, and affordable prices.

But the question is: Where are Riton scopes made? These scopes are made in Japan and China. They manufacture plants in these countries where all the assembly of optical components is done. However, their head office is located in the USA.

Don’t leave as a lot more detailed information about the Riton topics brand is coming your way. Have a cup of tea, sip it, and read the whole article. 

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Brief Introduction of Riton Optics

There is no doubt that Riton Optics is very new compared to the dominating players present in the optics market such as Leupold, Vortex, Nikon, and Zeiss. This company was founded back in 2013.

You would be surprised to know that this optics brand was launched by a U.S. Air Force veteran and former Capitol Police Officer Brady Speth and his wife Carrie Speth. It was their love for the outdoors, and service tools that led this brand into existence.

It would be right to say that the company has not seen any crises so far which is good. They have an expert team who works diligently to craft nice outdoor tools such as binoculars, and scopes.

Both Brady and his wife work dedicatedly and try hard to earn this brand a respectable place in the optics market. But it looks very hard as the competition is too high and the already existing brands are making no mistake creating a space for new entrance.

However, in terms of quality, they are putting in all the effort. A person who once used the Riton scope doesn’t go anywhere then. It’s the quality in affordable pricing that helps them grow steadily. 

It is interesting to note that the optics market is competitive, but all the brands are selling their products at very high prices. Buying Triton tools is cheaper, and affordable. I think the people behind Riton Optics try to get a price edge over the competitors to get a good place in the market. 

Where are Riton Scopes Made?

Detailed answer to the question of where are riton scopes manufactured

All the Riton scopes and binoculars are made in Japan and China. None of their products are made in the USA. There is a myth among outdoor enthusiasts that the Riton scopes are made in the USA, which is wrong.

This myth originated because of the fact that the headquarters of Riton Optics is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. So, people thought that because their headquarters was in the USA, they were producing products in the USA too.

All of their products are manufactured outside the US. Once, their Riton scopes are made, then they are imported into the US market, and retailers sell them. This is how this business is being run by the authorities. 

Do Riton Optics have physical stores or shops?

No, Riton has no physical branches or shops. In fact, this optics brand deals with customers online, and there is no physical support system.

The company has headquarters located in Tucson, Arizona and it is the only physical location for the Riton brand. There is no shop or branch where you could go to get your issue (regarding optics) resolved.

However, if you want to visit the official headquarters of Riton, I am giving the exact location of their headquarters, you can visit there anytime. But the company’s official website says to contact the company before visiting the official head office.

Address: 1025 N Huntington Park Dr, Tucson, Arizona, 85710

If you want to contact the Riton official, then I am giving you the email, and phone that you can use to contact them. However, I don’t guarantee that by contacting these numbers your issue will be resolved in case you have any

Phone: 1-855-39-RITON

Email: info@ritonoptics.com

As I said they don’t have any physical stores, You might be wondering if they don’t have any physical stores, or branches then how do they sell their products? Am I right?

Look, the company uses the retailer system through which they sell their products. They offer small commissions to third-party retailers, which keep their products in the retail stores, and sell them. Riton doesn’t sell products at their stores.

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Are Riton Scopes Any Good?

Look, every optics brand has some good and bad. I cannot say that the scopes made by the Riton are perfect and top-notch. If I say that, it would be a dishonest opinion.

Yes, their products are decent. No matter if you talk about their scopes or binos, they will offer an optimal viewing experience. But you cannot compare them with Vortex, Leupold, or Nikon products.

But these Riton are affordable solutions. Suppose you’re a person with tight money, then these Riton scopes can be a suitable option for you. The reason is that these scopes are very cheap.  Thinking about the reason?

Their lenses and other optical components are made in China which is low quality and allows the company to reduce the price. If a scope with specific features belonging to the Leupold brand comes in at $300, then a scope with the same feature belonging to the Riton brand will be available at $150 to $170.

This brand saves money – but their products are not very ideal – and that’s my personal honest opinion. Don’t buy them by thinking that they will give you ideal performance. However, they are decent – and will be a good pair if you want just decent midpoint performance.

So, are they worth your attention? Yes, if you have a tight budget, and want to buy a scope with optimal features and performance they are suitable for you. But if you want to get ideal performance, then they are not for you.


In short, the Riton scopes are made in Japan, and China, but the headquarters of the Riton Optics is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Riton produces average products with mediocre performance. If you have a tight budget, they will be a perfect fit for you. I hope that this guide will give you complete details.

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