Who Makes Cabela Binoculars? Companies Names Revealed!

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Cabela is a well-known retailer that works under Bass Pro Shop. The noticeable thing is that this retail shop sells binoculars, but many people don’t know who makes those binoculars. Many people seem to be confused about the manufacturer of those binoculars that are sold in the Cabela store.

This is going to be our topic in today’s article. I will go into depth and explain the manufacturer of the Cabela binoculars to ensure that you don’t remain confused. It will help you buy the Cabela binoculars with confidence. So, let’s get started!

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Who Makes Cabela Binoculars?

Cabela does not manufacture any of its own binoculars which are sold in the Cabela’s store. They use third-party manufacturing companies to get their binoculars manufactured. Some of their binoculars are made from Meopta, Bushnell, Steiner, and some Chinese manufacturers

Cabela is a well-known retail store and people love buying things from there. However, when it comes to binoculars, they don’t manufacture any of their binoculars. Instead, Cabela uses third-party manufacturers to get their binoculars manufactured. There is some news that Cabela is shifting its manufacturing to a well-known brand to avoid Chinese products.

As you know the competition has gone up – and every retail store is competing to be the best. Cabela’s binoculars used to be made from China which were a bit compromised in terms of quality. However, they have decided to use well-known and established optics brands to ensure that they offer top-notch quality to the customers.

1- Bushnell

Bushnell is an independent optics manufacturing brand that produces top-class binoculars and other optical tools. Bushnell being a brand does not make contracts with any retail store – but Cabela still orders bulk binoculars to ensure that they sell decent quality binoculars to their customers.

Cabelas intensity binocular

It is interesting to note the famous Cabelas intensity binoculars are also made by the Bushnell binoculars which are then sold with the logos and brandings of the Cabela company. Buying bulk binoculars from the Bushnell fulfills the needs of the Cabela retail store and its customers.

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2- Steiner 

Just like the Bushnell brand, Steiner is also an independent company that produces binoculars for military and other tactical purposes. Cabela also uses Steiner binoculars to sell in its store as the Steiner offers top-notch quality at affordable pricing which helps Cabela to make some excellent commission.

Again, there is no official contract between Cabela, and Steiner, and all the binoculars which are manufactured by Steiner are sold with the Steiner logo. If you have ever visited Cabela, you would notice that the binoculars are usually sold with the logo and branding of the original manufacturers.

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3- Meopta

Meopta brand is not very famous – and its binoculars and other tools are also cheap and affordable which makes this brand an excellent option for Cabela to use and get its own business rolling. Keep in mind that if brand manufacturers produce a binocular at a lower price, it would be better for Cabela to gain more profit on that binoculars.

Many of the binoculars that are being sold in the Cabela’s store belong to the Meopta optics brand. It indicates that there must be some sort of understanding and contract between Cabela, and Meopta. However, their official contract is not disclosed to date. You can buy nice Meopta-manufactured binos at Cabela.

Note: Meopta manufactured binoculars for Cabela from 2009 to 2018. All of these binoculars were sold with Cabela brandings and logos as there was mutual agreement between Meopta and Cabela.

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4- Chinese Manufacturers

In the optics market, Chinese manufacturers have a special place as they manufacture binoculars at very low prices due to the lower labor cost in China and then sell those binoculars to the customers. In fact, there are many third-party companies which work in China and produce binoculars for other brands – they don’t have their own well-known brand.

Cabela has also signed contracts with such companies who produce binoculars in China at lower price, and send it to Cabela where binos are sold to the customers. Due to the lower prices of the binoculars, customers don’t complain much as they find nice pairs at lower prices. But this business model is going to change as the demand for quality is increasing.

Although the Chinese manufacturers produce binoculars at lower prices, they don’t offer quality. This is a real issue – the competition is going up and customers now demand quality. This is why Cabela is changing its manufacturers to ensure that they offer top-notch quality to the customers and maintain its trust.

5- Vortex Optics

Vortex is an established brand and its binoculars are also pretty expensive. Cabela does sell Vortex binoculars – but you won’t find many Vortex binoculars at Cabela because of the fact that the Vortex binoculars are more expensive. 

Vortex is considered the most successful optics brand, and its products are also very prominent in terms of looks, and performance. Customers also prefer to buy vortex binoculars from official dealers instead of buying them from third-party retail stores. This is why you will see very few vortex-made binoculars at Cabela.

Should You Buy Binoculars from Cabela?

To be honest, NO! I don’t recommend you buy binoculars for Cabela, instead, you should look to buy binoculars from the official manufacturers such as Vortex, Bushnell, and Leupold as they sell at slightly lower prices.

Keep in mind that Cabela binoculars are manufactured by different brands and manufacturers. So knowing which one of them is made in China is hard. In such cases, you might end up buying Chinese-made binoculars that would not be ideal in terms of performance and durability.

In fact, the binoculars that are available for sale at the Cabela are slightly more expensive because this retail store keeps its own commission which adds up to the overall pricings of the product. This is why I highly recommend you to always buy binoculars from a well-known brand which will give you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Cabela Euro binoculars?

Cabelas Euro binoculars used to be made by the Meopta optics company. Keep in mind that the Meopta had the agreement and produced binoculars for Cabela from 2009 to 2018.

Who makes Cabelas intensity binoculars?

Cabela Intensity binoculars are made by the Bushnell optics company and those are then sold by the Cabela.


No doubt that the Cabela retail store is popular and many people buy binoculars from there. However, they don’t manufacture binoculars by themselves which is obviously an issue. In this guide, I have explained who makes Cabela’s binoculars to ensure that you don’t remain confused. Hopefully, this guide will also prove to be helpful for you.

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