Who Makes Centerpoint Scopes? (Answered)

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Let’s dive straight into the topic. Who makes counterpoint scopes? This is the question that many people have because these scopes are super affordable and anyone can have them at a very affordable price. 

But who manufactures them? The brand Centerpoint is owned by the Crosman Corporation and all the Centerpoint scopes are made in China. These scopes are very much affordable, but their quality is slightly compromised.

In this guide, I will go into depth and explore everything about the Centerpoint scopes and their origin. So let’s get started.

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Detailed Answer: Who Makes Centerpoint Scopes?

CenterPoint Scopes are manufactured by Crosman Corporation, a well-known company in the outdoor sporting goods industry. Crosman has been in business for over 90 years and is known for its high-quality products. 

Keep in mind that Crosman Corporation is the current owner of CenterPoint Scopes. Crosman is a privately held company based in East Bloomfield, New York. This company was founded by William F. McLean back in 1924

It is interesting to note that the company specialized in the production of airguns, ammunition, and other equipment that are used for tactical purposes. However, scopes of Centerpoint are also getting some sort of hype now.

Let me explain the reason for its popularity. Overall economic conditions of the whole world are not good, and due to inflation, people have less buying power now. The CenterPoint scopes are cheaper and affordable. This is why people have given them importance and bought them.

Background of CenterPoint Scopes

CenterPoint Scopes is a brand that has been around for a few years, but its parent company, Crosman Corporation, has been introduced in the section above. This corporation was founded in 1923 and started as a manufacturer of air guns. 

Over the years, Crosman has expanded its product line to include pellets, BB guns, and other shooting accessories. Over the years, this company made some progress and expanded its product line to include CenterPoint Scopes.

As long as the company Centerpoint scopes are concerned, they are not very famous and only those customers consider them who have tight budgets. I personally don’t like this brand as its products come with poor quality.

Where are Centerpoint scopes made?

Centerpoint scopes are made in an optical facility in China for the Crosman Corporation. Almost all the Centerpoint scopes are Chinese-made. Some people believe that the Crosman Corporation is a USA-based company so its scopes are also made in the USA. This is totally wrong.

Instead, all the Centerpoint scopes which are part of Crosman Corporation are made in China. Keep in mind that despite being made in China, Centerpoint scopes are designed and tested in the United States to meet the needs of hunters and shooters. 

It is worth noting that some users have reported issues with the lenses and optical performance. In scopes, you get what you pay for. As these scopes are super cheap, I don’t consider them a very suitable option for professionals because of their compromised optical performance. 

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Types of Scopes Offered by CenterPoint

One that I must admit is that Centerpoint offers a variety of options for those people who have a limited budget. This brand only targets those people who don’t have the financial freedom to buy the scopes from high-end optics brands.

Here is the list of Centerpoint scopes that are being offered:

  • CenterPoint Rifle Scopes
  • CenterPoint Crossbow Scopes
  • CenterPoint Pistol Scopes

All of these scopes fall in the budget category and you can buy them without breaking your budget. However, their durability and performance are questionable.

Features of CenterPoint Scopes

Every brand tries its best to get ahead of its competitors. Although the Centerpoint brand is targeting customers that have limited budgets, still,  they are also improving their products. Below is the list of features that you will get in these scopes.

  • CenterPoint Scopes feature multi-coated optics that provide bright, clear images even in low light conditions.
  • Many CenterPoint Scopes feature an adjustable objective that allows the shooter to adjust the focus of the scope for different ranges.
  • Some CenterPoint Scopes feature an illuminated reticle that provides increased visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Many CenterPoint Scopes feature zero-reset turrets that allow the shooter to quickly and easily reset the scope to its zero position.

Are Centerpoint scopes any good?

If you’ve read the whole guide, I am pretty much sure that you can answer this question for yourself. Centerpoint scopes are available in the affordable range, however, their performance, quality, and durability are not ideal – to be very honest.

Centerpoint scopes are often considered suitable for entry-level or budget-conscious shooters who are looking for a functional optic without breaking the bank. However, if you’re a professional shooter or extreme hunter, I don’t recommend you to go with these scopes as they are not ideal in their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Centerpoint scopes known for?

Centerpoint scopes are known for their affordable prices.  They provide a budget-friendly option for those looking for decent scopes without having to spend a significant amount of money.

Who are Centerpoint scopes suitable for?

Centerpoint scopes are often considered suitable for entry-level or budget-conscious shooters. 

Are Centerpoint scopes made in China?

Yes, almost all the Centerpoint scopes are made in China and then exported to other countries for sale.

Is the Crosman Corporation a US brand?

Yes, the Crosman company belongs to the USA, however, the CenterPoint scopes are made in China.

I saw online that Centerpoint scopes are made by Nikon. Is this true?

No, it is not true. All the Centerpoint scopes are made in China and are launched under the umbrella of Crosman Corporation which is an American company.

What is the Centerpoint scope warranty?

Centerpoint scope comes with a limited one-year warranty which covers defects in material, and craftsmanship. However, if you disable the scope by yourself or by any third-party mechanic, or modify the scope, the warranty will be void.

Does Crosman own Centerpoint scopes?

Yes, Crosman Corporation owns the CenterPoint scope which is a specialized company for making airguns, airgun ammunition, and other accessories.

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