Where are Athlon Scopes & Binoculars Made? Guide 2024

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Just like Maven’s product, Athlon binoculars, and scopes are also underrated among users. You may call it poor marketing or wrong perception among the customers, but Athlon did not get the attention that their products actually deserve. Mainly, due to the Chinese tag, people keep themselves away from Athlon or seal and deal with hesitation.

One question ‘‘Where are Athlon Scopes & Binoculars made?’’ is asked by the customers while deciding whether they should choose underrated Athlon or well-established brands. In this guide, we will answer all the related queries. 

Athlon is a USA-based brand with have headquarter in Olathe in the state of Kansas, United States. However, their binoculars and scopes are not manufactured in the USA. In fact, they outsource all the work from China. It is fair to say that almost all Athlon products are made in China.

We have done complete research about Athlon binoculars. So, stay connected with us so that you don’t keep confusing yourself.

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History of Athlon Optics

Athlon is not a very old optics brand and it was launched in 2014 by seeing the gap in the USA market. The company did not see any big ups and downs and everything went quite smoothly. However, they have got a tag of a Chinese product which is slightly pinching them now. 

Customers, especially users from the USA market, believe that Chinese products are compromised in terms of quality. When they see Athlon products made in China, they start keeping themselves away from the Athlon binoculars. Bear in mind that the quality of Athlon products especially binos and scopes is outstanding and their details to small points make them very unique.

The biggest challenge that Athlon Optics has faced so far is the Chinese tag. However, people who use Athlon binoculars admit that the quality of these binoculars is as good as any other well-established brand. However, it will take time for users to understand that Chinese-made products never mean that they are cheap in any way. 

Where are Athlon Binoculars Made?

All the Athlon binoculars are made in China. This may sound bad, but this is reality. However, things are not as bad as people consider. The headquarter of Athlon is located in Olathe in the state of Kansas. But due to many reasons, all the binoculars are imported from the Chinese market. 

The most important reason behind this import is the labor and production cost of the USA. In recent times, almost all the optics companies which were producing optics in the USA have shifted towards importing optical components or even complete products from the China and Japanese market.

The lower labor cost of these countries helps these brands to keep the prices on the lower side. However, you will be happy to know that all the US-based brands have very strict quality control systems which don’t approve binoculars that have any fault.

Athlon also has a very strict screening system and expert quality control team which checks each and every binoculars before sending them into the market. You will never see any faulty product with an Athlon tag in the market, thanks to their strict checking system.

Where are Athlon Scopes Made?

I said earlier that Athlon is a US brand, so you might think that their products are made in America. No, that’s not right. Just like Athlon binoculars, their scopes are also made in China and Japan. There is literally no product that is manufactured in the USA.

The reason for outsourcing products outside the US is also very evident the labor cost in the USA is very high. So, brands like Athlon are new to the optics industry don’t have enough financial power to make their products in the USA, and pay higher labor costs which will indirectly increase the prices of their products.

Here is the table that will give you information on each of Athlon’s scope and manufacturing locations:

Athlon Scope NameManufactured Location
Athlon Neos scopesChina
Athlon Optics Talos scopesChina
Athlon Optics Talos BTR scopesChina
Athlon Optics Argos BTR scopesChina
Athlon Optics Helos BTR scopesChina
Athlon Midas BTR scopesChina
Athlon Midas HMR scopesChina
Athlon Midas TAC scopesChina
Athlon Ares BTR scopesChina
Athlon Ares ETR scopesChina
Athlon Cronus BTR scopeJapan

Some Products including Scopes are made in Japan

Athlon not only imports or make products in China. In fact, there are some optical tools that are being manufactured in Japan to ensure high quality. For example, the premium Athlon Cronus BTR scopes line is made in Japan. However, it has been seen that Athlon outsources scope production to Japan, and all the binoculars are made in China.

Are Athlon binoculars any good?

It is a misconception among users that Chinese products are not good. It is totally wrong as we have used Athlon products and their quality has impressed us. From visual quality to their better range, they are good to give you an excellent viewing experience. The Chinese market has evolved over the years.

There was a time in the past when you used to see cheaper quality Chinese products. But things have changed as technology has spread all over the world. The better technology and good attention to detail have made the Chinese market a lot better than the previous times.

The strict quality control system also benefits Athlon binoculars as their screening team checks every product with critical eyes and no optics get approved until it does touch set criteria or standards. The focus from Athlon has surely made their optics very special. They don’t just order from China and deliver them to you.

In fact, they import Chinese products, and then extensive testing is done to ensure that the customers get satisfying products. This is the reason when a user uses Athlon binoculars for once he has to admit its quality.

Who makes Athlon scopes?

As I mentioned earlier, Athlon itself is an independent company, registered in the United States. It has manufacturing facilities in China, and Japan. But all of the Athlon products including binoculars, scopes, and rangefinders are made by Athlon itself.

So, the answer is quite straightforward, it’s Athlon itself, who manufactures Athlon products.

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What products does Athlon Offer?

Although Athlon is a relatively newer company, its growth has been upward since its entry into the optics market. This brand manufactures multiple products for users.

Here is the list of products that Athlon makes and that actually sells in the market.

  • Binoculars including Cronus G2, Argus G2, and Midas G2
  • Scopes
  • Red dot sights
  • Riffle Scopes
  • Rangefinders
  • Spotting Scopes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Athlon binos made?

Athlon binos are made in China. However, there is a strict quality control system in the HQ of Athlon Optics where they check the quality of binos before sending them into the market.

Is Athlon an American company?

Yes, Athlon is an American company which is located in Olathe in the state of Kansas, United States. However, Athlon imports binoculars and other products majorly from China and secondarily from Japan.

Are Athlon scopes made in China?

Yes, almost all the Athlon scopes are made in China except premium Athlon Cronus BTR scopes.


Athlon Optics is producing excellent binoculars, but inadequate marketing has kept them slightly behind. The quality of their optics is as good as any well-established brand. The Chinese tag is also hurting. But the good thing is that the customers who once used Athlon binoculars don’t say anything against Athlon binoculars. The company is based in the USA, but its products are manufactured in China and Japan.

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