Where are Pentax Binoculars Made? (Explanation)

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Pentax is one of the oldest, and finest optics-producing brands and people all over the world use their products. Almost 80% of their binoculars and other optics are exported, which means they have a strong hold on the international optics market.

However, where are Pentax binoculars made? Many people who want to buy their optics keep confused about whether these binoculars are made or if they are good enough to be bought and used for outdoor activities.

Pentax is a Japanese brand and its headquarter is located in Ohta-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. All the optics including binoculars are manufactured in Japan as the company has more than 12 manufacturing sites in Japan. In fact, they don’t import any of the optical components from outside.

There is no doubt that all the brands import products from the Japanese market which means that Japan is a hub for optics. Having a base in Japan helps Pentax to produce high-quality products at affordable pricing. Stay connected with us to get in-depth details.

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History of Pentax Brand

Kumao Kajiwara founded Pentax in 1919 and it used to be known as Asahi Kogaku Goshi Kaisha. The company headquarters is in Tokyo, a famous city in Japan. Pentax started well because of Japanese origin as the labor cost was affordable and the competition was also low at that time.

Later on, in 1938, the name of the company was changed to Asahi Optical Co,. Ltd and it had a reputation among optics users. But world war two had a very bad impact on this company. During the initial years of world war, Pentax started producing military optics. But in the later stages of the world war, the company saw a decline and disbanded.

However, in 1948, after the world war, Pentax reemerged and they stopped producing military optics and focused on producing optics for hunters, birders, and hobbyists. Soon, the company got its reputation back due to its quality products.

The company started expanding its business and it launched its first camera in 1952 which was well-accepted in the market. At that time, most of the production of Pentax was exported to the USA which was good for the company as it helped Pentax to make a good name in the international market.

Initially, Pentax was known as Heiland Pentax in the USA market. Later on, the name changed to Honeywell Pentax as it was owned by Honeywell corporation in the United States. However, one thing remained common across all the years and it is the rapid growth.

In 2002, the company had a total of 6000 employees which shows the high demand for their products. In 2007, the company saw a slight decline resulting in the change of president. Takashi Watanuki took control as president of Pentax and kept the company going forward. Now, Pentax products are being produced under the supervision of HOYA corporation.

Now, the company is ruling the optics world and they have more than 10 manufacturing units in different countries including Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Till now, the reason behind the success of this brand is their exportation as they have a very good reputation in the international market.

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Where are Pentax Binoculars Made?

Pentax is a Japanese brand, and most of its binoculars are manufactured in Japan. However, they have expanded their business to many other countries due to high demand in the international market. Below is the exact location of the head office of Pentax

Ohta-Ku, Tokyo Japan

However, the company has many manufacturing sites in different countries including the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. The reason for having different manufacturing sites indicates that the company wants to capture a different market by having entire plants in those countries.

Many of their binoculars are exported to the USA market and outdoor enthusiasts love their products. They do have small centers, but they don’t have entire manufacturing plants or units in the United States as the labor cost is very high in the USA.

What makes Pentax very special among customers?

There are many brands that outsource their work which is usually disliked by customers. Those brands that produce optical components under their own supervision and assemble the components to make binoculars are considered reliable. Pentax is also one of those brands that produce all the optical components at their own units.

As the company produces components, they focus on putting more effort and getting top-notch components like lenses and other glass parts which ultimately put a positive impact on the durability and performance of their own binoculars. Pentax is also producing all the binoculars at their own units to ensure that they are not compromised in any aspect and get love from the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Pentax binoculars manufactured?

Most of the Pentax binoculars are manufactured in Japan. However, some binos are being produced in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam as the company has manufacturing sites in these countries.

Who makes Pentax binoculars?

Ricoh Sport Optics produces all the Pentax binoculars and Ricoh itself is a part of the HOYA corporation. In short, Pentax binoculars are supervised and manufactured by Ricoh Sports Optics which is supervised by the HOYA group in Japan.

Does Pentax make good binoculars?

Yes, Pentax binoculars are very good for multiple outdoor activities and people all over the world use them. Due to high demand, the company is producing new manufacturing plants.


Pentax is a very famous and reliable optics brand that belongs to Japan. You can imagine their success by the fact that they have very high demand in the international market which means that they are producing more factories in other countries to meet the needs of users. Already, they have 10 manufacturing sites outside Japan and the management is planning to introduce new units to keep their demand and supply in balance.

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