Where Are Sig Sauer Scopes Made?

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Sig Sauer scopes are very popular among the shooters and hunters. Sig Sauer brand is one of the oldest optics brands that has undergone different evolutionary phases. It saw both good and bad times. But still, many people seem to be confused when it comes to Sig Sauer’s scopes.

So, the question is: Where are Sig Sauer scopes made? Sig Sauer is an American optics brand, but most of their products are being manufactured in China and the Philippines. However, they mainly target the US market for selling their products.

I know that the Sig Sauer brand is not very popular, and many people don’t have much information about these scopes. But, this guide will give you complete insight.

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History of Sig Sauer Company

Without any doubt, the Sig Sauer company is one of the oldest companies that is still producing different products including guns, firearms, and optical products such as scopes. This brand has been functional since the 1850s.

In 1864, this optics company produced rifles for the Swiss army which gave them some sort of financial cushion. At that time, this company was not well-known and famous. So due to their association with the Swiss army, they named the Sig Sauer company as ‘‘Swiss Industrial Company’’ by 1864.

Later on, the name of the company was changed, and it is now known as Sig Sauer. But the company never got much attention in the early days. One of the prominent reasons is that Sig Sauer was not working in the USA when it started in the 1850s. So, it was void of the big US market. 

But in 976, the Sig Sauer company was officially founded in the USA which gave this company a required push to be one of the top optics products. Although this company has not reached its peak, but still, it has still earned respect among the shooters.

The company actually started making headlines in the 1980s, after its entry into the US market. It made a good name, and still, many people love using the Sig Sauer scopes. Keep in mind that this company is still in business, and producing not only scopes but also different firearms as well.

In 2000, the subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, as well as its firearms subdivision in Switzerland were sold and two businessmen Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier’s L&O Holding bought those subsidiaries. Right now, this company is working under the presidency of Ron Cohen.

Where are Sig Sauer Scopes Made?

Complete answer to the question where are sig scopes made

Almost all the sig sauer scopes are being manufactured in China and the Philippines. The company has manufacturing units in these companies which allow the company to produce affordable yet very high quality scopes there.

Sig Sauer Scope TypeOrigin/Assembly
Sierra scope seriesMade in China
Whiskey scope seriesMade in the Philippines
Tango scope seriesAssembled in the USA but their optical components are imported from China, and the Philippines
Sig Sauer Tango 6 Japan (very limited production in Japan)
Sig Sauer Tango 4Manufactured in the Philippines

It is important to note that the company has its headquarters located in Newington, New Hampshire, USA. However, due to the high labor cost of the American optics market, they outsource their work from China and the Philippines.

There are very few sig sauer scopes that are now being assembled in the USA, but keep in mind their optical components are also being made, and imported from China, and the Philippines. Here is the exact location of the headquarters of Sig Sauer Company.

72 Pease Boulevard, Newington, NH 03801, United States

In short, the Sig Sauer scopes are made in China and the Philippines and then imported into the USA for sale. Keep in mind that this brand majorly makes its profit by selling its products including scopes, and other firearms in the US market.

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Is SIG Sauer Scopes made in Switzerland?

No, not of the Sig Sauer scopes are made in Switzerland. As I said earlier, this company has manufacturing units in China and the Philippines. All of their scopes made in those manufacturing units.

There are a few sig sauer scopes that are being assembled in the USA, but they are also not being completely manufactured in the USA. Their optical components are imported from China and the Philippines. 

Products Line of Sig Sauer Brand

You should keep in mind that the Sig Sauer brand produces many products. There are people out there who believe that this brand only produces optics-related tools which is totally wrong. Mainly, this company focuses on the production of firearms. In the section below, I am going to list the same products that this brand is producing

  • Rifles
  • Scopes
  • Air pistol
  • Ammunition
  • Submachine guns
  • Air rifle and Airsoft
  • Light machine guns
  • Semi-automatic pistols
  • Firearms accessories such as scopes, sights, and suppressors

All of these products are manufactured outside the USA, majorly in China, and the Philippines. However, their products undergo quality control which ensures they offer top performance.

Are Sig Sauer Scopes Worth it?

Yes, the Sig Sauer scopes are surely worth every penny as they offer top-class performance, and are reliable when used in harsh conditions

There are people who believe that because the Sig Sauer scopes are not made in the USA, they don’t offer the same kind of durability, and performance that you usually get in the scopes made in the USA.

But this is nothing but a myth which is totally wrong. The Sig Sauer scopes are very good as they offer optimal performance in different conditions. Yes, they are made in China, and the Philippines, but they are tested to check their performance.

The Sig Sauer company has very strict quality control checks, where the expert engineers check each and every scope before approving and sending them into the market for selling. Because the quality control system is very strict, if they find any small issue in the scope, they immediately reject it.

The rejected scope goes back into the manufacturing plants for correction. So, this quality control system allows this brand to produce scopes that are very reliable, and offer ideal optical performance. This is why I believe that the Sig Sauer scopes are worth your investment as well as attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sig Sauer rifle scopes manufactured in the USA?

Sig Sauer has a manufacturing facility in New Hampshire where they produce a variety of firearms and accessories. However, all of their scopes are made in China and the Philippines.

Is Sig Sauer made in the USA?

No, Sig Sauer scopes are not made in the USA, in fact, they are manufactured in China, and the Philippines.

Is Sig Sauer optics made in China?

Yes, some of the sig sauer optics are made in China.

Are Sig Sauer’s scopes any good?

Sig Sauer is known for producing high-quality firearms and accessories, and their scopes are no exception. They have a strict quality control system which ensures that they are made to fit the needs of users.

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